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What Linux Needs Now
This list of the "Top 10 things Linux needs now" is a summation of the results of a small, highly unscientific poll I recently conducted on various newsgroups and mailing lists.
Most but not all of respondents are regular users of Linux. Some are die-hard Linux-only types. Some dual-boot to use "the right tool for the right job." Still others are merely curious about Linux. They are waiting for this or that to arrive before they even give it a try. There are also a few responses from folks who don't like Linux at all.

( Permalink: What Linux Needs Now      Submitted by Joe Barr Thu Jul 17, 2003 )

Functional Programming in Python
This article explores the new Python 2.3 itertools module, and gives you a sense of the new expressive power available with combinatorial iterators and how iterators -- conceived as lazy sequences -- are a powerful concept that opens new styles of Python programming.

( Permalink: Functional Programming in Python      Submitted by Anonymous Wed Jul 16, 2003 )

Linux Firewall-Related /proc Entries
"Most people, when creating a Linux firewall, concentrate soley on manipulating kernel network filters: the rulesets you create using userspace tools such as iptables (2.4 kernels,) ipchains (2.2 kernels,) or even ipfwadm (2.0 kernels).
However there are kernel variables -- independent of any kernel filtering rules -- that affect how the kernel handles network packets. This article will discuss these variables and the effect they have on the network security of your Linux host or firewall." article

( Permalink: Linux Firewall-Related /proc Entries      Submitted by Dr.T Wed Jul 16, 2003 )

History of the NeXT Platform
OSNews published an article about the NeXT Platform, discussing its history and its capabilities back then. The article has lots of screenshots and it is generally a good introduction --of the once innovative platform-- for younger readers who are unaware of the inheritance that lead to Mac OS X.

( Permalink: History of the NeXT Platform      Submitted by Anonymous Wed Jul 16, 2003 )

Unzipping Problems
In this weeks Security Alerts, we look at problems in PHP, OpenLDAP, Xpdf, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Mozart, liece, OpenBSD's Packet Filter, unzip, Imagemagick, Ezbounce, semi, and wemi.

( Permalink: Unzipping Problems      Submitted by Noel Wed Jul 16, 2003 )

A Quick View on sendmail
Linux Exposed talks about configuring sendmail.
"Configuring sendmail can be a large and complex task, but it doesn't have to be. Compared to some network server systems that require a second installation just to install the SMTP server software, Linux distributions do a lot of the configuration for you, and for most sites, the default configuration works fine. This article will give you some information to make decisions about when and how to change the default configuration."

( Permalink: A Quick View on sendmail      Submitted by Noel Tue Jul 15, 2003 )

Linux on Centrino
Three months after Intel has released their new technology, laptops based on the Centrino features are already very popular in the Linux community. For almost all Centrino based laptops from different manufacturers there are installation reports available at TuxMobil. more.

( Permalink: Linux on Centrino      Submitted by Werner Heuser Tue Jul 15, 2003 )

Real-Time Alerting with Snort
"Real-time alerting is a feature of an IDS or any other monitoring application that notifies a person of an event in an acceptably short amount of time. The amount of time that is acceptable is different for every person." article

( Permalink: Real-Time Alerting with Snort      Submitted by Dr.T Tue Jul 15, 2003 )

Server Clinic: Connect Securely With ssh
You'll undoubtedly want to use ssh to work on your servers from remote sites, but it takes an assortment of tricks to keep progress rolling smoothly. While the ability to work remotely has always been one of the Linux advantages system programmers and administrators have most enjoyed, setting up for remote access takes more than one simple recipe. This article show you, with the proper use of ssh, neither distance nor firewalls need keep you from your servers.

( Permalink: Server Clinic: Connect Securely With ssh      Submitted by Anonymous Tue Jul 15, 2003 )

Torvalds talks 2.6.0 and SCO
Linux author Linus Torvalds goes one on one with SearchEnterpriseLinux.com. Torvalds offers details on his move to the Open Source Development Lab, the upcoming 2.6.0 version of the Linux kernel and his take on the SCO Group's action against Linux.

( Permalink: Torvalds talks 2.6.0 and SCO      Submitted by Jan Stafford Mon Jul 14, 2003 )

Interview with Chris McKillop of QNX
OSNews features an interview wtih Chris McKillop, software engineer of QNX Software Systems. Chris, the most outspoken and 'visible' QNX employee in the QNX community, is discussing about performance differences between RT and monolithic kernels, the difficulties of pitching a new OS to the world, the Linux and Microsoft threat to QNX in the embedded space, QNX's Momentics desktop operating system and more.

( Permalink: Interview with Chris McKillop of QNX      Submitted by Anonymous Mon Jul 14, 2003 )

Netli, Linux Take Web to Warp Speeds
Linux Planet takes a look at Netli.
"Here's what happens, using the Atlanta-Tokyo route as an example. A request from Tokyo heads for the Atlanta server, which is now using the NetLightning service. Instead of reaching the Atlanta server directly, Netli's DNS redirects the end-user's transmission to what Netli calls a Virtural Data Center (VDC) located close to the end-user's company or ISP."

( Permalink: Netli, Linux Take Web to Warp Speeds      Submitted by Noel Mon Jul 14, 2003 )

Create Debian Linux Packages
"Learn the basics of creating Debian packages for distributing programs and source code. This article shows all the necessary components of a package and how to put them together to end up with a final product."

Article link

( Permalink: Create Debian Linux Packages      Submitted by h0ba Mon Jul 14, 2003 )

Analysis: x86 Vs PPC
Nicholas Blachford (engineer of the PPC-based PEGASOS Platform) wrote a long and detailed article, comparing the PPC and the x86 architectures on a number of levels: performance, Vector processing and Power Consumption differences, architectural differences, RISC Vs CISC and more. The article is up-to-date and so it takes the G5 into account too.

( Permalink: Analysis: x86 Vs PPC      Submitted by Anonymous Thu Jul 10, 2003 )

On Lamp reports on OScon.
"This presentation by Ted Ts'o--his first attendance at an OScon--focused heavily on the technical. He pointed out at the end that the most exciting work on Linux is happening in user space, where languages and desktop advances are increasing its usefulness. Some of the details in the 2.5 and 2.6 kernels include:"

( Permalink: OScon      Submitted by Noel Thu Jul 10, 2003 )

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