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 DebConf6: Debian Conference

A look at a recent Debian conference.

"Shuttleworth is handsome, charismatic, a strong free software advocate, and rich. While Debian is maintained entirely by volunteers (many of whom, admittedly, get paid by their employers for at least some of the time they spend working on Debian), Shuttleworth can and does hire developers to work directly on Ubuntu full-time. Many of the developers he's hired are either current or former Debian volunteers. He says that in many cases the people he hires (through Canonical) to work on Ubuntu keep maintaining the same packages for Debian; that Ubuntu improvements and bugfixes are fed directly back to Debian."
NewsForge | DebConf6: Hot, spicy, and working hard to satisfy Debian users

 (Submitted by Noel Wed May 24, 2006 )


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