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Domo Arigato, Linux Roboto
News Factor talks about Linux use in robots.
"In robots using the standard Linux distribution, time-critical operations usually are handled by dedicated processors. But for heavy-duty industrial robotics, the real-time version of Linux is taking root. RTLinux -- the hard real-time operating system version of Linux -- is being used heavily in commercial robotics and academic research, said Victor Yodaiken, president of the software development company FSMLabs."

( Permalink: Domo Arigato, Linux Roboto      Submitted by Noel Mon Jun 2, 2003 )

SCO Trying to Dictate Linux Kernel
n an in-depth analysis MozillaQuest Magazine (mozillaquest.com) reports: SCO raises two issues: (1) whose responsibility is it to police the Linux kernel, GNU/Linux operating system, and Linux distribution code to insure that unlicensed SCO-owned Unix code does not get into Linux and (2) what steps do the Linux kernel, GNU/Linux OS, and Linux distribution developers take to insure their code is clean? MozillaQuest Magazine's Mike Angelo discusses these issues with kernel.org's Richard Gooch, GNU's Richard Stallman, Conectiva's Gordon Ho, Mandrake's GaŽl Duval, and SuSE's Joeseph Eckert. The bottom line is that SCO is wrong again. The Linux community does have clean-code safeguards in place. SCO-Caldera has yet to show any SCO-owned Unix code anywhere in Linux. Until such time as Darl McBride and SCO-Caldera do list publicly the SCO-owned code it claims is in Linux, Darl McBride's and SCO-Caldera's claims that there is SCO-owned Unix code in Linux ought to be ignored and dismissed as FUD.

( Permalink: SCO Trying to Dictate Linux Kernel      Submitted by Anonymous Fri May 30, 2003 )

SCO's Chris Sontag
Computer World interviews SCO's Chris Sontag.
"Novell Inc. says the 1995 agreement governing SCO's purchase of Unix System V from Novell doesn't convey copyrights. What's your response? We certainly have a point of contention regarding their interpretation of that contract. We have statements from all the major parties that were involved in that contract that all the business and IP-related property of Unix and UnixWare was transferred to SCO. I think this is just a desperate act on their part to curry favor with the Linux community."

( Permalink: SCO's Chris Sontag      Submitted by Noel Fri May 30, 2003 )

Gauging the Enterprise Readiness of Open-Source
Linux is the de facto platform on Wall Street, but for businesses outside the financial services space, it's hard to find open-source accounting tools and other financial applications. Some options exist, but few are mature enough for widespread enterprise adoption.

( Permalink: Gauging the Enterprise Readiness of Open-Source      Submitted by Jan Stafford Fri May 30, 2003 )

Best News for Linux is Still to Come
Linux World asks: Why the best news for Linux is still to come?
"While conspiracy theories are fun, Joe Barr is certain of two things. One is that Linux is going to continue its inexorable march to the desktop. The second is that the Microsoft monopoly is not going to go gentle into that good night."

( Permalink: Best News for Linux is Still to Come      Submitted by Noel Fri May 30, 2003 )

Five Open Source Packages for System Administrator
On Lamp brings us the top five open Source packages for System Administrators.
" This is the final installment of a five-part series in which I introduce my current list of the most useful and widely applicable open source administrative tools. In general, these tools can make your job easier no matter what Unix operating system your computers run."

( Permalink: Five Open Source Packages for System Administrator      Submitted by Noel Fri May 30, 2003 )

Explaining the SCO Lawsuit
Finally someone explained the SCO lawsuit in a way that I could understand.

( Permalink: Explaining the SCO Lawsuit      Submitted by Noel Fri May 30, 2003 )

Animation in SDL
O'Reilly takes a look at animation using SDL.
"The Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL), a powerful, commercial grade and cross platform game development library, has been used to write or port more than 40 commercial games. SDL runs on pretty much any PC or PDA which has a graphic screen and something at least roughly like an operating system."

