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Mohammed J. Kabir
Mohammed J. Kabir discusses various Linux and security issues, his books and the future of Linux as he sees it.

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Dreamworks Gets Creative With Linux
Computerworld tells us about Dreamworks and Linux.
"Dreamworks is now in the process of migrating its enterprise Unix server installation to Linux. Data center Oracle applications currently run on HP L6000, LT2000 and LT1000 machines, Compaq DL580 and GL360 servers and a couple of Dell systems. "The existence of a viable LVM product was what made it possible for us to even consider Linux" for the job, Garcia comments."

( Permalink: Dreamworks Gets Creative With Linux      Submitted by Noel Thu Sep 18, 2003 )

Exclusive Interview with Jon Danzig
Madpenguin interviews Jon Danzig, of Libranet.
"Our job is to assemble a Debian based distribution which makes sense as a desktop system for a good many users. Linux or GNU/Linux is extensive enough today that by drawing mostly from the Debian archive we can do this. The installer is also very important."

( Permalink: Exclusive Interview with Jon Danzig      Submitted by Noel Thu Sep 18, 2003 )

Creating Kparts Componets for KDE
Here are a couple of tutorials that shows developers how to use KParts components in a KDE application. In Creating Kparts componets Part 1 you will get an intro to the core KParts concepts of read-only and read-write parts and network transparency. You'll learn how to create a read-only component, and then modify it to be a read-write component. You'll also learn how to deploy the component so that Konqueror can use it. In Part 2 you will learn how to use the KDE Trader to locate the appropriate component, how to handle user interface merging, and how to embed multiple parts in the same window with the help of the Part Manager.

( Permalink: Creating Kparts Componets for KDE      Submitted by Anonymous Wed Sep 17, 2003 )

Java Desktop System
Sun is entering the Linux world for good with low cost solution of Java Desktop System, a SuSE-based distribution aimed to fill up the desktops of the Enterprise and Educational markets. The distro comes ready with Java and StarOffice 7 and it has being under Sun's touch UI-wise. Newsforge has a report, News.com too, while OSNews speaks of a Java 3D engine, called "Looking Glass", which adds special effects to the normal 2D Gnome desktop, similar to what QuartzExtreme does for Mac OS X.

( Permalink: Java Desktop System      Submitted by Anonymous Wed Sep 17, 2003 )

Tilting at Windmills: A Response to Rob Enderle
While you may have been given the impression from reading Mr. Rob Enderle's viewpoint articles that all of the GNU/Linux community is openly anti-Microsoft and wants you to move right away to GNU/Linux, let me tell you that this is simply incorrect. I will not bother to take Mr. Enderle on in a point-by-point tit-for-tat argument, for it is pointless. There are many other voices that are already rising to that challenge, and I don't care to be strung along allowing Mr. Enderle to set the tone of a debate or battle.

The truth is that no one cares one way or another what you use. We do not care if you choose to continue to be locked-in to a proprietary vendor who will handsomely reward people like Mr. Enderle for writing articles such as those he continues to write, in the sure and certain hopes of starting a flame-war. This is what we call trolling or being a troll. It does not mean that we are saying he lives under a bridge and demands a fee for crossing; it means that he is actively seeking negative comment to then use that to say that his point is correct. It is similar to running into a meeting of any political party and then screaming curse words at the audience and then complaining later of the brutal treatment you received at their hands

( Permalink: Tilting at Windmills: A Response to Rob Enderle      Submitted by Chuck Talk Wed Sep 17, 2003 )

Today_is.pl and holidays.awk
Unix Review presents: Today_is.pl and holidays.awk.
"Job scheduling around holidays has always been a pain. To prevent messing around with crons several times a year, I simply placed a "holidays" file in, for example, /usr/local/bin. The file contained the holiday date in yyyymmdd format, followed by the holiday name. It worked, but every year I had to restock the file with those dates that fall on, for example, the last Monday in May. This means remembering to edit the holidays file after the company calendar is set for the year."

