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Yellow Dog Linux 3.0 Review
OSNews features the first review of Yellow Dog Linux found on the net. The article goes through installation, appearance and more.

( Permalink: Yellow Dog Linux 3.0 Review      Submitted by Gentu Tue Mar 25, 2003 )

Large Scale Network Forensics
Computer forensics are being injected into the corporate world to fulfill a large gap in IT capabilities and a greater need for comprehensive security. There are many common misconceptions about what the technology can and cannot do. Single solutions and cutting edge tools can accomplish their goals at the hands of trained examiners employing investigative mindsets and utilizing proper methodologies. There is no quick fix forensic solution, there are brilliant tools on the market that are well worth a company's time and energy to explore.


( Permalink: Large Scale Network Forensics      Submitted by LogError Mon Mar 24, 2003 )

Checking System Integrity with tripwire
In the previous article, I introduced file integrity utilities and demonstrated how to install the tripwire utility. Let's carry on where that article left off.
Full Story is here
"The premise behind tripwire is that a database is "initialized" using the parameters contained in a policy file. This initialization takes a snapshot or baseline of the files on the system. You then periodically do an "integrity check" to see which files have changed, investigating why any files have changed."

( Permalink: Checking System Integrity with tripwire      Submitted by darealh0ba Mon Mar 24, 2003 )

An Analysis of a Compromised Honeypot
Security Focus tells about how to analyze a compromised honeypot.
"This paper will deconstruct the steps taken to conduct a full analysis of a compromised machine. In particular, we will be examining the tool that was used to exploit a dtspcd buffer overflow vulnerability, which allows remote root access to the system. The objective of this paper is to show the value of IDS logs in conducting forensics investigations."

( Permalink: An Analysis of a Compromised Honeypot      Submitted by Noel Mon Mar 24, 2003 )

CeBit 2003 Report
Ace's Hardware has published a report covering this year's CeBit show in Hannover, Germany. This year's report brings details on Athlon 64 motherboards, a photo of a dual Opteron motherboard, news on Springdale and Canterwood, Prescott details, DDR400 information, Opteron software support info, and much more.

( Permalink: CeBit 2003 Report      Submitted by Brian Neal Fri Mar 21, 2003 )

Improving the Windows
Unix Review reviews Cygwin, Version 1.3.20.
"The reason for Cygwin goes beyond simply porting Linux and Unix code to Windows. Standard bash scripts can be used on your Windows systems, thereby extending the functionality of those machines, particularly those that act as servers. Suddenly, you can have access to all those commands that you desperately miss everytime you find yourself working on a Windows machine."

( Permalink: Improving the Windows      Submitted by Noel Fri Mar 21, 2003 )

Ten Security Checks for PHP
On Lamp talks about ten security checks for PHP.
"File uploads can suffer from a severe case of the untrusted global variables problem that is worth considering as an additional problem. When a file is uploaded, a PHP script is given a variable that provides the name of the temporary file where PHP saves the uploaded file. However, the user could construct a URL that sets this variable to a malicious value such as /etc/passwd and not upload a file."

( Permalink: Ten Security Checks for PHP      Submitted by Noel Fri Mar 21, 2003 )

Book Review - Red Hat Linux 8 Bible
As Linux gains more and more popularity we have books on the subject being published frequently. This is one of the latest books on Red Hat Linux 8 that, as all books do, promises to give you a wealth of knowledge. Does it? Read on to find out.


( Permalink: Book Review - Red Hat Linux 8 Bible      Submitted by LogError Fri Mar 21, 2003 )

Linux Gurus Tallk about SCO and IBM
Call it a Linux-community SCO roast if you like. MozillaQuest Magazine's mozillaquest.com) Mike Angelo discusse SCO's Linux-bashing claims in its Caldera vs. IBM lawsuit with Linux kernel gurus Alan Cox, Richard Gooch, and David Weinehall -- and do the gurus let SCO have it! They completely trash SCO's claims that Linux is based on SCO Unix code. They demolish SCO's claims that without IBM's allegedly illegal help, Linux would be a mere toy OS -- a bicycle compared to SCO's luxury-car Unix.

