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Take Web Data Analysis to the Next Level with PHP
A simple one-way Chi Square analysis procedure discussed in this article can be fruitfully applied to different types of data streams such as access logs, survey results, customer profiles, or customer orders. It will provide you with the hidden awareness and understanding of website statistics beyond simple tabulated raw counts and turn raw data into actionable knowledge.

( Permalink: Take Web Data Analysis to the Next Level with PHP      Submitted by Anonymous Tue Aug 12, 2003 )

Setting up for Forensics
Unix Review brings us: Setting up for Forensics.
"You may want to use a mirrored drive technology. You can, as needed, remove a hard drive from a running machine, and it will automatically run from the mirrored drive. You therefore gain a drive with critical evidence, and your production environment stays up until you can shut it down to replace the operating system."

( Permalink: Setting up for Forensics      Submitted by Noel Tue Aug 12, 2003 )

Postfix Attack
In this weeks Security Alerts, we look at problems in Postfix, DB2, stunnel, OpenSSH, up2date, eroaster, wget, xfstt, xpcd, pam-pgsql, xtokkaetama, and Half-Life.

( Permalink: Postfix Attack      Submitted by Noel Tue Aug 12, 2003 )

Advanced Weblications with SashXB
This article is intended for developers who are familiar with SashXB. It covers several advanced topics, such as callbacks, GTK widget manipulation, and the use of several common SashXB extensions, using code examples from an LDAP-based Intranet directory navigation and search tool written for SashXB.

( Permalink: Advanced Weblications with SashXB      Submitted by Anonymous Mon Aug 11, 2003 )

A Look at 802.11a, b, and g Throughput
O'Reilly tells us about 802.11a, b, and g Throughput.
"Now that the 802.11g standard has been finalized, comparisons with the other standards in the 802.11 family are inevitable. One conclusion that is frequently drawn is that 802.11g offers similar speeds to 802.11a. After all, both products are advertised as having a data rate of 54 Mbps"

( Permalink: A Look at 802.11a, b, and g Throughput      Submitted by Noel Mon Aug 11, 2003 )

IBM Court Filing
SCO is on the verge of being inundated by lawsuits against it. MozillaQuest Magazine (mozillaquest.com) takes a first look at IBM's answer and counterclaim in the SCO-Caldera lawsuit. IBM seeks an injunction to stop SCO from misrepresenting its rights and to cease infringement of IBM's patents. If you want to sue SCO you should check IBM's Second Counterclaim in this article. IBM has mounted a very strong counter-attack against SCO and has laid out a strong set of counterclaims. The SCO-McBride FUD has backfired for SCO and McBride as mentioned in affirmative defense discussion. This article lists and discusses all 10 counterclaims, including the patent numbers and names that SCO is infringing. It also has a complete list of all the things IBM wants the court to do to SCO.

( Permalink: IBM Court Filing      Submitted by Anonymous Mon Aug 11, 2003 )

BSD Ports Tricks
On Lamp tells us about BSD Ports Tricks.
"Another handy trick is making a package repository. This can be both a time- and bandwidth-saver if you need to install software on multiple machines in a network. It is also ideal for installing software on server machines, as you don't have to install the entire ports collection just to install your required applications."

( Permalink: BSD Ports Tricks      Submitted by Noel Mon Aug 11, 2003 )

FreeBSD 5: The Complete Reference
Unix Review reviews the book: FreeBSD 5: The Complete Reference.
"Put FreeBSD: The Complete Reference in the hands of an alert beginner, and he or she should soon have a FreeBSD host behaving as a well-mannered desktop and/or server. Other books cover more territory; FreeBSD: The Complete Reference concentrates on ensuring its readers don't get lost. We're keeping a copy in the office. "

( Permalink: FreeBSD 5: The Complete Reference      Submitted by Noel Mon Aug 11, 2003 )

LPI Certification 101 (Release 2) Exam Prep
Welcome to "Intermediate administration," the third of four tutorials designed to prepare you for the Linux Professional Institute's 101 (release 2) exam. *This tutorial* (Part 3) is ideal for those who want to improve their knowledge of fundamental Linux administration skills. It covers a variety of topics, including system and Internet documentation, the Linux permissions model, user account management, and login environment tuning. Even for those not preparing for the certification exam, this tutorial is useful for experienced Linux users who want to round out their foundational Linux system administration skills.

