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First Look At Sun's Java Desktop System
"It arrived in the mail today: the Java Desktop System beta, in the form of a live CD, based on SuSE's 8.2 live evaluation CD. I was eager to try Sun's attempt at creating a user-friendly Linux distribution, so I signed up for beta-testing, and this live-CD is the result." Read the review at OSNews by third party editor Thom Holwerda.

( Permalink: First Look At Sun's Java Desktop System      Submitted by Anonymous Fri Oct 10, 2003 )

Sorcerer Linux Review
OSNews features an in-depth review of Sorcerer Linux with five screenshots.
"If you're looking for a Linux experience that recognizes all of your system hardware and peripherals during installation and one that sets up your desktop for you, Sorcerer is not for you. But if you want to really learn a little about what's really going on, how Linux interacts with your system hardware and peripherals, how to really set up your own desktop on a system that's running the most current applications, Sorcerer is for you. Based on my experiences I can highly recommend Sorcerer."

( Permalink: Sorcerer Linux Review      Submitted by Anonymous Thu Oct 9, 2003 )

Interview with Jamie Cameron
The author of "Managing Linux Systems with Webmin" discusses the book and the development of Webmin.

( Permalink: Interview with Jamie Cameron      Submitted by LogError Thu Oct 9, 2003 )

PHP Probability Models for Web Data
A good example of using a probability model to solove a serious problem is the SpamBayes filtering engine, which uses machine learning and Bayesian inference techniques to compute the probability that a given piece of e-mail is spam. This article demonstrates how to develop univariate probability models in PHP; discusses how to fit empirical data distributions to a theoretical probability distribution; and showcases an important tool for all this -- the Probability Distributions Library (PDL).

( Permalink: PHP Probability Models for Web Data      Submitted by Anonymous Thu Oct 9, 2003 )

SCO: No Choice But to Go After Linux
In this interview, SCO Group executive Chris Sontag touches all the bases regarding his company's battle against IBM and Linux.
The interview
"What's your response to Red Hat's claim that SCO will drag the suit out in order to run up the price of SCO's stock and that SCO and its holding company -- The Canopy Group -- are using SCO's 'wrongfully inflated stock price' to transfer huge sums of money to Canopy? Sontag: SCO has done nothing to drag out its suit with IBM. The courts determine when a case will come to trial and the judge in this case set the trial date for April 11, 2005. The timing of court cases doesn't determine a company's stock valuation. Investors determine how attractive a stock is and how much they will pay for that stock."

( Permalink: SCO: No Choice But to Go After Linux      Submitted by Jan Stafford Thu Oct 9, 2003 )

Do-It-Yourself Access Point Hardware
O'Reilly tells us about making access point hardware.
"There is a huge variety of PC-compatible hardware available that is perfectly capable of serving as an access point. If budget is a concern, you can certainly dust off that old PC that is collecting dust in the closet (provided that it is roughly of 486/50 vintage or so; 386 machines, while nostalgic, are probably too painfully slow to deal with by today's standards)."

( Permalink: Do-It-Yourself Access Point Hardware      Submitted by Noel Wed Oct 8, 2003 )

Practical Security Steps
Unix Review brings us: Practical Security Steps.
"Any operating system that is not hardened by removing services or adding layers of protection is weak, and yet many systems that are accessible by untrusted users are not hardened. In spite of many more advanced authentication methods, username/password credentials are still the norm."

( Permalink: Practical Security Steps      Submitted by Noel Wed Oct 8, 2003 )

Working With ACLs in FreeBSD
Daemon News talks about ACLs and FreeBSD.
"ACLs provide an extended set of permissions for a file or directory. These permissions can be used in addition to the conventional UNIX permissions for files and directories. Standard UNIX file permissions provide read, write and execute access to three user classes:"

( Permalink: Working With ACLs in FreeBSD      Submitted by Noel Wed Oct 8, 2003 )

MySQL - Web Middleware
Some months ago Matt Young developed a lightweight middle layer between MySql and the web. The purpose was experimentation with web programming without the complexity of a standard middleware layer. He describes the system, and says that the source is available if anyone wants to experiment with the concept. Email Matt Young if you want more info or to ask about the source code.

( Permalink: MySQL - Web Middleware      Submitted by Matt Young Tue Oct 7, 2003 )

Yale's Open Source CAS Single Sign-On Solution
This article provides a step-by-step description of how to build a single sign-on solution(SSO) for a Web portal. It shows you how to use the open source solution CAS, the Central Authentication Service from Yale University. CAS is an easy way to integrate an open source, Java-based authentication for SSO.

( Permalink: Yale's Open Source CAS Single Sign-On Solution      Submitted by Anonymous Tue Oct 7, 2003 )

Review - 802.11 Security
Spread over just about 190 pages, "802.11 Security" is an easy to read technical guide that goes directly to the point and presents the reader with practical step-by-step information on creating a secure and stable wireless network.

( Permalink: Review - 802.11 Security      Submitted by LogError Tue Oct 7, 2003 )

Denial-of-Service Attacks
In this weeks Security Alerts, we look at denial-of-service attacks against Apache, OpenSSL, and FreeBSD, and problems in Perl, lsh, Teapop, ProFTPD, TclHttpd, MPlayer, Node, mpg123, and Freesweep.

( Permalink: Denial-of-Service Attacks      Submitted by Noel Tue Oct 7, 2003 )

Create a RSS News Feed
Here's how you can create an XML news feed in just five minutes using PHP, PEAR and the PEAR XML_Serializer package by Stephan Schmidt. Read the complete article on Freedom Ink.

( Permalink: Create a RSS News Feed      Submitted by Chandrashekhar Bhosle Mon Oct 6, 2003 )

Nice Response from Sun - But One Question Please?
Recently, I posted a comment about Jonathan Schwartz's comments on eWeek (okay, so I have been busy lately and did not get a chance to write this when I should have); an article which I felt came off as less than stellar. Apparently, many other readers of that eWeek article felt as I did that the comments needed some clarification. That clarification came out in article in eWeek dated September 25, 2003.

It is nice to see that Mr. Schwartz did make the effort to do so, and in light of their recent announcement regarding a one-time charge and quarterly loss, I can only hope that Sun Microsystems maintains and does not suffer from negative press. Okay, I know that will happen, and it is tough to deal with. This can truly be infuriating at times, really. Having been there before, I know that it can be turned around, and I still think Sun can do that.

( Permalink: Nice Response from Sun - But One Question Please?      Submitted by Chuck Talk Mon Oct 6, 2003 )

The Network Computer: An Opportunity for Linux
This article makes the case that Linux is well positioned to take advantage of the coming success of the Network Computer, a hardware incarnation of the 'thin client' with security, maintenance, management, and license compliance advantages over the PC for many business uses.
"With NC's, organizations will finally be able to control what software employees are able to run on their desktops. This has implications for productivity enhancement as well as reducing the company's legal liability."

( Permalink: The Network Computer: An Opportunity for Linux      Submitted by Anonymous Mon Oct 6, 2003 )

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