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Apache Virtual Hosts
On Lamp tells us about Apache Virtual Hosts.
"Web designers and systems administrators sometimes don't consider reconfiguring Apache to solve some of their web problems. Sometimes with the help of a few directives, web designing can be easier and server costs can be reduced. The VirtualHost directive is one of these helpful but often overlooked features. It can be used for running several domains on a single server with one or many static IP addresses. I can think of at least two scenarios in which this could be useful. One made web designing easier for me. The other cut my server costs significantly."

( Permalink: Apache Virtual Hosts      Submitted by Noel Mon Jul 28, 2003 )

Unix Time and Perl Script
Unix Review's Shell Corner talk about Unix Time and Perl Script.
"Since Sun Solaris doesn't possess a UTIS utility, I created amtime.tcl to replicate a program with a similar name distributed with the SGI Irix operating system in the availability monitoring package, amtime1970 (a UTIS application). I use several applications where storing the time in UTIS is more effecient than storing a date/time string and having to parse it later."

( Permalink: Unix Time and Perl Script      Submitted by Noel Mon Jul 28, 2003 )

Detecting SQL Injection in Oracle
Security Focus bring us: Detecting SQL Injection in Oracle .
"This paper takes the subject further and investigates the possibilities for the Oracle Database Administrator (DBA) to detect SQL injection in the wild against her Oracle database. Is it possible to detect SQL injection happening? If so what tools and techniques can be employed to achieve this?"

( Permalink: Detecting SQL Injection in Oracle      Submitted by Noel Mon Jul 28, 2003 )

Small Business Dilemma: Open Source or Proprietary
Small business owners now have a software choice. Just a few years ago the only business choice was to either run legitimate or pirated versions of proprietary software. Open source is now in a position to challenge proprietary software on the business and home desktop. Read the editorial at OSNews.

( Permalink: Small Business Dilemma: Open Source or Proprietary      Submitted by Anonymous Fri Jul 25, 2003 )

Best Practices for Programming in C
Although the C language has been around for close to 30 years, its appeal has not yet worn off. It continues to attract a large number of people who must develop new skills for writing new applications, or for porting or maintaining existing applications. This article offers suggestions that may help you in your job and coding skills.

( Permalink: Best Practices for Programming in C      Submitted by Anonymous Fri Jul 25, 2003 )

Computer History Museum
OSNews has an article with many pictures of the just re-opened Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley. The renovatived museum now sports a much larger collection of very rare items, like an ENIAC rack, all the CRAY series (including the CRAY-3, only one was ever built), the first ever IBM machine from 1890, the first RAID machine, the Illiac and more. Definately THE place to visit if you are into technology.

( Permalink: Computer History Museum      Submitted by Anonymous Fri Jul 25, 2003 )

McNealy Weighs In on Linux, Unix, Sun
"Sun Microsystems Inc. Chairman and CEO Scott McNealy is no stranger to technology cycles. In the 21 years of Sun's existence, the Santa Clara, Calif., company has been at the top and bottom and in the middle of several. In this one-on-one interview with eWEEK Editor in Chief Eric Lundquist, McNealy answers questions about Linux, Unix and the future direction of the company." read

( Permalink: McNealy Weighs In on Linux, Unix, Sun      Submitted by Dr.T Thu Jul 24, 2003 )

Unix Review tells us about a MRTG hack.
"Multi-Router Traffic Grapher (MRTG) is a nice package for tracking loads, temperatures, and other quantative measures of system performance. However, it does not deal gracefully with down hosts."

( Permalink: MRTG Hack      Submitted by Noel Thu Jul 24, 2003 )

Secure Cooking with C and C++
O'Reilly brings us part of the book: Secure Programming Cookbook for C and C++.
"Applications should not trust any external input. We have often seen situations in which people had a custom client-server application and the application developer assumed that, because the client was written in house by trusted, strong coders, there was nothing to worry about in terms of malicious data being injected."

( Permalink: Secure Cooking with C and C++      Submitted by Noel Thu Jul 24, 2003 )

Red Hat 10: First Look
Linux Universe takes a look at Red Hat 10.
"There aren't many major changes, just a bunch of minor tweaks. Most of these are welcome additions though. The one gripe I have is that Red Hat doesn't seem sure if they want to have this be a desktop for the average, not-very technical person (e.g., they hide the boot messages) or be one for the more advanced or technical user (e.g., Emacs is installed by default for a personal desktop)."

( Permalink: Red Hat 10: First Look      Submitted by Noel Thu Jul 24, 2003 )

Oracle Linux vs. Oracle Windows
Builder.com brings us: Oracle Linux vs. Oracle Windows.
"From perspective of performance, RedHat Linux 7.2 demonstrated an average performance advantage of 38.4 percent higher RDBMS throughput than a similarly configured Windows 2000 Server in a variety of operational scenarios." Sherman also notes: "Another point of contention was Window's lack of consistency between many database administrative functions (e.g., automated startup, shutdown, service creation, scripting) compared to what DBAs are already used to in many mainstream UNIX environments (e.g., Solaris and HP-UX)."

( Permalink: Oracle Linux vs. Oracle Windows      Submitted by Noel Thu Jul 24, 2003 )

Is It Time for BSD?
"The intellectual property claims of SCO against Linux are very likely to backfire. But SCO's aggressive legal tactics have still put a chill on Linux deployments. In many cases, upper management and corporate lawyers have been spooked by SCO's scare tactics and are putting the kibosh on Linux usage until the smoke clears." read

( Permalink: Is It Time for BSD?      Submitted by Dr.T Wed Jul 23, 2003 )

Who Owns Unix? Open Group Seeks to Clarify
Who owns Unix? To read much of the recent news reports, you might think that it's SCO Group, the company currently suing IBM Corp. But you'd be wrong. read more

( Permalink: Who Owns Unix? Open Group Seeks to Clarify      Submitted by Jan Stafford Wed Jul 23, 2003 )

Speed Web Delivery with HTTP Compression
HTTP compression, a recommendation of the HTTP 1.1 protocol specification for improved page download time, requires a compression feature implemented at the Web server and a decompression feature implemented at the browser. While popular browsers were able to receive the compressed data as early as three years ago, Web servers were not ready to deliver compressed content. The situation is changing, though, as server compression modules are introduced. This article dissects Web compression, examines the benefits of HTTP compression, offers several compression tools, and highlights the effectiveness of the technology in a case study.

( Permalink: Speed Web Delivery with HTTP Compression      Submitted by Anonymous Wed Jul 23, 2003 )

Screenshots from Red Hat Linux's "Severn" Beta
Red Hat Linux 9.0.93 beta, codenamed "Severn", was released today. OSNews has a for a quick commentary and six screenshots on the release.

( Permalink: Screenshots from Red Hat Linux's "Severn" Beta      Submitted by Anonymous Tue Jul 22, 2003 )

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