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Installing and configuring spamd
By: Terrell Prudé, Jr. Yesterday we looked at spamd, a service designed to reduce the flow of spam to your email inbox. Now that we know some of its advantages, let's put it to work. Read more at Linux.com.

( Permalink: Installing and configuring spamd      Submitted by FreeRhino Tue Apr 17, 2007 )

Debian Samba Standalone Server
This tutorial explains the installation of a Samba file server on Debian Etch and how to configure it to share files over the SMB protocol as well as adding users. Samba is configured as a standalone server, not as a domain controller. In the resulting setup, every user has its own home directory that is accessible via SMB protocol and all users have a shared directory with read/write access.

( Permalink: Debian Samba Standalone Server      Submitted by Falko Timme Mon Apr 16, 2007 )

Paring Options in Shell, Perl and C
I was originally going to call it parse this but thought better of it. Deciding upon and implementing command line options, arguments and flags can be a real bear. There exist a lot of tools to help out programmers, although some of them may be a bit heavy handed; solution - roll your own when possible. In this text a look at short and long opt parsing options with limited examples. I would have gone more in depth, however, the possibilities are so endless (especially in shellcode and Perl) that I chose some small examples. Text

( Permalink: Paring Options in Shell, Perl and C      Submitted by Jason Fink Mon Apr 16, 2007 )

Installing VirtualBox On Ubuntu
This tutorial shows how you can install InnoTek's VirtualBox on a Ubuntu desktop. With VirtualBox you can create and run guest operating systems (virtual machines) such as Linux and Windows under a host operating system. There are two ways of installing VirtualBox: from precompiled binaries that are available for some distributions and come under the PUEL license, and from the sources that are released under the GPL. This article will show both ways.

( Permalink: Installing VirtualBox On Ubuntu      Submitted by Falko Timme Mon Apr 16, 2007 )

Automatix2 Overview Guide in Ubuntu
Automatix is a graphical interface for automating the installation of the most commonly requested applications in Debian based Linux operating systems.
Full Story

( Permalink: Automatix2 Overview Guide in Ubuntu      Submitted by dave Mon Apr 16, 2007 )

Book review Linux System Administration
Linux System Administration is a book for a seasoned Linux or UNIX administrator. The book attempts to describe day-to-day administration, maintenance and advanced issues commonly faced by Linux system administrator. Book covers wild verity of topics.

Both Tom Adelstein and Bill Lubanovic has done an extraordinary work to put together Linux System Administration. Tom is not just a system administrator but a good technical writer.

Generally most Linux classes and books cover topics such as user administration, setting up mail and web servers, printers, new hard disk / file system etc. But very few books or classes deals with scalability and availability issues. The book teaches you how to setup a reverse proxy in front of Apache, setting up a load balancing server, hot backups and running Linux based server 24/7. Read the rest of the book review Linux System Administration.

( Permalink: Book review Linux System Administration      Submitted by nixcraft Mon Apr 16, 2007 )

Use a wiki to integrate your information systems
By: Chad Files Managing documentation and support requests and collaborating effectively are difficult tasks for many organizations. Most companies have separate systems to track customer information, handle support, and manage a general knowledge base, but when someone needs a 360-degree view of a project, or needs to find all of the information on a client, the task can be next to impossible. Why not glue all of your separate systems together using wiki software? Read more at IT Manager’s Journal

( Permalink: Use a wiki to integrate your information systems      Submitted by FreeRhino Fri Apr 13, 2007 )

Ekiga videophone gets you connected
By: Joe Barr Linux has come a long way in a lot of areas, but if my experience is an indicator, we're not much further along in the use of personal webcams today than we were five years ago. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts to use Ekiga (formerly GnomeMeeting) as a video phone, I finally prevailed and got Ekiga working with both sound and video. The problem -- as always seems the case with computer peripherals under Linux -- begins with drivers, or rather, the lack of drivers. Read more at Linux.com.

( Permalink: Ekiga videophone gets you connected      Submitted by FreeRhino Fri Apr 13, 2007 )

Guide TO Redhat enterprise Linux 5 networking
Red hat enterprise Linux 5 provides different tools to make changes to Network configuration such as add new card, assign IP address, change DNS server etc. This guide covers configuration using GUI and command line tools. The instructions are compatible with CentOS and Fedora Core Linux.

( Permalink: Guide TO Redhat enterprise Linux 5 networking      Submitted by nixcraft Fri Apr 13, 2007 )

Quick Tip: Use remote Linux GUI admin tools
Technology has changed dramatically in the last decade. OpenSSH is one the best project. It allows you to control remote Linux / UNIX server using command line or GUI tools.

Do you miss GUI configuration server management tools such as Debian network-admin or Redhat/Cent os system-config-* tools/utilities while administrating a Linux server? Do you want to run GUI admin tools on a remote Linux server and get display on local desktop or laptop X server system?

This quick howto demonstrate the power of X11 forwarding using OpenSSH.

( Permalink: Quick Tip: Use remote Linux GUI admin tools      Submitted by nixcraft Thu Apr 12, 2007 )

Dyne:Bolic 2.4.2: A live CD multimedia studio
By: Mayank Sharma The Dyne:Bolic distribution is a live CD designed for creating, broadcasting, and publishing all kinds of audio, video, and graphic content. It includes some of the best free and open source tools with which you can compose music, mix video streams, and create 3-D animations. Read more at Linux.com.

( Permalink: Dyne:Bolic 2.4.2: A live CD multimedia studio      Submitted by FreeRhino Thu Apr 12, 2007 )

Installing Beryl On An Ubuntu Feisty Fawn Desktop
This tutorial shows how you can install and configure Beryl on an Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) desktop with an ATI Radeon graphic card. With Beryl, you can make your desktop use beautiful 3D effects. We will use the open-source ATI driver that comes with Ubuntu plus AIGLX to achieve this; the other way to do this would be to use the closed-source ATI driver together with XGL which seems to be a bit unstable.

( Permalink: Installing Beryl On An Ubuntu Feisty Fawn Desktop      Submitted by Falko Timme Thu Apr 12, 2007 )

Open Standards software and Next-Gen NASA telescop
A senior software engineer and a marketing manager, both from IBM Rational, talk about open standards system development with the James Webb Telescope project.

( Permalink: Open Standards software and Next-Gen NASA telescop      Submitted by BlueVoodoo Thu Apr 12, 2007 )

IceWM — a desktop for Windows emmigrants
IceWM is perfect for Windows’s “emigrants” especially for users with older computers. IceWM will be suitable for advanced users who are looking for a lightweight and simple window manager. Read more on PolishLinux.org

( Permalink: IceWM — a desktop for Windows emmigrants      Submitted by michuk Wed Apr 11, 2007 )

Howto upgrade Debian 3.1 Sarga to Debian 4.0 Etch
Debian 4.0 has been released. It is recommended that you upgrade the system to latest version. Upgrading remote Debian server is a piece of cake. Currently many of our boxes are powered by Debian 3.1 Sarga. For example typical web server may have following packages only:

=> Apache
=> PHP
=> Postfix and other mail server software
=> Iptables and backup scripts
=> MySQL 5.x etc

This article explains how to upgrade remote Debian 3.1 sarge server to latest stable etech release over an openssh session.

( Permalink: Howto upgrade Debian 3.1 Sarga to Debian 4.0 Etch      Submitted by nixcraft Wed Apr 11, 2007 )

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