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Scripts With a vi Theme
Unix Review takes a look at scripts with a vi theme.
"This month, Yakov Lerner provides two vi-themed scripts. The first, vi+, allows the standard output of Unix commands to be piped into vi. The second, vman, is a wrapper script around the reference manual command, man. vman strips the formatting characters from the man command output, and places the resulting output into a vi buffer."

( Permalink: Scripts With a vi Theme      Submitted by Noel Wed Feb 19, 2003 )

chrooted ntpd in NetBSD
On Lamp tells us about running chrooted ntpd under NetBSD.
"ntpd needs superuser privileges for two operations: binding to UDP port 123 (at initialization time) and using time control system calls such as adjtime(2) and ntp_adjtime(2), which are restricted to the superuser. For the first operation, we could proceed as named does, first binding to UDP port 123, then calling chroot(2) and setuid(2). The problem is the second operation. To be able to chroot ntpd after initialization, we need a way to enable an unprivileged user to control the system clock. Such a feature was introduced in NetBSD 1.6, with the clockctl device."

( Permalink: chrooted ntpd in NetBSD      Submitted by Noel Wed Feb 19, 2003 )

Linux Certification Prep
By the end of this series of tutorials , you'll have the knowledge you need to become a Linux Systems Administrator and will be ready to attain an LPIC Level 1 certification from the Linux Professional Institute. Even for those not preparing for the certification exam, these tutorial are useful for Linux users who want to build stronger Linux skills.

LPI certification 101 prep, Part 1 - Linux fundamentals
LPI certification 101 prep, Part 2 - Basic administration
LPI certification 101 prep, Part 3 - Intermediate administration
LPI certification 101 prep, Part 4 - Advanced administration
LPI certification 102 prep, Part 1 - Compiling sources
LPI certification 102 prep, Part 2 - Configuring the kernel
LPI certification 102 prep, Part 3 - Networking
LPI certification 102 prep, Part 4 - Secure shell and file sharing

( Permalink: Linux Certification Prep      Submitted by Anonymous Tue Feb 18, 2003 )

New Linux Support Policies are Ominous
Security Focus talks about Red Hat and Mandrake's new support policies.
" know that Red Hat and Mandrake have important reasons to limit support for older operating systems: first, open-source software has an unfortunate tendency to live forever -- many users are still relying on versions of Red Hat even older than 6.2, and supporting these primordial distributions is expensive. The QA and build machines need to be supported, and developers must be diverted from more forward-looking tasks."

( Permalink: New Linux Support Policies are Ominous      Submitted by Noel Tue Feb 18, 2003 )

X11 and OpenOffice on Mac OS X
Mac Dev Center tells us about installing X11 and OpenOffice on Mac OS X.
"Today I'll show you how to install X11 for Mac OS X on your system and how to start using OpenOffice, a popular open source free Microsoft Office-like application for Unix-based systems."

( Permalink: X11 and OpenOffice on Mac OS X      Submitted by Noel Tue Feb 18, 2003 )

Playing Requests
Unix Review takes a look at Ethereal.
"Want to watch a transaction in real time? In addition to capturing network traffic, Ethereal allows you to actually view data while it's being captured. The display window will update in real time (or close to it, anyway) and scroll the packets in the display window as they come in. Another nifty feature of Ethereal is the ability to filter information while capturing it."

( Permalink: Playing Requests      Submitted by Noel Tue Feb 18, 2003 )

What the Linux World Needs Now
OSNews features an editorial suggesting elements of what Linux needs to finish up its... desktop dominance. The author speaks of window managers, application choices, packaging and more.

( Permalink: What the Linux World Needs Now      Submitted by Anonymous Tue Feb 18, 2003 )

Testing Lotus iNotes on Linux
Last month IBM announced the availability of iNotes on Linux, which lets you easily access your Notes mail, calendar, contacts, To Do list, and notebook directly from your Linux brrowser. This iNotes Demo shows you how it looks, feels, and works. You get an iNotes email ID for 7 days to test iNotes on Linux, but you can get longer access if you want.

