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Unix Review takes a look at Arkeia.
"With this view of the backup and restore life, I decided to look at Arkeia Corporation (formerly Knox Software) flagship product, Arkeia (version 5.0.16). With an ultra-modern graphical user interface, Arkeia looks like it is capable of far more than mere backups, but that is indeed its job."

( Permalink: Arkeia      Submitted by Noel Tue Apr 8, 2003 )

Apache Security Update
In this weeks Security Alerts, we look at a security update to Apache; a major problem in sendmail; buffer overflows in Balsa, libsmtp, passlogd, lpr-ppd, and Solaris' dtsession; and problems in NetPBM, Eye of GNOME, the Progress database, and Red Hat Linux 9's vsftpd daemon.

( Permalink: Apache Security Update      Submitted by Noel Tue Apr 8, 2003 )

Point-to-point Encryption
Daemon News tells us about Point-to-point Encryption.
"... common protocols like POP, SMTP, HTTP, and IRC have no built-in encryption, leaving them open to various types of privacy invasion. This article describes a simple method of encrypting traffic as it travels across a potentially hostile LAN."

( Permalink: Point-to-point Encryption      Submitted by Noel Tue Apr 8, 2003 )

Migrating to Linux Not Easy for Windows Users
Linux World talks about Windows users who migrate to Linux.
"I assumed I could boot the well-known Linux distributions from a CD-ROM drive, make some on-screen selections, let the distribution know what hardware to use, twiddle my thumbs for a while as it loaded software and configured itself, and then have a working system. Was I ever wrong."

( Permalink: Migrating to Linux Not Easy for Windows Users      Submitted by Noel Mon Apr 7, 2003 )

Securing Linux for Java Services
With proper precautions, Java server applications running on Linux can provide a very high degree of security -- even higher than native applications -- because Java technology eliminates many of the common sources of vulnerabilities in server applications. This article shows you how Java server technologies fit with Linux, then gives pointers on setting up the Tomcat Java servlet engine on Linux -- securely.

( Permalink: Securing Linux for Java Services      Submitted by Anonymous Mon Apr 7, 2003 )

Perl Graphics Programming
Unix Review reviews the book: Perl Graphics Programming.
"Here's the result: put a copy of this book on your desk, and you'll feel ready to tackle a wide range of graphics problems you probably couldn't handle before. Though Wallace advises that "Intermediate-level Perl users will probably get the most out of the book ...", his explanations are clear enough for beginners to understand them, and deep enough to interest those working in other languages."

( Permalink: Perl Graphics Programming      Submitted by Noel Mon Apr 7, 2003 )

Book review: Hacking Exposed Fourth Edition
With every edition this books keeps getting better and better. I can recommend it to anyone interested in computer security, as it will certainly give you a real-world course on the subject. Read more at Help Net Security.

( Permalink: Book review: Hacking Exposed Fourth Edition      Submitted by LogError Mon Apr 7, 2003 )

File Integrity and Anti-DDoS Utilities
O'Reilly talks about file integrity and Anti-DDoS Utilities.
"If you're unfamilar with the term DDoS, it stands for Distributed Denial of Service. Basically, this type of attack looks for vulnerable hosts. Once a host is infected, it will in turn look for other vulnerable hosts to infect. Once enough hosts are infected (potentially hundreds of thousands), they are used to launch a collective attack against a target. For example, you may remember hearing about the DDoS attack against the root DNS servers. "

( Permalink: File Integrity and Anti-DDoS Utilities      Submitted by Noel Mon Apr 7, 2003 )

Interview with Jay Michaelson of Wasabi Systems
The main commercial company behind NetBSD is Wasabi Systems. The company has contributed advances and big chunks of code to the open source project, while they do offer a boxed release of NetBSD. However, their main business for the company is the embedded market and NetBSD is marketed as an embedded OS. OSNews talked to the Vice President of Wasabi Systems, Jay Michaelson.

( Permalink: Interview with Jay Michaelson of Wasabi Systems      Submitted by Anonymous Fri Apr 4, 2003 )

Book Review: Essential Apache for Web Professional
If you ever worked with Apache, you probably know that this little package offers great functions and features. This book provides an insight on the Apache stages, from installation to advanced usage. Read more at Help Net Security.

( Permalink: Book Review: Essential Apache for Web Professional      Submitted by LogError Fri Apr 4, 2003 )

Dell Feels Linux Customer Demand
Linux Planet reports on Dell and Linux.
"In rolling out low-cost, Oracle-based server clusters on Wednesday, Dell CEO Michael Dell mentioned Linux and Windows as "standards" in almost the same breath. At the same press conference in New York City, though, members of a Dell customer panel indicated that momentum for Linux could be starting to outweigh attachment to Windows and other OS among Dell's customer base."

( Permalink: Dell Feels Linux Customer Demand      Submitted by Noel Fri Apr 4, 2003 )

The Ultimate Linux Box: A Case Study
Linux Journal brings us: The Ultimate Linux Box: A Case Study.
"Once again, it's time to consider how to build the Ultimate Linux Box. This time we're going to do things a bit differently: I'm going to analyze one element at a time, write a web article on it, take readers' feedback from that, add the next component and so on, until we've built the entire box together. A little open-source project, if you will."

( Permalink: The Ultimate Linux Box: A Case Study      Submitted by Noel Fri Apr 4, 2003 )

A User Reviews Red Hat Linux 9
A user reviews Red Hat Linux 9 for OSNews.com and finds this release "another winner".
"I was nicely surprised by the update to the bluecurve theme. It is now a highly polished and mature theme with many fine finishing touches, and groovy icons to boot. As difficult as it is to get a theme that is generic enough, yet funky enough - bluecurve looks pretty sweet and is a good compromise"

( Permalink: A User Reviews Red Hat Linux 9      Submitted by Anonymous Thu Apr 3, 2003 )

Red Hat Linux 9
GURU Labs takes a look at Red Hat Linux 9.
"The kernel in RHL8.0 was based on the 2.4.18 kernel. Despite the name, the RHL 2.4.20-8 kernel is based on 2.4.20 plus bug fixes identified up through 2.4.21-pre4-ac4. During the past couple years, the RHL kernels have included back ported functionality from development kernels that has proven stable. The new RHL9 kernel is no exception. Major changes since RHL8.0 include: "

( Permalink: Red Hat Linux 9      Submitted by Noel Thu Apr 3, 2003 )

Sun Certified System Administrator
Unix Review tells us about the Sun Certified System Administrator.
"This month, I will focus on the Sun Certified System Administrator, Part I exam for Solaris 9 (exam CX-310-014). This exam consists of 57 multiple-choice, drag-and-drop, and free response questions that must be answered within 105 minutes, with 64% or more correct to pass. A complete list of the exam objectives can be found here. In this article, the focus will be on what topics you need to know, and where you can find more information on those topics to pass the exam. "

( Permalink: Sun Certified System Administrator      Submitted by Noel Thu Apr 3, 2003 )

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