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LDAP Server on Linux
Linux Planet tells us how to build an LDAP server.
"Your network is growing in size and complexity. It's taking on a life of its own, spreading and growing and absorbing everything in its path. You're tearing your hair out trying to keep track, and your users have somehow discovered your secret phone number and are pestering you with endless questions and demands--where do I find this; I don't want to keep track of a dozen different passwords; nothing works like it should.
Of several possible solutions, consider two: 1) find a new hiding place, or 2) implement an LDAP server. "

( Permalink: LDAP Server on Linux      Submitted by Noel Fri Oct 24, 2003 )

SuSE Goes After Exchange
Techworld reports on SuSE and Openexchange.
"SuSE is trying to cut deeper into the market share of Microsoft's Exchange Server e-mail system by rolling out a version of Openexchange that features improved server support for Windows Outlook users.
For the first time, Version 4.1 of the product allows Outlook users to access calendar and contact information as well as access documents stored in Openexchange Server, company officials said. One of the new features includes an alert to let Outlook users know when they have conflicts among their appointments. "

( Permalink: SuSE Goes After Exchange      Submitted by Noel Fri Oct 24, 2003 )

Store Objects Using the JDK 1.4 Preferences API
The Preferences API -- a lightweight, cross-platform persistence API introduced in JDK 1.4 -- is designed to store small amounts of data (string, simple byte arrays, and so on.) and was not intended to be an interface to a traditional database. It can, however, be effective as a storage device if your data can be expressed as simple objects. This article offers an introduction to the API, explains how objects are stored, demonstrates the process in action, and provides a code library to do the work.

( Permalink: Store Objects Using the JDK 1.4 Preferences API      Submitted by Anonymous Fri Oct 24, 2003 )

Fedora Core Test 3 Review
Jason Parker is reviewing for OSNews: Fedora Core Test 3. Screenshots included.
"Fedora does not depart much from Red Hat Linux, it seems very quick and stable. The biggest difference that the user will notice is a new version of BlueCurve (which has been present in Fedora for a while now), and let me say that it looks great. Hands down, Fedora is one of the prettiest Linux distributions out there, and while it lacks the bright colors of Window's Luna, or the sheer elegance of Mac OS's Aqua, it has a sort of subdued sense of professionalism, which I find very appealing."

( Permalink: Fedora Core Test 3 Review      Submitted by Anonymous Thu Oct 23, 2003 )

Unix Servers Breaking Out All Over
Hewlett-Packard plans on Monday to begin selling the last and most powerful model in the AlphaServer line, a series of servers that stretches back to a very different era in the computing industry. The 64-processor AlphaServer uses EV7 processors, the company said Friday. Previously, the top-end system was the 32-processor GS1280, released in July.

( Permalink: Unix Servers Breaking Out All Over      Submitted by Danny Thu Oct 23, 2003 )

Create Web Applets with Mozilla and XML
To go beyond simple HTML, historically the only options have been to use Java technology or plug-ins. Now, you have a new way -- write and display applications natively in XML. The Mozilla platform provides such a mechanism. This article introduces XUL (the XML User-interface Language). XUL is set of GUI widgets with extensive cross-platform support that are designed for building GUI elements for applications that have traditional, non-HTML GUIs.

( Permalink: Create Web Applets with Mozilla and XML      Submitted by Anonymous Thu Oct 23, 2003 )

Linux vs Windows Running Lotus Quickplace
IBM used the IBM Rational Performance Tester to benchmark their Quickplace server solution on Windows 2000 server and Linux. The results?

Maximum number of users
Windows: 547 Users
Linux: 2000 Users

Memory per user
Windows: 3 MB
Linux: 1.3 MB


( Permalink: Linux vs Windows Running Lotus Quickplace      Submitted by Anthony Thu Oct 23, 2003 )

An Easy Way to Avoid Spam
Linux Journal brings us: An Easy Way to Avoid Spam.
"Testmail, the filter discussed in this article, is a Perl filter of average size and moderate complexity. It checks e-mail messages available at the POP3 server, filters them according to defined rules and, depending on the selected method, sends messages to the local mailbox or removes them from the server. Testmail requires the Perl libnet, Net-Ping and Socket modules."

( Permalink: An Easy Way to Avoid Spam      Submitted by Noel Wed Oct 22, 2003 )

OpenOffice Irritation
In this weeks Security Alerts, we look at problems in OpenOffice, slocate, fetchmail, GDM, Tomcat, ircd, HPUX's dtprintinfo, and Openserver's Xsco.

( Permalink: OpenOffice Irritation      Submitted by Noel Wed Oct 22, 2003 )

Review of G.Mate YOPY YP-3700
Bargin PDA tells us about the G.Mate YOPY YP-3700.
"Overall, the broader benefits of running linux on a PDA are clear - it's stable, open source in most cases, it always includes a strong scripting language, and it absolutely the OS of choice if networking is the top priority."

( Permalink: Review of G.Mate YOPY YP-3700      Submitted by Noel Wed Oct 22, 2003 )

Jon Maddog Hall
Newsforge interviews Jon Maddog Hall.
"Either we should bring the laws regarding software into the twenty-first century so a reasonable software programmer can reasonably respect ownership rights (or defend them) without unreasonable time and legal costs, or only large companies will be able to create software in the future. It becomes too complicated otherwise.
I believe that "the common good" in a world-wide software development can not tolerate software patents, needs a shorter time frame on software copyright, and an easier method of determining software ownership or non-ownership. "

( Permalink: Jon Maddog Hall      Submitted by Noel Wed Oct 22, 2003 )

Upgrading a MySQL Application
On Lamp looks at how to upgrade a MySQL application.
"The difficulty comes when creating an upgrade program that will make these changes, a program that non-technical clients can run on their own. Careful planning of an upgrade is required to keep from destroying the client's data. In this article I will examine such a quandary and offer some suggestions for putting together an upgrade to a MySQL application."

( Permalink: Upgrading a MySQL Application      Submitted by Noel Tue Oct 21, 2003 )

Review - Secure Coding: Principles & Practices
The security issues and challenges facing information technology today have their roots in the software development process. One might say that's the root of all evil - or better, of all vulnerabilities. Written by two eminent software security experts, Mark G. Graff and Kenneth R. van Wyk, this book basically tries to answer the question - 'Why do good people write bad software?', and how can this be corrected.

( Permalink: Review - Secure Coding: Principles & Practices      Submitted by LogError Tue Oct 21, 2003 )

Sun Solaris Vs Linux: The x86 Smack-Down
Tony Bourke put together a long article, benchmarking File System, System, Compilation, OpenSSL and Web Performance for both Linux and Solaris on x86 hardware. While SPARC's Solaris is said to be more optimized than its x86 counterpart on the other hand so is Linux 2.6 compared to 2.4. Solaris-x86 performed well in the tests, but Linux 2.4 seems to win most of the tests and the overall impressions.

( Permalink: Sun Solaris Vs Linux: The x86 Smack-Down      Submitted by Anonymous Tue Oct 21, 2003 )

NeL: The Next Great MMORPG?
O'Reilly tells us about NeL.
"Like EverQuest and Star Wars Galaxies, Ryzom will be a massive multi-player online role-playing game (MMORPG) with immersive 3D graphics. The developers have released Ryzom's engine code under the GNU General Public License.
NeL (for Nevrax Library) is a toolkit for the creating 3D-graphic MMORPGs or similar online game-play environments that require both client and server code. It runs on the Linux and Windows OSes, using OpenGL as its 3D graphics renderer."

( Permalink: NeL: The Next Great MMORPG?      Submitted by Noel Mon Oct 20, 2003 )

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