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IBM Releases 6 DB2 V81 Certification Prep Tutorial
For those of you using DB2 for Unix or Linux, this is a good opportunity to prepare for DB2 V8.1 certification. It is the first in a series of six free tutorials designed to help you prepare for the DB2 UDB V8.1 Family Fundamentals Certification (Exam 700)

( Permalink: IBM Releases 6 DB2 V81 Certification Prep Tutorial      Submitted by Anonymous Mon Mar 10, 2003 )

SCO-Caldera Sues IBM
MozillaQuest Magazine (mozillaquest.com) reports: "SCO-Caldera filed a lawsuit against IBM yesterday afternoon . . . about claims involving the UNIX and Linux operating systems . . . SCO-Caldera now owns . . . the source code for the UNIX operating system developed by AT&T's Unix Systems Laboratory . . . SCO-Caldera claims that the GNU/Linux source code is based upon its UNIX source code. However, prominent members of the Linux, GNU/Linux, and UNIX communities have denied SCO-Caldera's claims . . . SCO intellectual property licensing and enforcement will contribute nearly one-half . . . of its anticipated $23-million in revenues for the fiscal quarter ending 30 April 2003."

Linux Journal also is reporting on this.

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A Quick Lindows 3.0 Overview
OSNews posted a quick review of Lindows 3.0, as seen by a (primarily) Lycoris user.

( Permalink: A Quick Lindows 3.0 Overview      Submitted by Anonymous Mon Mar 10, 2003 )

Exploring RSA Encryption
Linux Journal tells us about RSA Encryption.
"To set up RSA encryption, the main thing you need is a table of prime numbers. Begin by selecting two prime numbers at random. When the rsakeys.bc program asks for p and q, give it the two primes you selected. Of course, any numbers can be used for practice. Primes, especially large primes, make it more difficult for an eavesdropper to decrypt your message."

( Permalink: Exploring RSA Encryption      Submitted by Noel Mon Mar 10, 2003 )

BlackRhino GNU/Linux
All Linux Devices has a short report on BlackRhino GNU/Linux for the Sony PlayStation 2.
"xRhino has released version 1.0 of their BlackRhino GNU/Linux distribution for the Sony PlayStation 2 game console. A tools and middleware developer for the PS2, xRhino has been involved with and continues to contribute to the PS2 Linux community. BlackRhino GNU/Linux is a port of Debian GNU/Linux to the Sony PlayStation 2 game console. It contains over 1200 software packages; simple games, text editors, compilers, web servers, windowing systems, database systems, graphics packages, mail servers and a variety of other development tools and utilities comprise the extensive toolset."

( Permalink: BlackRhino GNU/Linux      Submitted by Noel Fri Mar 7, 2003 )

Switching to Linux?
Desktop Linux talks about switching to Linux.
"Pennsylvania attorney Kevin L. Ritchey has written an open letter about using Linux on the desktop -- from the user's perspective. Ritchey chronicles his successful switch to Linux, laments a few features still in need of improvement, and offers us his opinions as an average daily user of Desktop Linux. Ritchey did not make a switch because of cost or philosophical reasons -- rather he moved to Linux because it worked better and was more productive."

( Permalink: Switching to Linux?      Submitted by Noel Fri Mar 7, 2003 )

Gordano Messaging Suite
Linux Planet tells us about the Gordano Messaging Suite.
"If you're wondering what any of this has to do with Linux, you may be surprised to learn that the company that got it start with a Windows NT product is now shifting more and more to Linux and Unix-based platforms. When it ported it NTMail product to Linux in 1998, Gordano became one of the earliest commercial software vendors for the free operating systems that was just barely on the horizon for most propriatary software developers."

( Permalink: Gordano Messaging Suite      Submitted by Noel Fri Mar 7, 2003 )

Cisco Secure Intrusion Detection Systems
The book offers a comprehensive guide through all the perspectives of planning, deploying and maintaining Cisco Secure IDS. While the book format cannot compete with the actual hands-on courses at Cisco, it provides a valuable component in meeting the ever growing demand for Cisco Certifications. Read more at Help Net Security.

