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Booting FreeBSD 5.0 on a Sun
Daemon News tells us how to boot FreeBSD 5.0 on a Sun machine over the network.
"To allow developers to test their code, especially disk drivers, it is necessary to boot the machine without using a disk. The FreeBSD Handbook describes the procedure for booting a diskless workstation, but that does not entirely apply to booting a FreeBSD-sparc64 system on a machine such as an Ultra 2. The solution below involves using TFTP and the kernel support for a NFS-mounted root partition to boot FreeBSD from the network."

( Permalink: Booting FreeBSD 5.0 on a Sun      Submitted by Noel Wed Jan 8, 2003 )

Derivative Works
Linux Journal talks about derivative works.
"Many users of open-source software are frightened by the term ``derivative works''. They worry they might accidentally create derivative works and put their own proprietary software under an open-source license. This is a complex topic that courts and lawyers disagree on, but I think we find definitions to ease people's concerns."

( Permalink: Derivative Works      Submitted by Noel Tue Jan 7, 2003 )

The Basics of Linux Network Security
Linux Planet talks about Linux network security.
"You might take a look at running a hardware firewall appliance. These devices are small routers or switches that have built-in firewalls. They generally allow limited setup of rules to allow packets to pass back and forth. They don't provide as much flexibility for rules as dedicated Linux firewalls."

( Permalink: The Basics of Linux Network Security      Submitted by Noel Tue Jan 7, 2003 )

Synchronizing Networks with NTP
O'Reilly tells us how to synchronize networks with NTP.
"An NTP primary server, or stratum 1, is connected to a high precision reference clock and equipped with NTP software. Other computers (stratum 2s), equipped with similar software automatically query the primary server to synchronize their system clocks."

( Permalink: Synchronizing Networks with NTP      Submitted by Noel Tue Jan 7, 2003 )

Linux Security: Reflections on 2002
Here are the reflections on Linux security in 2002 and predictions for 2003 by Bob Toxen, one of the 162 recognized developers of Berkeley UNIX and author of the acclaimed book "Real World Linux Security" already in its 2nd edition. Read more.

( Permalink: Linux Security: Reflections on 2002      Submitted by LogError Tue Jan 7, 2003 )

The Lives and Death of Moore's Law
First Monday brings us: The Lives and Death of Moore's Law.
"Moore's Law has been an important benchmark for developments in microelectronics and information processing for over three decades. During this time, its applications and interpretations have proliferated and expanded, often far beyond the validity of the original assumptions made by Moore. Technical considerations of optimal chip manufacturing costs have been expanded to processor performance, economics of computing, and social development. It is therefore useful to review the various interpretations of Moore's Law and empirical evidence that could support them."

( Permalink: The Lives and Death of Moore's Law      Submitted by Noel Tue Jan 7, 2003 )

Guide to Python Introspection
Introspection reveals useful information about your program's objects. Python, a dynamic, object-oriented programming language, provides tremendous introspection support. This article covers its capabilities, including python's on-line help utility, the sys module, the keyword module, the dir() function, documentation strings, interrogating python objects, and interrogation time.

( Permalink: Guide to Python Introspection      Submitted by Anonymous Mon Jan 6, 2003 )

Red Hat Beta (Phoebe) Preview
Extreme Tech brings us: Red Hat Beta (Phoebe) Preview.
"Now for the really cool, new features of Nautilus. The first is built-in archiving. You can highlight a group of files, right click them and click "add to archive". You then type the name of the zipped file and add an extension for the type of file you want it to be and click ok. Thats it! The file extension choices are; zip, tar, tgz, and tar.gz."

( Permalink: Red Hat Beta (Phoebe) Preview      Submitted by Noel Mon Jan 6, 2003 )

O'Reilly's Latest Apache Book
On Lamp talks about their latest Apache book.
"So, in the third edition of Apache: The Definitive Guide, we have branched out from our previous format to include a good deal of new material in several different categories. We provide simple introductions to using Apache with the main scripting languages and databases."

( Permalink: O'Reilly's Latest Apache Book      Submitted by Noel Mon Jan 6, 2003 )

Bootable Business Card nears 2.0 release
Linux Journal takes a quick look at the Bootable Business Card.
"Had this been an actual Linux emergency, you could really use the LNX-BBC rescue disk right now. Here's how to test the new release and make sure this mini-distribution has what it needs to rescue your system in the future."

( Permalink: Bootable Business Card nears 2.0 release      Submitted by Noel Mon Jan 6, 2003 )

Essential System Administration Pocket Reference
Daemon News reviews the book Essential System Administration Pocket Reference.
"Recently published, a companion to Essential System Administration, 3rd Edition (reviewed this month) is a quick pocket reference for the command, tools and important topics that can be found in the full book. Since it was done after the release of the full book, the round-up of the covered operating systems has been updated, with the exception of HP/Compaq Tru64 (or Digital) UNIX, to include the latest versions. "

( Permalink: Essential System Administration Pocket Reference      Submitted by Noel Mon Jan 6, 2003 )

Tuning Red Hat for Maximum Performance
This tutorial details the ins and outs of transforming a stock, "out of the box" Red Hat installation into a finely tuned, stable system customized to individual needs and tastes. The material presented here is based on Red Hat 7.3, although many of the techniques and procedures discussed are equally applicable to other mainstream Linux distributions. (Free registration required - Noel)

( Permalink: Tuning Red Hat for Maximum Performance      Submitted by Anonymous Fri Jan 3, 2003 )

The State of Linux in 2002
Open for Business takes a look at Linux last year.
"Still, it might be most appropriate to rename Red Hat to Midnight Grey Hat (Black Hat is taken), as the company announced a first ever profit in its latest quarter. That's right, the company best known for the mysterious guy in the red Fedora is no longer in the red."

( Permalink: The State of Linux in 2002      Submitted by Noel Fri Jan 3, 2003 )

Getting a Handle on Traffic
Linux Magazine talks about building our own web server reporting tools.
"Unfortunately, most tools can't answer all those kinds of questions out of the box. To answer those questions, you typically need to extend an existing tool, write your own tool, or spend some quality time with awk, grep, and wc. Or, you can turn to LAMP. By combining Linux, Apache (and mod_log_sql), MySQL, and PHP, you can build a customized logging and reporting system without a lot of effort."

( Permalink: Getting a Handle on Traffic      Submitted by Noel Fri Jan 3, 2003 )

Linux Number Crunching
Coyote Gulch tells us about benchmarking compilers and languages for ia32.
"I started writing this benchmark article with a singular goal: understanding how to get the most floating-point performance from my Intel-architecture Linux systems. Then the question arose of "Which programming language should I use?"; shortly thereafter, I asked myself "And whose compiler should I use?" And, of course, I was also curious about performance on hyperthreaded and multiprocessor computers... ...hence this article, which covers more bases than the New York Yankees."

( Permalink: Linux Number Crunching      Submitted by Noel Fri Jan 3, 2003 )

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