( Permalink: Testing Lotus iNotes on Linux      Submitted by Anonymous Fri Feb 14, 2003 )

KDE 3.1
eWeek takes a look at KDE 3.1.
"In eWeek Labs' tests, we were particularly pleased with the improvements to KDE's Konqueror Web browser and file manager application, which now includes support for tabbed browsing. Konqueror also stands to improve significantly in future releases, now that Apple Computer Inc. has selected Konqueror's KHTML rendering engine as the foundation for its Safari Web browser."

( Permalink: KDE 3.1      Submitted by Noel Fri Feb 14, 2003 )

Disney, DreamWorks, and ILM
Desktop Linux tells us about Linux at Disney, DreamWorks, and ILM.
"DesktopLinux.com talks to Robin Rowe about an upcoming LA conference that takes you behind-the-scenes with industry experts from the top movie studios: Disney, DreamWorks SKG, Flash Film Works, Hammerhead Productions, Industrial Light & Magic, Rhythm & Hues Studios, Sony Pictures Imageworks, and Tippett Studio will all be on hand. Presentations are followed by a panel discussion of open source Film Gimp and a meeting of the Linux Movies Group."

( Permalink: Disney, DreamWorks, and ILM      Submitted by Noel Fri Feb 14, 2003 )

Being Hacked is a Lot Like Being Haunted?
Jay Beale (from Bastille Linux) answers the questions "How can I determine if my Linux server has been hacked? How can I be sure that I haven't been hacked?" in a new column at Information Security Magazine. He observes that, "being hacked is a lot like being haunted--odd things are afoot that you may or may not notice." He talks about Tripwire, but also discusses how atackers defeat Tripwire with kernel level rootkits. The column then goes on to talk about how you might detect some rootkits with chkrootkit or even bypass them entirely. It even discusses detecting backdoors with NMAP and the impossibility of answering either of these questions with certainty.

( Permalink: Being Hacked is a Lot Like Being Haunted?      Submitted by Anonymous Fri Feb 14, 2003 )

Writing More Efficient PHP
This tutorial, from IBM developerWorks, targets the PHP developer who already understands PHP, but either wants to write more efficient PHP code or wants to improve the performance of existing PHP applications. (Free registration required - Noel)

( Permalink: Writing More Efficient PHP      Submitted by Anonymous Thu Feb 13, 2003 )

Trail of tears: MySQL, ODBC & OpenOffice 1.0
Linux World brings us: Trail of tears: MySQL, ODBC & OpenOffice 1.0.
"This week, I'll describe how I did it on my Red Hat 8.0 desktop machine. McCreesh's how-to was very helpful to me. But there are just enough differences between Red Hat 7.3 (the version upon which he wrote about wiring together OpenOffice and MySQL) and Red Hat 8.0 that I simply couldn't follow it blindly with success. New gotchas appeared to blend in with the old ones. If you're not running RH 8.0, there is a good chance the path I took won't work for you. Perhaps between this article and McCreesh's how-to, you can get it working on your setup."

( Permalink: Trail of tears: MySQL, ODBC & OpenOffice 1.0      Submitted by Noel Thu Feb 13, 2003 )

Fair Queuing Disk Schedulers
Following the recent release of an anticipatory IO scheduler, Andrea Arcangeli started a lengthy thread in which he proposed an SFQ (Stochastic Fair Queuing) disk scheduler. The idea was picked up by Jens Axboe who had evidently worked on a similar idea earlier. Jens quickly posted two different disk schedulers utilizing "fair queuing" algorithms, more commonly used in handling network traffic. When someone suggested he was reinventing the wheel, Jens replied, "There's no wheel reinventing here, just applying the goodies from network scheduling to disk scheduling."

Read the full story at KernelTrap.

( Permalink: Fair Queuing Disk Schedulers      Submitted by Jeremy Andrews Thu Feb 13, 2003 )

Mandrake Linux 9.1
Distro Watch continues its look at Mandrake Linux 9.1.
"The beta-testing cycle can get tedious after a while: downloading nearly 2 GB takes some time even with a fast Internet connection, and not everyone has a fast CD-burner (I usually burn my CDs on my 20X Ricoh CD-RW drive, but the machine that I use to download ISO images from the Web only has a painfully slow 2X CD-RW drive). Certainly that's one of the reasons most people end up buying the final distribution CDs or DVDs."

( Permalink: Mandrake Linux 9.1      Submitted by Noel Thu Feb 13, 2003 )

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