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ZIP Files in PHP
ZIP? It's about time! PHP just added ZIP features to PHP V5.2. Now they're now built-in. After reading this article, you will be well versed in the art of ZIP files using the latest ZIP PHP extension, so you can reduce bandwidth overhead or storage usage when handling large files with PHP.

( Permalink: ZIP Files in PHP      Submitted by CowGirl Wed May 9, 2007 )

Mandriva 2007 Spring packs a punch
By: Mayank Sharma Mandriva recently released its first distro of the year, dubbed Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring. Like previous releases, Spring is available in five editions, two of which can be freely downloaded. I installed and worked with the $76 Powerpack edition, which includes support and several gigabytes of packages. Not only does Powerpack score over other multiple CD/DVD free-of-cost distros, it also makes competing non-free distros eat dust. Read more at Linux.com.

( Permalink: Mandriva 2007 Spring packs a punch      Submitted by FreeRhino Wed May 9, 2007 )

Howto creating a free CD / DVD database and Labels
If you're serious about music or DVDs, at some point you cross the threshold of having more than you can keep track of easily. The box full of index cards has served its purpose; it's time to move on to storing information about your CDs and DVDs in a database.

This might seem like more of a pain than you can stand. What's the point of doing a database when you can just type it all into a spreadsheet, for instance? Well, a spreadsheet is a good start but with a database you get a lot more features, including easily printing custom labels for all those legal backups you’ve made. You could also print out a record of all your movies or music, if you keep notes on them such as summaries, who you’ve loaned them to, and anything else you track.

Putting together a database and creating the forms to print what you want takes more than a couple steps, but it's not that difficult. Even better, it's free, since you can use the free open source office suite OpenOffice.org to do everything.

( Permalink: Howto creating a free CD / DVD database and Labels      Submitted by Anonymous Tue May 8, 2007 )

Creating A DNS Cache With djbdns
Building a local DNS cache will speed up your internet connection since the time for the translation job (converting domain names into IP addresses) will become negligible with the assumption that the DNS cache gets the information from the parent DNS.


( Permalink: Creating A DNS Cache With djbdns      Submitted by Falko Timme Tue May 8, 2007 )

Review: ArchLinux — smooth and cuddly
ArchLinux or Arch for short is one of the uprising new distributions. Well, at least compared to old folks like Debian or Slackware it’s still fresh and shining . Arch is gaining new users and good reviews every day. Let’s find out why this is happening.

( Permalink: Review: ArchLinux — smooth and cuddly      Submitted by Borys Musielak Tue May 8, 2007 )

Howto Setup a Lighttpd Chroot Jail Web Server unde
Security, speed, compliance, and flexibility--all of these describe LightTPD which is rapidly redefining efficiency of a webserver; as it is designed and optimized for high performance environments.

A chroot on Linux or Unix OS is an operation that changes the root directory. It affects only the current process and its children. If your default Document Root is /home/lighttpd normal user can access files in /etc, /sbin or /bin directory. This allows an attacker to install programs / backdoor via your web server in /tmp. Almost all-cracking web based attacks/attempts requires a shell access - /bin/sh or /bin/bash and compiler collection etc.

This article describes how to setup a lighttpd in chrooted jail under Debian and Ubuntu Linux. The article also deals with related issues such as sendmail and perl+mysql installation under Lighttpd.

( Permalink: Howto Setup a Lighttpd Chroot Jail Web Server unde      Submitted by Anonymous Tue May 8, 2007 )

LDAP configuration management and troubleshooting
Learn how to diagnose IBM Directory Server problems and how to identify what is needed to resolve the issues. This article is a quick reference for IBM Directory Server configuration management on AIX.

( Permalink: LDAP configuration management and troubleshooting      Submitted by BlueVoodoo Tue May 8, 2007 )

Dude, you're getting Ubuntu
By: Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier Dell and Canonical are finally making it official. Dell is scheduled to announce today that it has reached a partnership with Canonical to sell Dell desktops and laptops with Ubuntu preinstalled, to be sold through the Dell Web site. The move follows a deluge of requests for preinstalled Linux desktops on Dell's IdeaStorm site in February. Read more at Linux.com.

( Permalink: Dude, you're getting Ubuntu      Submitted by FreeRhino Fri May 4, 2007 )

Learn the essential modes and features of Emacs
This tutorial introduces you to some of the essential concept of modes, shows you some of the powerful text manipulation functions available, and teaches you how to use the built-in search, replace, and spell check facilities of Emacs.

( Permalink: Learn the essential modes and features of Emacs      Submitted by BlueVoodoo Fri May 4, 2007 )

Install multimedia codecs, libdvdcss in Debian
Debian Etch has finally been released as a stable version. And it is still a very popular Linux distribution famed for its lean towards security. But to play video and audio files encoded in a propritery format, you need to put in a bit of extra effort.

This article walks one through installing multimedia codecs in Debian Etch. Interestingly the article explains how to achieve it in two different ways.

Learn how you can install multimedia codecs in Debian.

( Permalink: Install multimedia codecs, libdvdcss in Debian      Submitted by Anonymous Fri May 4, 2007 )

How To Utilize Your New Multimedia Keyboard
Xbindkeys is a program that allows you to launch shell commands with your keyboard or your mouse under X Window. It links commands to keys or mouse buttons, using its configuration file. It does not depend on the window manager and can capture all keyboard keys.


( Permalink: How To Utilize Your New Multimedia Keyboard      Submitted by Falko Timme Fri May 4, 2007 )

DNS server Setup using bind in Ubuntu
DNS Stands for Domain Name Service.On the Internet, the Domain Name Service (DNS) stores and associates many types of information with domain names; most importantly, it translates domain names to IP addresses Full Story

( Permalink: DNS server Setup using bind in Ubuntu      Submitted by Dave Thu May 3, 2007 )

File Server Configuration in Debian Using Samba
Samba is a suite of Unix applications that speak the SMB (Server Message Block) protocol. Many operating systems,including Windows and OS/2, use SMB to perform client-server networking. By supporting this protocol, Samba allows Unix servers to get in on the action, communicating with the same networking protocol as Microsoft Windows products. Full Story

( Permalink: File Server Configuration in Debian Using Samba      Submitted by Dave Thu May 3, 2007 )

How To Install VMware Server On Ubuntu 7.04
This tutorial shows how to install the free VMware Server on an Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) system. With VMware Server you can create and run guest operating systems (virtual machines) such as Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, etc. under a host operating system. This has the benefit that you can run multiple operating systems on the same hardware which saves a lot of money, and you can move virtual machines from one VMware Server to the next one (or to a system that has the VMware Player which is also free).

( Permalink: How To Install VMware Server On Ubuntu 7.04      Submitted by Falko Timme Thu May 3, 2007 )

iKog: The tiny to-do manager that could
By: Dmitri Popov iKog is a text-based to-do manager that can help you to keep tabs on your tasks from the command line. Although it lacks all the bells and whistles of a full-blown GUI task manager, it's one of those tools that make a virtue of doing a limited range of tasks well. iKog is written in Python, and since most Linux distributions come with Python installed by default, iKog will run on them right out of the box. Read more at Linux.com.

( Permalink: iKog: The tiny to-do manager that could      Submitted by FreeRhino Thu May 3, 2007 )

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