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URI Access for DB2
URI Access for DB2 is a servlet that uses several access methods to addresses and retrieves data and metadata stored in DB2. It uses Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) provided by clients, thereby enabling easy access to one or more DB2 instances through Web browsers and other clients that use the supported protocols. Currently, URI Access for DB2 supports only HTTP.

( Permalink: URI Access for DB2      Submitted by Bob Sun Oct 5, 2003 )

Axentra Rumba Server Puts Linux on every Household
OSNews has an exclusive article on a new Linux-based server appliance product -- the first in the family -- the Axentra Rumba Server. The product is to be launched soon, but details of it have being leaked out already: The device has a mini ITX mobo, VIA C3 800 MHz CPU, 256 MB RAM, 40 GB hdd, USB 1.1, 2 LAN ports and in 1 WAN port (extra Wi-Fi USB device required). The device is useful as an Internet Gateway (DNS, IP filtering, Port forwarding, NAT firewall), as a network service (web server, file server, WebDAV, IMAP/SMTP, Samba, Content/Spam Filtering, photo album). It has an embedded web server so you can administer it via your web browser. It is compatible with Linux, Macs and Windows. Check the OSNews story for more info and pictures.

( Permalink: Axentra Rumba Server Puts Linux on every Household      Submitted by Anonymous Sat Oct 4, 2003 )

Seth Nickell and init
Init process, antiquated or roadblock to revolution? Ithaycu gives us their opinion on the subject.

( Permalink: Seth Nickell and init      Submitted by Ithaycu Fri Oct 3, 2003 )

Embedding a Database Server into Eclipse
This article shows how to develop a plug-in that embeds the HSQLDB pure-Java relational database server into the Eclipse Workbench. Although not as powerful as DB2 and not as popular as MySQL, HSQLDB (the hypersonic SQL database) can satisfy the needs of a wide range of Java applications, because of its extensibility and low memory/processor requirements.

( Permalink: Embedding a Database Server into Eclipse      Submitted by Anonymous Fri Oct 3, 2003 )

Interview With Jason Reid
Jason Reid is a Member of Technical Staff with Sun Microsystems. In this interview he discusses his book and various security topics.

( Permalink: Interview With Jason Reid      Submitted by LogError Fri Oct 3, 2003 )

Review: CRUX Linux
OSNews posted a nice review of the Slackware-based CRUX, a lightweight and modern i686 Linux distribution.

( Permalink: Review: CRUX Linux      Submitted by Anonymous Fri Oct 3, 2003 )

Linux in Hollywood
Technewsworld takes a look at Linux use in Hollywood.
"In short, the big news in Hollywood about Linux is it is no longer big news. Linux has won not only renderfarm servers, but the artist desktops of the top studios. It's hard to find a large studio that does not rely upon Linux as its primary animation and special effects OS, and many smaller film studios have adopted Linux, too."

( Permalink: Linux in Hollywood      Submitted by Noel Thu Oct 2, 2003 )

Blind SQL Injection: Are You Vulnerable?
SQL Injection can deliver total control of your server to an attacker giving them the ability to read, write and manipulate all data stored in your backend systems. (Story is in PDF - Noel)

( Permalink: Blind SQL Injection: Are You Vulnerable?      Submitted by LogError Thu Oct 2, 2003 )

Seth Nickell on Replacing the Aging Init Procedure
OSNews has more details on the project which aims to completely replace the Init system on Linux (and not just 'bridge it' as it was incorrectly reported by some sites), directly from Seth's mouth.

( Permalink: Seth Nickell on Replacing the Aging Init Procedure      Submitted by Anonymous Thu Oct 2, 2003 )

Helping Broadcast Radio with Linux
Linux Journal thinks about Broadcast Radio and Linux.
"Computing has changed a lot since then. Now, computers essentially are free instead of costing millions of dollars. Thus, this simple radio tracking application could be run on any old PC today. But much like the old days of having to write something down and then enter it into the computer, there must be a better way."

( Permalink: Helping Broadcast Radio with Linux      Submitted by Noel Wed Oct 1, 2003 )

Expanding Small NetBSD Systems
On Lamp talks about expanding small NetBSD systems.
"NetBSD uses a standard BSD-style ports and packages system, making installing generic software painless. You could just download packages from the NetBSD FTP site and install them - this works exactly as it does on any other architecture NetBSD supports."

( Permalink: Expanding Small NetBSD Systems      Submitted by Noel Wed Oct 1, 2003 )

Niels Wagenaar
Linuxemu interviews Niels Wagenaar.
"If I had to make a top list covering the 5 most important people in the Linux-emulation scene, Niels Wagenaar would absolutely be one of them. He has given us multiple reasons for not boot into Windows, as he brought descent "NeoGeo Pocket", "Gameboy Advance", "Atari Lynx", "Wonderswan Color" and "Atari Jaguar" emulation to Linux."

( Permalink: Niels Wagenaar      Submitted by Noel Wed Oct 1, 2003 )

Shell Overview
Daemon News tells us about Shells.
"Although the Bourne shell was the first and very simple, it became the model for many following shells; also, later versions of /bin/sh were much improved. The Bourne shell did not have a command history, job control, command line completion or aliasing capability. It did, however, have the ability to use shell "functions" that were defined in the shell's initialization file, ~/.profile."

( Permalink: Shell Overview      Submitted by Noel Wed Oct 1, 2003 )

Convert from HTML to XML with HTML Tidy
HTML Tidy, a powerful tool to help convert old HTML pages to newer standards, such as XML. This tip demonstrates how to convert HTML documents to XML (or more specifically, XHTML) with a simple, open source tool. This conversion is useful for webmasters who are migrating to XML. It can also help XML converts who have to interface with legacy HTML tools.

( Permalink: Convert from HTML to XML with HTML Tidy      Submitted by Anonymous Tue Sep 30, 2003 )

Review - Linux Security Cookbook
If you work with Linux you certainly know of many resources where you can get your questions answered when running into a problem. When it comes to securing your Linux box, there's a myriad of things you have to think about and this is where this cookbook comes into the picture. The authors aim to provide you with quick recipes for various issues. Read on to find out if this beats searching for information in the usual places.

( Permalink: Review - Linux Security Cookbook      Submitted by LogError Tue Sep 30, 2003 )

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