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Computer Science & Perl Programming
Unix Review reviews the book Computer Science & Perl Programming.
"... I think CSPP accomplishes at least as much in communicating how to get the most out of Perl. That's probably a direct reflection of all the care Jon Orwant put into editing these articles, both in their original forms for TPJ and, in several cases, in the versions he and the authors touched up for CSPP."

( Permalink: Computer Science & Perl Programming      Submitted by Noel Mon Feb 24, 2003 )

Book Review - Cisco Secure Virtual Private Network
This publication is designed to give the readers basic knowledge of planning, administering and maintaining Virtual Private Networks. It does provide some general VPN related information, but as it is a written reference for the Cisco Secure Virtual Private Networks courses, book will be of a great use to the readers wanting to enable VPN with their Cisco products. Read more at Help Net Security.

( Permalink: Book Review - Cisco Secure Virtual Private Network      Submitted by LogError Mon Feb 24, 2003 )

Mini-Review of Red Hat 8.1-beta3
OSNews features a favorable review of Red Hat 8.1-beta3, a beta released just a few days ago. The article discusses the installation process, the updated desktop and the applications included within it and noted how rapidly the company is outclassing its Linux competitors and how the Red Hat 8.x releases start to compete with the big OS players in the corporate desktop and server market.

( Permalink: Mini-Review of Red Hat 8.1-beta3      Submitted by Gentu Mon Feb 24, 2003 )

Lindows.com Offers First Laptop
Internet News reports on Lindows.com Laptop.
"The Lindows Mobile PC is priced at $799, or roughly half the cost of most laptops currently offered from longtime computer vendors IBM, Dell and Compaq. The 933 MHz Lindows Mobile PC weighs 2.9 pounds, features a 12.1" TFT screen, 256 MB RAM, USB 2.0, Firewire, Ethernet and a PCMCIA slot that allows consumers network wirelessly."

( Permalink: Lindows.com Offers First Laptop      Submitted by Noel Fri Feb 21, 2003 )

On Lamp talks about PAM.
"The previous article in this series examined an authentication method known as OTP (or One Time Passwords). Your FreeBSD system supports several types of authentication methods; you can choose which type your users are subject to by configuring something known as PAM, or Pluggable Authentication Modules."

( Permalink: PAM      Submitted by Noel Fri Feb 21, 2003 )

Brief Comparison of KDE 3.1 & GNOME 2.2
Linux World brings us: A brief comparison of KDE 3.1 & GNOME 2.2.
"Believe it or not, it is not my intention to rekindle the KDE vs. GNOME desktop wars. I suspect the only way to avoid it, however, is to pretend that I like both equally. I don't. However, I don't want to leave you with the impression that these are the only choices, either. There are plenty of lightweight and middleweight window managers that you may prefer. Nevertheless, as far as the heavyweights go, KDE and GNOME are the ones to watch."

( Permalink: Brief Comparison of KDE 3.1 & GNOME 2.2      Submitted by Noel Fri Feb 21, 2003 )

Book Review - Maximum Wireless Security
While wired networks have been around for ages and have had the time to make good security defences, wireless networks and new in comparison and still have a long way to go. This book aims to give you the knowledge you need to bring maximum security to your network, by teaching you how that security can and will be broken. Read more at Help Net Security.

( Permalink: Book Review - Maximum Wireless Security      Submitted by LogError Fri Feb 21, 2003 )

An Advanced GUI Library for Python
The Qt toolkit is a widely-used cross-platform GUI toolkit, available for Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, and handheld platforms. QT has a well-structured, but flexible, object-oriented organization, clear documentation, and an intuitive API. This article looks at the Qt library, with a focus on the PyQt bindings that let Python programmers access Qt functionality.

( Permalink: An Advanced GUI Library for Python      Submitted by Anonymous Thu Feb 20, 2003 )

Linux in the Enterprise
O'Reilly reports about Linux in the Enterprise from the LinuxWorld Expo.
"What's surprising about the financial services focus of this LinuxWorld show is that it seems to be exposing a trend in how Linux is growing into new markets. The new growth pattern seems to be the horizontal integration of Linux across a variety of platforms. This draws IT shops into the realization that Linux is a stable and fast replacement for almost any kind of expensive legacy system. "

( Permalink: Linux in the Enterprise      Submitted by Noel Thu Feb 20, 2003 )

Secure Chat with YTalk and SSH
O'Reilly talks about setting up Secure Chat with YTalk and SSH.
"YTalk is a multi-user chat program that has been around on the Unix systems for a number of years now. Its strength lies in its ability to interface with both talk and ntalk, Unix-based daemons permitting more that two parties to talk at the same time."

( Permalink: Secure Chat with YTalk and SSH      Submitted by Noel Thu Feb 20, 2003 )

Secure MySQL Database Design
Security Focus talks about Secure MySQL Database Design.
"When it comes to installing software, secure design is often the last consideration. The first goal is usually just to get it to work. This is particularly true of databases. Databases are commonly referred to the keys to the kingdom: meaning that once they are compromised, all the valuable data that is stored there could fall into the hands of the attacker. With this in mind, this article will discuss various methods to secure databases, specifically one of the most popular freeware databases in use today, MySQL."

( Permalink: Secure MySQL Database Design      Submitted by Noel Thu Feb 20, 2003 )

Living in an Alternative OS World
I just posted a new article at OS News that discusses the difficulties of using a new or alternative OS everyday in this Windows-dominated world. It focuses on three areas of difficulty: software availablity, file exchange, and standards.

( Permalink: Living in an Alternative OS World      Submitted by David Adams Thu Feb 20, 2003 )

Benchmark Marathon: 65 CPUs from 100 MHz to 3066 M
Tom's Hardware brings us: Benchmark Marathon: 65 CPUs from 100 MHz to 3066 MHz.
" With this thought in mind, we have been delving into a subject that occupies the minds of anyone buying a new PC, especially 'upgraders': what performance improvement can be expected when replacing processor X with processor Y? As the entire architecture of the PC (memory, chipset, and platform) has changed over the years, we have tried to present a uniform view under Windows XP."

( Permalink: Benchmark Marathon: 65 CPUs from 100 MHz to 3066 M      Submitted by Noel Wed Feb 19, 2003 )

MySQL, ODBC & OpenOffice 1.0
Linux World continues its series on making MySQL, ODBC & OpenOffice 1.0 work together.
"OpenOffice.org is more sophisticated and powerful than I realized. It can be made to work with various database-management systems, and it can do the mailmerge functions required by many SOHO types. Ease-of-use issues need attention."

( Permalink: MySQL, ODBC & OpenOffice 1.0      Submitted by Noel Wed Feb 19, 2003 )

IBM releases GRID computing technologies for Linux
Here's some new Grid computting resources just released by IBM: The IBM Grid toolbox, includes Globus Toolkit 2.2 with additional documentation and custom installation scripts for Linux and AIX. The GAF4J provides a simpler programming model that enables the development of maintainable Java applications uncluttered with calls to grid services, and this interview with Grid guru Argonne's Steve Tuecke, who is making the vision of Grid computing a reality, explains why Java technology is key to Grid computing.

( Permalink: IBM releases GRID computing technologies for Linux      Submitted by Anonymous Wed Feb 19, 2003 )

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