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Linux's Perfect Storm
Linux Magazine talks about Linux on Wall Street.
"UBS Warburg realized that one way of keeping revenue streams positive in tough economic times would be to increase its IT capacity, and this tenfold price/performance advantage made Linux worth, at least, a test. "[A tenfold advantage] starts getting to be real money, even by banking standards," Russell told a group of analysts in June 2002."

( Permalink: Linux's Perfect Storm      Submitted by Noel Wed May 7, 2003 )

Libranet 2.8
Distrowatch takes a look at Libranet 2.8.
"A commercial distribution based on Debian, Libranet attempts to improve on Debian's fine features by adding excellent hardware detection, easy system administration, and an up-to-date default configuration of software packages. Unlike two other commercial Debian distros, Lindows and Xandros, Libranet goes light on graphics - it is built for speed."

( Permalink: Libranet 2.8      Submitted by Noel Wed May 7, 2003 )

SCO vs. IBM Lawsuit: SCO Has a Problem
This article makes the point that, even if the trade secret misappropriation lawsuit against IBM has merit, SCO themselves have knowingly redistributed that same code under the GPL. And, of course, they can't relicense the code without forfeiting their own rights to Linux under the GPL. It would appear that Red Hat and SuSE are in the clear after all and the Linux kernel remains clean.

( Permalink: SCO vs. IBM Lawsuit: SCO Has a Problem      Submitted by Anonymous Wed May 7, 2003 )

MySQL's David Axmark and Larry Stefonic
Newsforge interviews MySQL's David Axmark and Larry Stefonic.
"We're the Access for Linux," says David Axmark, co-founder and OpenSorcerer (yes, that's the title on his business card) for MySQL AB. Now Axmark wants MySQL to be the database of choice for NetWare customers everywhere. The company announced at Novell's BrainShare conference last month that the full version 4.0 of its flagship database would ship with NetWare 6.5 this summer."

( Permalink: MySQL's David Axmark and Larry Stefonic      Submitted by Noel Wed May 7, 2003 )

Interview with the FreeBSD Core Team
OSNews features an ultra interesting and in-depth interview with three members of FreeBSD's Core team (Wes Peters, Greg Lehey and M. Warner Losh) and also a major FreeBSD developer (Scott Long). They discuss issues from the Java port to corporate backing, the Linux competition, the 5.x branch and how it stacks up against the other Unices, UFS2, the possible XFree86 fork, SCO and its Unix IP situation, even... re-unification of the BSDs.

( Permalink: Interview with the FreeBSD Core Team      Submitted by Anonymous Tue May 6, 2003 )

Apache Server 2.0
Brian Behlendorf, one of the co-founders of Apache said about the author of this book - "Ryan Bloom (the book's author) knows the internals of the 2.0 HTTP server at least as well as Linus Torvalds knows his way around the Linux kernel". Is the book really that good? Read on to find out.


( Permalink: Apache Server 2.0      Submitted by LogError Tue May 6, 2003 )

IBM Files Answer to SCO's Caldera v IBM Complaint

MozillaQuest Magazine (mozillaquest.com) reports:"IBM filed its legal response to SCO's Caldera v IBM Complaint late yesterday in the U.S. District Court in Salt Lake City. The response filed by IBM is titled "Answer to the complaint of Plaintiff"."

Check MozillaQuest.com for the full story!

( Permalink: IBM Files Answer to SCO's Caldera v IBM Complaint      Submitted by Anonymous Tue May 6, 2003 )

Sun's Vikas Deolaliker Reflects on Opteron/Win2k3
OSNews features a mini-Q&A with Vikas Deolaliker, Group Product Manager of the Competitive Strategy Group at Sun Microsystems. They discuss a number of issues that arise on Sun's stategy in light of the recent releases of the AMD Opteron and Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and how their 64-bit business are (dis)imilar to Sun's. They also discuss about the limited hardware support of Sun Solaris 9 on x86.

( Permalink: Sun's Vikas Deolaliker Reflects on Opteron/Win2k3      Submitted by Anonymous Mon May 5, 2003 )

Server Clinic: Put Virtual Filesystems to Work
This article provides information VFS. A virtual filesystem (VFS) is an abstraction with surprisingly productive uses. Several popular languages now support VFS constructs, including Java and Perl. Tcl's filesystem is completely virtual filesystem aware and is way ahead of other languages in its VFS sophistication. The concept should intrigue anyone working with Linux, of course, simply because so much of Linux's own character comes from the representation of devices, tables, and other objects within the UNIX filesystem.

( Permalink: Server Clinic: Put Virtual Filesystems to Work      Submitted by Anonymous Mon May 5, 2003 )

Exec Shield Overflow Protection
Ingo Molnar has announced a new kernel-based security feature for Linux/x86 called "Exec Shield". He describes the patch, which is against the 2.4.20-rc1 kernel, as, "The exec-shield feature provides protection against stack, buffer or function pointer overflows, and against other types of exploits that rely on overwriting data structures and/or putting code into those structures. The patch also makes it harder to pass in and execute the so-called 'shell-code' of exploits. The patch works transparently, ie. no application recompilation is necessary."

( Permalink: Exec Shield Overflow Protection      Submitted by Jeremy Andrews Mon May 5, 2003 )

Exult: The Open Age of Ultima
O'Reilly tells us about Exult.
"In fact, Exult may be the only way to extend the game play of Ultima VII, officially or otherwise. Supposedly, the source code for the Ultima VII engine has been lost over the years as Origin Systems, the game's developer, shifted its focus to Ultima Online. "

( Permalink: Exult: The Open Age of Ultima      Submitted by Noel Mon May 5, 2003 )

A New Installation Paradigm
Linux World continues talking about a new installation paradigm.
"Given that the GNU utilities accomplish the more difficult goal of cross-platform compatibility, it shouldn't be at all difficult to design a packaging system that solves the compatibility problems between distributions of the same Unix system."

( Permalink: A New Installation Paradigm      Submitted by Noel Fri May 2, 2003 )

Configuring a DHCP Server
On Lamp talks about setting up a DHCP Server.
"Unlike the built-in dhclient, your FreeBSD system does not come with DHCP server software. This is because you only need to configure a DHCP server if you want to lease out IP configuration for your own network."

( Permalink: Configuring a DHCP Server      Submitted by Noel Fri May 2, 2003 )

Fight Spam with SpamProbe
Linux Journal tells us about SpamProbe.
"In this article I explain how to set up SpamProbe to intercept spam e-mails and file them into a folder named Spam. If you prefer, you also may set it up to delete these messages. The setup I describe enables spam checking on a per-user basis, and users control which of their messages are considered to be spam."

( Permalink: Fight Spam with SpamProbe      Submitted by Noel Fri May 2, 2003 )

SuSE 8.2 Approaches Computing Nirvana
The Register seems to like SuSE 8.2.
"Kde 3.1 is almost worth the price of admission on its own; there are a number of tweaks and even a few security improvements. It's now possible, when starting KDE, to partly pre-load Konqueror, OpenOffice and other apps for quick launching."

( Permalink: SuSE 8.2 Approaches Computing Nirvana      Submitted by Noel Fri May 2, 2003 )

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