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Postfix: A Secure and Easy-to-Use MTA
On Lamp takes a look at Postfix.
"Postfix was developed as a replacement for Sendmail and is known to compile on almost every flavor of Unix including Mac O/S X. Wietse Venema, program founder and security specialist, several years developing the application while working as a researcher at IBM's T.J. Research lab. Postfix is the free version of IBM's commercial Mailer, Secure Mailer."

( Permalink: Postfix: A Secure and Easy-to-Use MTA      Submitted by Noel Mon Aug 25, 2003 )

Project Mad Hatter
Sun tells us a little bit about Project Mad Hatter.
"The neat thing about Linux is that using technologies like Gnome, Mozilla, Java software, Evolution, and StarOffice software, we're able to give CIOs the exact functionality they want on the desktop at a cost savings of about four-to-one over a Microsoft Windows solution."

( Permalink: Project Mad Hatter      Submitted by Noel Mon Aug 25, 2003 )

Analysis of SCO's Las Vegas Slide Show
Bruce Perens has written: Analysis of SCO's Las Vegas Slide Show.
"The code shown in this slide implements the Berkeley Packet Filter, internet firewall software often abbreviated as "BPF". SCO doesn't own BPF. It was created at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory with funding from the U.S. Government, and is itself derived from an older version called "enet", developed by Stanford and Carnegie-Mellon Universities. BPF was first deployed on the 4.3 BSD system produced by the University of California at Berkeley. SCO later copied the software into Unix System V."

( Permalink: Analysis of SCO's Las Vegas Slide Show      Submitted by Noel Mon Aug 25, 2003 )

GNU Security Breach
The executive director of the Free Software Foundation, principal sponsor of the GNU Project, said that no source code was compromised after an attacker gained root access to the project's FTP server. The cracker apparently had control of the server since March, but was using it to steal passwords and attack other machines.

( Permalink: GNU Security Breach      Submitted by Jan Stafford Fri Aug 22, 2003 )

Installing Tivoli Access Manager on Linux
Linux is quickly becoming a dominant platform for e-business and enterprise applications. The recent release of Fixpack 2 for IBM Tivoli Access Manager recognized this fact by adding support for Linux on the Intel platform. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to install and configure IBM Tivoli Access Manager on Linux. You'll also walk through some simple steps that will test your installation, including the creation of a WebSEAL junction. (Free registration required - Noel)

( Permalink: Installing Tivoli Access Manager on Linux      Submitted by Anonymous Fri Aug 22, 2003 )

Taking The Linux+ Exam
Recently I received an email ad from CompTIA about the Linux+ exam. Being semi-new to the Linux world, I hadn't considered this exam before. After reading up on it an idea struck me. Why not take this exam to see what it's all about and write about the experience? I contacted CompTIA with the idea and they were agreeable. So, my journey into taking the Linux+ exam began...

( Permalink: Taking The Linux+ Exam      Submitted by Anonymous Fri Aug 22, 2003 )

Building Linux Virtual Private Networks
Building Linux Virtual Private Networks focuses on showing you how to get your Linux VPN up and running as quickly as possible. You will learn VPN theory and fundamentals and will master important techniques and tools needed to design and set up your VPN in a reliable, secure and cost-effective fastion.
eBCVG Network

( Permalink: Building Linux Virtual Private Networks      Submitted by Danny Fri Aug 22, 2003 )

Linus on McBride's Latest Claims
When asked for a comment this morning, Linus Torvalds had this to say about McBride's claim of a million lines of SCO code in Linux: "He's lying."

( Permalink: Linus on McBride's Latest Claims      Submitted by Joe Barr Thu Aug 21, 2003 )

Book Review - Practical Unix & Internet Security 3
The book contains numerous practical examples that help administrators understand what should be done about securing their systems and what is the best way to achieve security. Read more at Help Net Security.

( Permalink: Book Review - Practical Unix & Internet Security 3      Submitted by LogError Thu Aug 21, 2003 )

Linux Kernel 2.6 For Machines Great and Small
"Now feature-locked, the Linux kernel 2.6, which went to beta testing on July 14, includes patches that cater to the mass market and the massively scalable. Server-app developers can look forward to 64-way processing, enormous block-size support and a hyperthreading-aware scheduler. Also incorporated are kernel pre-emption and uClinux patches, the latter giving embedded developers a mainstream method of running Linux on low-cost processors that lack a memory management unit." read

( Permalink: Linux Kernel 2.6 For Machines Great and Small      Submitted by Dr.T Thu Aug 21, 2003 )

Alan Cox Takes One Year Sabbatical
Linux guru Alan Cox is taking a year off from RedHat and kernel development to get his MBNA. Alan's has offered quite an array of contributions to the Linux community, from his work on the kernel itself to contributions to the Gnome project and much more. He will be missed in his absence.

( Permalink: Alan Cox Takes One Year Sabbatical      Submitted by Anonymous Thu Aug 21, 2003 )

Cryptography Locks Down WAP and P2P
No matter what protocol or architecture you're using to broadcast data through the air, encryption can make that data safer. In this article, we'll examine some places where encryption can help secure wireless applications and networks, with a particular focus on WAP and P2P architectures. We'll also look at a J2ME application that uses cutting-edge cryptographical libraries to encode its data.

( Permalink: Cryptography Locks Down WAP and P2P      Submitted by Anonymous Tue Aug 19, 2003 )

Samba 3
Enterprise Planet.com brings us: Samba 3: Linux File Serving for the Active Directory Generation.
"Or, you could do what John Terpstra of the Samba Team suggested at the SambaXP Conference in Germany last April... migrate to a Samba 3-only solution for your Windows style file/print requirements and abandon both the NT Domain and W2K/Server 2003 AD paths. "

( Permalink: Samba 3      Submitted by Noel Tue Aug 19, 2003 )

Debian: A Brief Retrospective
Ian Murdock brings us: Debian: A Brief Retrospective.
"When I posted this message a decade ago, Linux was in use by maybe a few tens of thousands of people around the world, and most of those people were either running their own homebrew Linux system or Peter MacDonald's SLS, the Softlanding Linux System. Red Hat Software was but a twinkle in Marc Ewing's eye."

( Permalink: Debian: A Brief Retrospective      Submitted by Noel Tue Aug 19, 2003 )

Tool of the Month: apt-iselect
Unix Review brings us: Tool of the Month: apt-iselect.
" I present a tool that makes installing packages on Debian GNU/Linux systems even easier. The tool is an interactive tool called apt-iselect that uses apt-cache to search for packages matching one or more terms using a text-mode menu."

( Permalink: Tool of the Month: apt-iselect      Submitted by Noel Mon Aug 18, 2003 )

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