( Permalink: Today_is.pl and holidays.awk      Submitted by Noel Tue Sep 16, 2003 )

Encrypted Email Cookbook
O'Reilly takes a look at encrypting email.
"There are several freely available technologies in a Unix/Linux environment; OpenSSL, OpenPGP, and PGP to name just a few. For the sake of clarity, I'm only going to deal with OpenSSL here. Otherwise, for all intents and purposes, all of the above mentioned technologies are practical and useful. The applications and services that I'll use are pine, Mozilla, Apache, and Sendmail."

( Permalink: Encrypted Email Cookbook      Submitted by Noel Tue Sep 16, 2003 )

Dynamic Honeypots
Lance Spitzner tells us about Dynamic Honeypots.
"What I would like to see in the near future for honeypots is the dynamic honeypot, a plug-n-play solution. You simply plug it in and the honeypot does all the work for you. It automatically determines how many honeypots to deploy, how to deploy them, and what they should look like to blend in with your environment. Even better, the deployed honeypots change and adapt to your environment. You add Linux to your network, you suddenly have Linux honeypots. You remove Novell from your network, your Novell honeypots magically disappear."

( Permalink: Dynamic Honeypots      Submitted by Noel Tue Sep 16, 2003 )

Open Source Wireless Tools
The wireless development landscape differs from the wired world in a number of ways. For one thing, the dominance of handheld device manufacturers and proprietary OS makers has meant that open source projects for wireless connectivity have been slow to take off. But now this sector is showing some signs of life. This article explains both the delays and the brightening future.

( Permalink: Open Source Wireless Tools      Submitted by Anonymous Mon Sep 15, 2003 )

Book Review - Linux Server Hacks
This 200+ pages long book doesn't bother to cover all Linux server administration topics, but provides a collection of 100, sharp to the point, server administration situations, written by a well known figure in the administration world.

( Permalink: Book Review - Linux Server Hacks      Submitted by LogError Mon Sep 15, 2003 )

Interview with Havoc Pennington of Red Hat
OSNews published an interview with Havoc Pennington, the head manager of Red Hat's Desktop department, also known for his freedesktop.org initiative and his very active/leading role in Gnome. Havoc discusses the internal changes on Red Hat, the future of the desktop version of Red Hat Linux, the XFree86 fork Xoutert, GTK+ and Gnome while he characteristically says regarding Linux eating UNIX's marketshare: "...nails are firmly in the UNIX coffin, and it's just a matter of time."

( Permalink: Interview with Havoc Pennington of Red Hat      Submitted by Anonymous Mon Sep 15, 2003 )

The Sombria HoneyPot
Sombria ("shadowy" in Portuguese) is a honeypot system set up in Tokyo, Japan, that is intended for network surveillance and research and not for production purposes. This paper provides some statistics and an overview of the most prominent attacks from May through July 2003.

(The article is in a PDF File - Noel)

( Permalink: The Sombria HoneyPot      Submitted by LogError Sun Sep 14, 2003 )

Improve Your Development Processes
Performance. It's the one aspect of the Java platform that continually takes abuse. But the overwhelming success of the platform on other fronts makes performance issues worth serious investigation. In this new column, Intrepid optimizers follow performance discussions all over the Internet, expanding and clarifying the issues they encounter. This month, they head over to the JavaRanch to cover discussions on compilation speed, exceptions, and heap size tuning.

( Permalink: Improve Your Development Processes      Submitted by Bob Sat Sep 13, 2003 )

Komodo Breathes New Fire into IDE
Linux Planet takes a look at Komodo.
"The newly formed Komodo group's mandate was to provide deep support for various programming languages including Perl, PHP, Python, Tcl, XSLT, as well as web standards like XML, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. It seemed only natural to support programming on both the Windows and Linux platforms."

( Permalink: Komodo Breathes New Fire into IDE      Submitted by Noel Sat Sep 13, 2003 )

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