The Conclusion challenges SCO to prove its claims: "Do you, Darl McBride, have articulable proof that Caldera-owned proprietary knowledges, skills, and methodologies were used in Linux kernel and/or GNU/Linux operating system development? . . . So far Darl McBride, you have failed to offer any proof of your naked claims! Please, Darl McBride, show us your proof so that we all can see it."

( Permalink: Linux Gurus Tallk about SCO and IBM      Submitted by Anonymous Thu Mar 20, 2003 )

Gentoo vs. the n00b: Round 2?
Here is a new article at OSNews, a walkththrough of the Gentoo installation for newbies.
"I recently read Dustin Wilson's Newbie Gentoo Review and as a 'n00b' who recently installed Gentoo, I found it to be a good article about Gentoo. It is a very good overview of the installation and configuration process. After reading all the comments about how most people thought or were looking for it to be a newbie walkthrough, I thought that as a 'n00b' who has recently installed Gentoo, I would try to write a little something about installing Gentoo for the newbie."

( Permalink: Gentoo vs. the n00b: Round 2?      Submitted by Anonymous Thu Mar 20, 2003 )

Cultured Perl: More one-line Perl Scripts
From printing a range of lines to listing a file's contents in reverse order, this article shows how to do more with less using these succinct, one-line Perl scripts. You should take a look at the first One-liners 101 article, which appeared in a previous installment of Cultured Perl. The earlier article is an absolute requirement for understanding the material here, so please take a look at it before you continue. The goal of this article, as with its predecessor, is to show legible and reusable code, not necessarily the shortest or most efficient version of a program.

( Permalink: Cultured Perl: More one-line Perl Scripts      Submitted by Anonymous Thu Mar 20, 2003 )

Linux in the Professional Recording Studio
Desktop Linux brings us: Linux in the Professional Recording Studio.
"Steve Cook, a DesktopLinux.com reader, relates his experience setting up Linux in the professional recording studio -- including a switch to the Ogg Vorbis audio format. Increased productivity, greater stability, tighter security, lower costs, and a higher quality finished product are all reasons this station switched without missing a beat."

( Permalink: Linux in the Professional Recording Studio      Submitted by Noel Thu Mar 20, 2003 )

Create Hello World Portlet on Linux with Jetspeed
IBM has released two tutorials on Jetspeed, Advanced portlet technology. Part 1 takes you through portlet development by engaging Jetspeed an open source project from the Apache Software Foundation, which enables portability across all platforms. Jetspeed supports JSP as the building block for portlets. It also provides Jetspeed-specific predefined taglib blocks that make repetitive tasks easier to perform. In a addition to those features, Jetspeed provides developers with an advanced caching mechanism and support for WML. The tutorials teach you how to use this open-source architecture to implement wireless and Web-based portlets. With the knowledge you gained by creating the Hello World Portlet in Part 1, you will learn in Part 2 how to stream into the portlet you've created using Apache Tomcat. (Free registration required - Noel)

( Permalink: Create Hello World Portlet on Linux with Jetspeed      Submitted by Anonymous Wed Mar 19, 2003 )

Linux at NASCAR.com: It's the pits
Linux World takes a look at Linux use at NASCAR.com.
"In monitoring his son-in-law's performance in the Busch Series, Joe Barr discovers that NASCAR.com is packed with great information and features for racing fans. Unfortunately for Linux and Macintosh users, the site's most-exciting feature -- streaming audio and video -- is rigged to work only with RealOne and a Windows PC. Joe explores the reasons behind this incompatibility and wonders whether the problem is of the technical or marketing variety."

( Permalink: Linux at NASCAR.com: It's the pits      Submitted by Noel Wed Mar 19, 2003 )

User Mode Linux
Linux Planet continues its series on UML in: User Mode Linux: Coming to a Kernel Near You, Part 2.
"There are a number of fundamental additions coming in the next Linux kernel. One of these will be a great boon to software developers, beta testers, product reviewers, hosting services, and more: User Mode Linux (UML). Just as VMware allows us to run a machine within a machine, UML lets us do run multiple, separate, isolated instances of Linux on a single Linux box."

( Permalink: User Mode Linux      Submitted by Noel Wed Mar 19, 2003 )

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