( Permalink: Cisco Secure Intrusion Detection Systems      Submitted by LogError Fri Mar 7, 2003 )

School Laboratory Management Blues
Linux Journal talks about school laboratory management.
"One solution that addresses these issues is to maintain an archive of system images required for every class that is run in the laboratory. A system image can be restored to a personal computer as needed, typically in under half an hour. Far more efficient than a scratch OS installation, the system image does not need to be configured or loaded with additional required applications: configuration files and programs are stored as part of the image itself."

( Permalink: School Laboratory Management Blues      Submitted by Noel Fri Mar 7, 2003 )

Is ANY Certification Worth Pursuing?
Unix Review asks if any certification is worth it?
"When considering the value of a certification, the first step is to examine the cost involved in obtaining it. On the surface, this amounts to nothing more than the cost of a multiple-choice exam(s). When you go below the surface, you must factor in the time spent preparing for the exam (most often in terms of the opportunities you are foregoing while studying), the cost of the time spent taking the exam, any travel time and expenses, and so on."

( Permalink: Is ANY Certification Worth Pursuing?      Submitted by Noel Thu Mar 6, 2003 )

HTTP Communication from Within Oracle
O'Reilly brings us: HTTP communication from within the Oracle Database.
" In the last article in their continuing series on new Oracle 9i features, Steven Feuerstein and Bryn Llewellyn showed you how to work with multi-level collections. In this article, the pair take a look at Utl_Http and show how you can use it in an Oracle 9i database to implement a requestor in a B2B implementation."

( Permalink: HTTP Communication from Within Oracle      Submitted by Noel Thu Mar 6, 2003 )

Turning a Lindows/Microtel box into a Debian Delig
Newsforge takes a look at running Debian instead of Lindows.
"But since Lindows is really Xandros and Xandros is really Debian, I decided to see if I could run Debian on this machine. A couple of things I should mention here. First, you've got two weeks from delivery to send back one of these Wal-Mart machines. After that, it's yours permanently. Second, before I did anything else with this machine I ran a script I cobbled together that details all the hardware, software and settings on the machine."

( Permalink: Turning a Lindows/Microtel box into a Debian Delig      Submitted by Noel Thu Mar 6, 2003 )

Spam Wars Make Strange Bedfellows
Security Focus talks about Spam.
"Many statistics, and my own personal experience, indicate that spam is nearly half of all e-mail traffic today -- and that number is only going up. Robert Banz, technical architect at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), tells me that last week spam made up 43% of the university's 885,000 e-mail messages."

( Permalink: Spam Wars Make Strange Bedfellows      Submitted by Noel Thu Mar 6, 2003 )

TransGaming Gives Linux Game
Desktop Linux tells us about TransGaming.
"DesktopLinux.com discovers Linux has game in this interview with TransGaming Technologies' founder and CEO Gavriel State. State believes that the greater availability of games for Linux will play a significant factor in broad adoption of the upstart operating system. The interview discusses the history of TransGaming, the state of Linux gaming, and how to gain the desktop."

( Permalink: TransGaming Gives Linux Game      Submitted by Noel Thu Mar 6, 2003 )

SCO-Caldera & the GNU/Linux Community
Are Linux or C++ on SCO-Caldera's IP Hit List? SCO-Caldera's Blake Stowell, MozillaQuest Magazine's (mozillaquest.com) Mike Angelo, plus Open Group's Allen Brown, Kernel.Org's Richard Gooch, and GNU's Richard Stallman discuss SCOsource intellectual property (IP) issues.

At issue are (1) SCO-Caldera claims that Linux is a derivative of SCO-Caldera's UNIX source code, (2) SCO's ownership of C++ code, (3) the impact and effect of SCO IP licensing and enforcement on the Linux community, (4) whether SCO's IP licensing and enforcement endeavors could find SCO locking horns with the GNU/Linux, Linux, free software, and open source communities, (5) what's behind SCO's IP licensing and enforcement efforts, and (6) impact of IP licensing and enforcement on SCO revenues.

( Permalink: SCO-Caldera & the GNU/Linux Community      Submitted by Anonymous Wed Mar 5, 2003 )

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