( Permalink: Animation in SDL      Submitted by Noel Thu May 29, 2003 )

Interview With Nick Piggin
KernelTrap has an interview with Nick Piggin, a college student living in Canberra Australia who has been working on an anticipatory I/O scheduler for the Linux kernel.

When a process reads data from a disk, the default "deadline" I/O scheduler can offer poor performance if a streamed write is happening at the same time. The reason is that many read operations require multiple reads, each reporting a result back before the next can be scheduled. Thus, each of these reads has to wait behind a queue of writes, resulting in the aforementioned performance problem. The anticipatory scheduler solves this problem nicely by pausing for a few milliseconds after each read, "anticipating" the next read request. Read the interview for a full explanation.

( Permalink: Interview With Nick Piggin      Submitted by Anonymous Thu May 29, 2003 )

Kapital 1.1, GnuCash 1.8, and Moneydance
Unix Review takes a look at Kapital 1.1, GnuCash 1.8, and Moneydance.
"Whenever I talk about financial applications, I experience an overwhelming need to confess. I hate accounting and everything that goes along with that. The only up side I can see to this whole tracking of money is that I get to spend some of it. Oddly enough, that is why accounting packages are important even to people like me..."

( Permalink: Kapital 1.1, GnuCash 1.8, and Moneydance      Submitted by Noel Thu May 29, 2003 )

Novell and SCO
Linux World and Linux Planet both analyze the news about SCO and Novell.
"Novell on Wednesday said it never transferred the copyrights and patents of Unix System V when it sold the software to SCO in 1995. SCO claims all Unix flavors in use today are based on Unix System V, and that it owns the software code and licensing rights to that software."

( Permalink: Novell and SCO      Submitted by Noel Thu May 29, 2003 )

Hospital Case Study of OSS
Linux Med News brings us: Hospital Case Study of OSS Use (Actual article is in PDF format - Noel).
"This study describes the implementation of open source software in a large Irish public sector organization, Beaumont Hospital. The findings reveal a radical shift in open source deployment from invisible horizontal infrastructure systems to highly visible vertical applications. The case study describes the implementation of these systems, the difficulties encountered, and also the benefits in terms of astonishing cost savings of *13m over 5 years."

( Permalink: Hospital Case Study of OSS      Submitted by Noel Thu May 29, 2003 )

Big Machines, Big Linux
Linux Planet takes a look at Linux on IBM's mainframes.
"One of the biggest drivers behind both the mainframe comeback with Linux, says Mestzeler, is server consolidation. "Companies, like Wisconsin Physicians Service Corp. an insurance company, have found that it's a lot cheaper to run multiple Linux virtual servers on a single z900 than to run 40 Intel-based servers." How much cheaper? Try on the order of over a million dollars a year in savings."

( Permalink: Big Machines, Big Linux      Submitted by Noel Wed May 28, 2003 )

SCO-Microsoft Conspiracy Theory
Linux World reports on a SCO-Microsoft conspiracy theory.
"The SCO vs. IBM lawsuit gives off a subtle, unpleasant odor I couldn't quite place. When SCO set its sights on Linux distributors and even Linux itself, the source of the stench became unmistakable. Redmond. A humorous look at a potential smoking gun."

( Permalink: SCO-Microsoft Conspiracy Theory      Submitted by Noel Wed May 28, 2003 )

Mandrake Linux 9.1 Power Pack Edition
Tweakhound reviews Mandrake Linux 9.1 Power Pack Edition.
"The Mandrake Linux 9.1 Power Pack consists of the standard 3 CD's plus 4 CD's of additional software. While the Standard CD set offers a wealth of applications, the Power Pack offers lots of extra goodies. Things like Real Player, Flash Player and Acrobat Reader are included."

( Permalink: Mandrake Linux 9.1 Power Pack Edition      Submitted by Noel Wed May 28, 2003 )

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