( Permalink: LPI Certification 101 (Release 2) Exam Prep      Submitted by Anonymous Fri Aug 8, 2003 )

Tom Carey and Mike Angelo Discuss SCO
Whether your interest is GNU/Linux, Unix, SCO-Caldera, IBM, BSD, law, or whatever, this information-packed MozillaQuest Magazine (mozillaquest.com) interview with IP attorney Tom Carey provides some unique and well-thought insights and perspectives to the SCO-Caldera intellectual property issues and the SCO v IBM lawsuit. Tom Carey's position is that IBM was free to contribute the JFS, NUMA, and RCU code to the Linux kernel developers because IBM-developed and Sequent-developed extensions to Unix are not derivative works. Tom Carey and Mike Angelo dig their ways through a pile of confusing, convoluted documents and agreements to figure out who owns what Unix code and how that impacts on the SCO v IBM lawsuit and possible Linux end-user copyright infringement liability. Tom Carey notes that SCO admitting that IBM owns the copyrights in JFS, RCU, NUMA, etc. weakens SCO's copyright position, substantially. In the turnabout is fair play department, Carey mentions that IBM's patents trump SCO's copyrights and SCO might have a hard time selling UNIX without a license from IBM.

( Permalink: Tom Carey and Mike Angelo Discuss SCO      Submitted by Anonymous Fri Aug 8, 2003 )

Sun Needs To Rise Again
Sun Microsystems must reinvent itself to retain investors who have seen little good news during the past three years. The question has been asked before, but the issue has new urgency now for investors in Sun Microsystems, who have seen their stock tread water over the past year even as other big-name tech stocks have roared higher."
read more

( Permalink: Sun Needs To Rise Again      Submitted by Dr.T Fri Aug 8, 2003 )

Reducing Human Factor Mistakes
"Nowadays companies and organizations face the problem where massive attempts at illegal intrusions hit their network on a daily basis. In spite of the latest technological improvements in security, it's still the network users who are often unknowingly inviting security breaches through carelesnes and a lack of awareness. This paper will try to summarize various mistakes done by system administrators, company executives and of course the end users, and will also provide you with useful strategies that will definitely help you reduce or completely eliminate the mistakes." article

( Permalink: Reducing Human Factor Mistakes      Submitted by Dr.T Thu Aug 7, 2003 )

Learn About Linux
This page will guide you to material that will help you get started using Linux. Linux is not Unix, although it is intended to be very Unix-like. This article offers an extensive introduction to the difference between Linux and Unix, why Linux is important, what Linux can do, how to use it, and much more.

( Permalink: Learn About Linux      Submitted by Anonymous Thu Aug 7, 2003 )

Web Services
Web Services are appearing and dominate as new application solutions. At the same time they present great challenges for security. This book describes a union of Web Services and information security. Read more at Help Net Security.

( Permalink: Web Services      Submitted by LogError Thu Aug 7, 2003 )

Benchmarking Linux 2.6 Filesystems
KernelTrap has an interesting article about a recent benchmark conducted to compare five journaling filesystems available with the current 2.6.0-test2 Linux development kernel. The tests were conducted with a very simple shell script, mainly timing how long it takes to copy, tar, and remove directories. Looks like reiser4 is the fastest filesystem at the expense of consuming much more CPU, with ext3 trailing a ways behind.

( Permalink: Benchmarking Linux 2.6 Filesystems      Submitted by Anonymous Thu Aug 7, 2003 )

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