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netselect-apt - Tip to select the fastest Debian m
This article explains how to find out the fastest Debian mirror. At last count there are well over 200 mirrors and the popular idea of selecting the mirror closest to ones geographical location cannot always give the best data transfer speeds. By using netselect-apt, you can find the right mirror which gives you the fastest speeds.
Read netselect-apt - Tip to select the fastest Debian mirror

( Permalink: netselect-apt - Tip to select the fastest Debian m      Submitted by Anonymous Tue Jun 19, 2007 )

Howto Setup Dual Monitors with NVidia in Ubuntu
This tutorial explains how to setup Dual Monitors with NVidia in Ubuntu.Itís quite a pain to get dual monitors working your first time using Linux, however I hope this guide will make the process relatively quick and painless. Full Story

( Permalink: Howto Setup Dual Monitors with NVidia in Ubuntu      Submitted by dave Tue Jun 19, 2007 )

Setting up TinyMCE
By: Bruce Byfield Moxiecode's LGPL-licensed TinyMCE (Tiny Moxiecode Editor) is a JavaScript program that lets users enter formatted text in HTML forms without having to know HTML tags. It's bundled in many blogging and content management systems. If you want to use TinyMCE in your own Web applications, you'll find basic setup to be quick and easy, but advanced configuration can become complex as you sort out dependencies and conflicts. Here are some tips and advice on integrating TinyMCE with your Web pages. Read more at Linux.com.

( Permalink: Setting up TinyMCE      Submitted by FreeRhino Tue Jun 19, 2007 )

Samba: How to share files on your LAN

This tutorial will show how to set samba to allow read-only file sharing for your LAN computers as guest (without be prompted for a password). Because users won't be prompted for a user/password, this tutorial is meant to be installed in a LAN where all host are to be trusted.

Sharing files without authentication

( Permalink: Samba: How to share files on your LAN      Submitted by chantra Tue Jun 19, 2007 )

Fyodor on Nmap and Sourcefire collaboration
By: Joe Barr Sourcefire and Insecure.org announced today that they will collaborate to develop an open source Nmap-based vulnerability detection tool. The engine will come from Insecure.org, based on its Nmap Scripting Engine (NSE), and Sourcefire will develop plug-ins for the engine. Read more at Linux.com.

( Permalink: Fyodor on Nmap and Sourcefire collaboration      Submitted by FreeRhino Tue Jun 19, 2007 )

Retrieving Emails From Remote Servers With getmail
Getmail is a program for retrieving emails from remote servers; it is very similar to fetchmail, but more flexible. For example, it can be configured to deliver mails directly to a Maildir or mbox mailbox without the need for an MTA such as Postfix, but of course it can also pipe the mails through an MTA if you want. Getmail can use so called filters such as SpamAssassin and ClamAV to scan the mails, and you can even tell getmail to delete mails on the original server only after a certain number of days.

( Permalink: Retrieving Emails From Remote Servers With getmail      Submitted by Falko Timme Mon Jun 18, 2007 )

Know Your Regular Expressions
Essential aids in building and testing regular expression on UNIX systems. Discover the available tools and techniques that can help you learn how to construct regular expressions for various programs and languages.

( Permalink: Know Your Regular Expressions      Submitted by BlueVoodoo Mon Jun 18, 2007 )

New PCLinuxOS 2007 looks great, works well
By: Susan Linton PCLinuxOS is a live CD distribution that enables users to test Linux without actually having to install it. The highly anticipated new version, PCLinuxOS 2007, was released on Monday. Its intuitive selection of software, high level of stability and functionality, and the quality of the graphics make this the distribution's best release ever. Read more at Linux.com.

( Permalink: New PCLinuxOS 2007 looks great, works well      Submitted by FreeRhino Mon Jun 18, 2007 )

Secure VNC with two-factor authentication
VNC is the most popular remote access solution today. However, it was developed to provide remote access, not to provide secure remote access. Administrators have to add security to VNC by tunneling it through an encrpyted channel such as SSH and adding a layer of authentication. In this article, we will show you how to combine the NoMachine NX server to encrpyt VNC and remote X session combined with two-factor authentication from WiKID Systems to create a secure, fast remote access solution.

( Permalink: Secure VNC with two-factor authentication      Submitted by Falko Timme Mon Jun 18, 2007 )

Performance Tuning Subversion
Subversion is one of the few version control systems that can store binary files using a delta algorithm. In this article, senior developer David Bell explains why Subversion's performance suffers when handling binaries and suggests several ways to work around the problem.

( Permalink: Performance Tuning Subversion      Submitted by BlueVoodoo Mon Jun 18, 2007 )

Share files with friends while chatting using Qnex
By: Mayank Sharma Two of the most popular open source instant messaging clients, Pidgin (formerly Gaim) and Kopete, can work with multiple protocols, but neither is a great option when it comes to sharing files with friends. For that, try Qnext, a multi-protocol IM client with which you can share files with not only IM buddies but also contacts in your address book. Read more at Linux.com.

( Permalink: Share files with friends while chatting using Qnex      Submitted by FreeRhino Mon Jun 18, 2007 )

BeleniX 0.6 at last!
By: Shirl Kennedy BeleniX 0.6 has finally arrived. The latest iteration of this "live CD" OpenSolaris distribution hits the Web just about six months after 0.5.1 was released. This release includes several improvements, including a bundled Nvidia 3D accelerated driver and desktop effects. Read more at Linux.com.

( Permalink: BeleniX 0.6 at last!      Submitted by FreeRhino Mon Jun 18, 2007 )

How To Compile A Kernel - Debian Etch
Each distribution has some specific tools to build a custom kernel from the sources. This article is about compiling a kernel on a Debian Etch system. It describes how to build a custom kernel using the latest unmodified kernel sources from www.kernel.org (vanilla kernel) so that you are independent from the kernels supplied by your distribution. It also shows how to patch the kernel sources if you need features that are not in there.

( Permalink: How To Compile A Kernel - Debian Etch      Submitted by Falko Timme Fri Jun 15, 2007 )

Apache: Creating A Session-Aware Loadbalancer
mod_proxy_balancer is an Apache module that lets you create a loadbalancer. This loadbalancer retrieves requested pages from two or more backend webservers and delivers them to the user's computer. An important feature of mod_proxy_balancer is that it keeps track of sessions so that a single user always deals with the same backend webserver.

( Permalink: Apache: Creating A Session-Aware Loadbalancer      Submitted by Falko Timme Fri Jun 15, 2007 )

The economics of hosting MMOGs and performance iss
Massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs) are extremely complicated software systems that require massive infrastructures. This article, the second in a series of articles covering MMOGs, looks at some of the economic factors involved in hosting an online game. Learn how the physical infrastructure, power, networking, and cooling contribute to the overall cost of hosting an MMOG. Part one of this series shines light on the systems, storage, and networks needed to run MMOGs with optimum performance.

( Permalink: The economics of hosting MMOGs and performance iss      Submitted by Anonymous Fri Jun 15, 2007 )

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