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Simple Middleware
Matt Young has written an article describing his middleware tool Uscript.
"Since macros engines issues receive, parse and generate URL encoded structures, they naturally communicate. An SQL select, formatted for the local engine, could just as easily be encapsulated within an HttpGet header and issued to another engine. I added a simple system executive that performs an Http Get call. The macro engines exchange Http messages with each other, triggering macroexpansion in the remote SQL databes. "

( Permalink: Simple Middleware      Submitted by Matt Young Tue Nov 11, 2003 )

Design an Application For Grid
Designing an application for grid computing is much easier if you know what to expect. In this article, you will learn which design elements are suitable for a grid application and which are not. Armed with this information, you can then tailor existing applications and develop new ones for a grid by focusing on the jobs, the data, and the environment that the application will use. You should also plan to use a development environment or toolkit specifically designed for grid applications, such as the Globus Toolkit.

( Permalink: Design an Application For Grid      Submitted by Anonymous Tue Nov 11, 2003 )

Getting to Know Fedora Core 1
OSNews features the first Fedora Core 1 review. The author introduces the project, discusses installation and usage and finally concludes that his 'experience with Fedora is a mixed bag of emotions'. Screenshots are included at the end of the article.

( Permalink: Getting to Know Fedora Core 1      Submitted by Anonymous Tue Nov 11, 2003 )

New Apache
In this weeks Security Alerts, we look at a new release of Apache, and problems in fileutils, coreutil, anonftp, Kpopup, CUPS, Libnids, PostgreSQL, thttpd, mod_security, and the Linux Java Installer.

( Permalink: New Apache      Submitted by Noel Mon Nov 10, 2003 )

Creating a Complete Distribution on CD
Linux Journal tells us how to build a complete distribution on CD.
"In this article, the scenario is an enterprise that wants its customers to complete an evaluation at the end of a course. The goal is to insert a CD in the CD-ROM drive, boot and be redirected to some Web site where the evaluation can be completed."

( Permalink: Creating a Complete Distribution on CD      Submitted by Noel Mon Nov 10, 2003 )

Appache AXIS Security Using Tivoli Access Manager
This article will assist integrators and developers programming Web Services using Apache AXIS that want to add authentication and authorization using Tivoli Access Manager. You will see how to develop a sample client passing the right parameters to access your secure web service.

( Permalink: Appache AXIS Security Using Tivoli Access Manager      Submitted by Anonymous Mon Nov 10, 2003 )

One User's Thoughts on FreeBSD 4.9
Corey Holcomb-Hockin is writing for OSNews a review/personal experience and micro-tutorial about all things FreeBSD 4.9. Some screenshots included.

( Permalink: One User's Thoughts on FreeBSD 4.9      Submitted by Anonymous Sun Nov 9, 2003 )

Linux Kernel "Back Door" Attempt
KernelTrap has a very interesting article about a recent attempt to sneak a "back door" into the Linux 2.6 kernel. Evidently someone managed to break into the CVS server that mirrors the kernel source tree and add a small patch allowing one to locally obtain "root" super-user access. Fortunately, during an export from the master BitKeeper version of the kernel source tree into the CVS mirror, the change was detected and quickly removed.

( Permalink: Linux Kernel "Back Door" Attempt      Submitted by Anonymous Fri Nov 7, 2003 )

Multibooting 101
linmagau brings us: Multibooting 101.
"The answers to these questions lie in the way the sytems have been configured. SuSE has entries about what its root filesystem is and which kernel to use, and what options to pass to the kernel for the simple reason that GRUB is going to be doing the booting of the SuSE partition. In the case of Windows and Mdk, Grub is merely passing the buck to another bootloader. In the case of Windows, this is the file io.sys (If I remember correctly) that was loaded right at the beginning of the Windows C: drive, and in the case of Mdk, it is the LILO we installed in the / directory."

( Permalink: Multibooting 101      Submitted by Noel Fri Nov 7, 2003 )

REBOL GUI Programming
On Lamp introduces us to REBOL.
"In this article I'll focus on one, the integrated GUI system, and I'll show you how to build a front end for a small email-based survey and feedback system."

( Permalink: REBOL GUI Programming      Submitted by Noel Fri Nov 7, 2003 )

Building Nefarious
Warped Systems builds a new Linux box named Nefarious.
"I've finally decided to build myself a new computer. The last time I built one for myself, I attempted to be fairly conservative, and stick to known configurations. This time, I decided to throw caution to the wind and build something a little closer to 'bleeding-edge'. Since the system would be designed to run Linux (Mandrake-Linux specifically), basing it around the AMD Athlon 64 was a farily obvious choice ..."

( Permalink: Building Nefarious      Submitted by Noel Fri Nov 7, 2003 )

SSL VPN Gateways
Secure Sockets Layer Virtual Private Networks are quickly gaining popularity as serious contenders in the remote-access marketplace. Analysts predict that products based on SSL VPN technology might even replace IP Security Protocol VPNs as remote–access solutions. Get more information on the subject in this article.

( Permalink: SSL VPN Gateways      Submitted by LogError Thu Nov 6, 2003 )

Network Administration With MRTG
Newsforge tells us about MRTG.
"MRTG is the Multi Router Traffic Grapher, a piece of free software released under the GNU General Public License. It was written primarily by Tobias Oetiker and Dave Rand. MRTG produces Web pages that display graphs of bandwidth use on network links on daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly scales."

( Permalink: Network Administration With MRTG      Submitted by Noel Thu Nov 6, 2003 )

LindowsOS 4.0 Examined
What sets LindowsOS 4.0 apart from the crowd is not what is shares with standard Linux approach, but what it doesn't. LindowsOS has been reviewed many times over, mostly with favorable results - but this is not just another review. This piece will tell you not only about Adam Scheinberg's experience with LindowsOS 4.0, but also what you need to know to arm yourself with the knowledge to make the decision whether LindowsOS is right for you.

( Permalink: LindowsOS 4.0 Examined      Submitted by Anonymous Thu Nov 6, 2003 )

Novell to Acquire SuSE Linux
News.com reports on Novell's purchase of SuSE.
"The SuSE deal is the second Linux acquisition for the Provo, Utah-based company, which bought desktop Linux software specialist Ximian in August. Though Ximian gave Novell a grip on software that's designed for using Linux on desktop computers, SuSE is strongest with the open-source software on servers, the networked machines that handle chores such as hosting Web sites and routing e-mail. "

( Permalink: Novell to Acquire SuSE Linux      Submitted by Noel Wed Nov 5, 2003 )

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