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Professional Apache Security
Slashdot reviews the book Professional Apache Security.
"The book is well written, and an enjoyable read. It uses a very precise and yet friendly language to guide its readers through the covered subjects. Using this straightforward approach, it explains some thorny topics starting from basic notions and assuming no previous knowledge. The explanation of essential topics like the HTTP protocol and server architecture, forms and CGI mechanisms, system configuration, etc. are nicely integrated with more tangled and scarcely documented issues. It is worth mentioning: ..."

( Permalink: Professional Apache Security      Submitted by Noel Thu Mar 13, 2003 )

Sorting Files With sort and tsort
Although it is possible to write advanced sorting applications in Perl or Awk, doing so may not always be necessary -- and is often a pain. Save time and headaches by using sort and tsort -- instead of resorting to more complex solutions utilizing Perl or Awk. This article explains how.

( Permalink: Sorting Files With sort and tsort      Submitted by Anonymous Thu Mar 13, 2003 )

Automating RCS with change.ss
Unix Review talks about how to automate RCS with change.ss.
"Would you like a revision history of your Unix system files? Is more than one administrator changing files on your system? This month, Stephen Schaefer addresses these questions with Korn shell script change.ss. This script automates editing and checking files into RCS."

( Permalink: Automating RCS with change.ss      Submitted by Noel Thu Mar 13, 2003 )

Buffer Overflows in sendmail
In this weeks Security Alerts, we look at problems in sendmail, BIND, Snort, file, tcpdump, zlib, terminal emulators, Internet Message, Messaging in the Emacs World, and lprm.

( Permalink: Buffer Overflows in sendmail      Submitted by Noel Thu Mar 13, 2003 )

Deploying Honeyd in the Wild
Security Focus tells us about deploying Honeyd in the wild.
" In this paper we take a closer look at Honeyd. Specifically, we will deploy Honeyd on the big, scary Internet for one week and watch what happens. The intent is to test Honeyd by letting real bad guys interact with and attack it. We will then analyze how the honeypot performed and what it discovered."

( Permalink: Deploying Honeyd in the Wild      Submitted by Noel Thu Mar 13, 2003 )

Choosing a Linux Distro, Part II
This new article over at OSNews is a followup to an article published a few weeks ago about a Linux newbie's experiences who's trying to find a Linux distribution that would suit his needs. It is interesting to see this recent Linux convert in his quest to find 'the' Linux distro that can replace his Windows.

( Permalink: Choosing a Linux Distro, Part II      Submitted by Gentu Wed Mar 12, 2003 )

Is Stow the Best Way to Manage Linux Packages
This article is about Stow, a software installation management utility for Linux that offers a number of advantages over the tried-and-true Red Hat and Debian package management systems. With Stow, you can package applications in standard tar files and keep application binaries logically arranged for easy access.

( Permalink: Is Stow the Best Way to Manage Linux Packages      Submitted by Anonymous Wed Mar 12, 2003 )

Book Review: A Practical Guide to Red Hat Linux 8
In the last few years, Red Hat has become the market-leading Linux distribution. This is exactly why there are many books about Red Hat Linux, with this one being one of the newest. The material presented here is specifically written for Red Hat users but the majority of the information presented can be applied to other Linux distributions. This review is going to be a bit more concentrated on the security aspects of this book.


( Permalink: Book Review: A Practical Guide to Red Hat Linux 8      Submitted by LogError Wed Mar 12, 2003 )

Createusers and MDB Tools
Unix Review tells us about Createusers and MDB Tools.
"If you administer systems in an educational environment, or any other environment where a lot of people must be added to a system, Createusers is a tool you won't want to live without. Createusers is part of the "Linux for Schools" project, supported by the St. John's School in Northwood, London, and written by Phil Jones. It might be aimed at schools, but it's a pretty handy tool for corporate users and other organizations as well."

( Permalink: Createusers and MDB Tools      Submitted by Noel Wed Mar 12, 2003 )

SCO Lawsuit is Funny, But Not Ha-Ha Funny
Showcasing a questionable understanding of the history of Unix, open-source software and computing in general, SCO's lawsuit against IBM has sent shockwaves rippling across the IT community. Parts of SCO's complaint would be laugh-out-loud funny if only the possible repercussions for Linux and open source weren't so detrimental.


( Permalink: SCO Lawsuit is Funny, But Not Ha-Ha Funny      Submitted by Joe Barr Wed Mar 12, 2003 )

Dell Coaxing Penguin Inside Data Center
Dell's director of enterprise Linux engineering Brent Schroeder explains the company's open-source strategy, its partnerships and what it will take to make Linux enterprise ready in this question-and-answer interview.


( Permalink: Dell Coaxing Penguin Inside Data Center      Submitted by Jan Stafford Tue Mar 11, 2003 )

KDE & Gnome Usability Engineers Agree on Unity
After the recent flamewar between the KDE and Gnome user camps, OSNews brings together the most influencial KDE and Gnome usability engineers to talk about how they will be able to overcome a number of obstacles in order to 'unify' KDE and Gnome in ways that could bring to the Unix desktop an easy to use, integrated and fully interoperated DE to better compete with the commercial alternatives. Waldo from SuSE and Havoc from Red Hat are taking part to the interview, and also Aaron, the head of KDE's usability.

( Permalink: KDE & Gnome Usability Engineers Agree on Unity      Submitted by Anonymous Tue Mar 11, 2003 )

Tcl Core Team Interview
OSNews features a nice and long-ish interview with the TCL core development team for just about everything. Read it all here.
"Unlike Perl or Python, which are still maintained by their original authors (Larry Wall and Guido van Rossum), Tcl ownership has changed hands - Dr. John Ousterhout, who wrote Tcl while a professor at UC Berkeley, has moved on to other endeavors (although he does keep an eye on his creation), and others have stepped forward to not only maintain Tcl, but work on improving and extending it."

( Permalink: Tcl Core Team Interview      Submitted by Gentu Tue Mar 11, 2003 )

Linus Torvalds Comments on SCO-Caldera
MozillaQuest Magazine (mozillaquest.com) reports: "Of the 136-paragraph Complaint filed by Caldera . . . d/b/a The SCO Group, six are particularly significant regarding the Linux kernel, and the GNU/Linux operating system, and Linux distributions . . . we asked Linus Torvalds to comment on the Linux-related allegations SCO-Caldera makes in its Complaint against IBM. Here is Linus Torvalds' uncensored commentary."

( Permalink: Linus Torvalds Comments on SCO-Caldera      Submitted by Anonymous Tue Mar 11, 2003 )

IP Spoofing: An Introduction
Security Focus talks about IP spoofing.
"Now that we have an overview of the TCP/IP formats, let's examine the consequences. Obviously, it's very easy to mask a source address by manipulating an IP header. This technique is used for obvious reasons and is employed in several of the attacks discussed below. Another consequence, specific to TCP, is sequence number prediction, which can lead to session hijacking or host impersonating."

( Permalink: IP Spoofing: An Introduction      Submitted by Noel Tue Mar 11, 2003 )

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