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Editorial: The State of OSS Documentation
A professional documentation writer criticizes the OSS documentation based on his experience. Read the editorial here.
"There is one thing however, that we end users do care deeply about. There is an issue that burns in our minds with a searing thirst for knowledge and understanding. There is one question that torments us by day and haunts our sleepless nights. The one question that the public at large cares about is this: "How in the world am I supposed to make this thing work? Can I have some instructions please? MY KINGDOM for a user manual that I can understand!"

( Permalink: Editorial: The State of OSS Documentation      Submitted by Anonymous Sun Nov 23, 2003 )

Spam and Virus Free Email
Newsforge tells us how to set up a server for spam and virus free email.
"In all three cases, SpamAssassin runs the mail through its Bayesian filters, and optionally checks each mail against Vipul's Razor or DCC, two spam "clearinghouses" that can help improve spam detection. After processing, mail identified as spam has a new header, X-Spam-Score:, with a score, expressed in integers and asterisks, and an attached text message explaining why SpamAssassin thinks it's spam."

( Permalink: Spam and Virus Free Email      Submitted by Noel Sat Nov 22, 2003 )

Remote Scripting Servlet in Action
This article presents a Web-based incoming-call monitor for a Customer Service Representative (CSR) in a Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, product based on Erik Hatcher's work, "Remote scripting using a servlet." To take that a step further, Victor Yang here analyzes those requirements and looks into such design options as why IFRAME is recommended over XML-RPC. Finally, he'll show you how to customize the original framework while explaining the key issues that take place during implementation with the code snippets.

( Permalink: Remote Scripting Servlet in Action      Submitted by Anonymous Sat Nov 22, 2003 )

MySQL: Enterprise Projects and MaxDB
MySQL isn't just an inexpensive data store any more. It's gone mission-critical, says CEO Marten Mickos.
"Of course, the Sabre project is fantastic. It's a Web application where Sabre is using it, but it's a mission-critical, heavy-load application. They have been playing around with MySQL for a long time. They had already stress-tested the database on the volumes and the responsiveness, so they knew what they were getting into. They also knew that they could depend on MySQL as a company."

( Permalink: MySQL: Enterprise Projects and MaxDB      Submitted by Jan Stafford Fri Nov 21, 2003 )

theKompany.com's Data Architect Review
Clinton De Young reviews for OSNews the premier theKompany product, Data Architect. The product allows you to design ODBC and other databases under Linux, Windows or Mac OS X, utilizing the Qt toolkit.

( Permalink: theKompany.com's Data Architect Review      Submitted by Anonymous Fri Nov 21, 2003 )

Making and Melting Tarballs
Newsforge talks about tar.
"Sometimes contrarians will put the tarball together in such a way that it doesn't create a new subdirectory. Then it's a mess to untangle which files were part of the tarball and which were pre-existing. In those cases, I usually create a subdirectory myself, and then decompress the tarball inside of it."

( Permalink: Making and Melting Tarballs       Submitted by Noel Fri Nov 21, 2003 )

Open Source Development with CVS
Tech Book Report reviews Open Source Development with CVS.
"This is a book of many parts: introduction and tutorial; rumination on the nature of open source software development; reference manual and quick guide. It may sound bitty and uneven, but the authors, (both leading members of the CVS development team), do a good job of putting it all together so that it works well as a single volume. The fact that this is the third edition of the book suggests that other people think the same way."

( Permalink: Open Source Development with CVS      Submitted by Noel Thu Nov 20, 2003 )

EditPad Pro
Newsforge reviews EditPad Pro.
"The Linux version of Editpad Pro is clearly aimed at users who are moving from Windows to Linux. I suppose it is a function of my personal bias that when I began to review Editpad Pro, the conclusion already forming in my mind was that "why would someone pay for Editpad Pro when they can get Kedit or gedit for free?" Now I know why."

( Permalink: EditPad Pro      Submitted by Noel Thu Nov 20, 2003 )

Sun and AOL form StarOffice Pact
The register reports on Sun and AOL forming a StarOffice pact.
"Fresh off a major Linux desktop win in China, Sun Microsystems has found a PC friend closer to home with AOL now piloting a program to ship sub-$300 desktops running StarOffice."

( Permalink: Sun and AOL form StarOffice Pact      Submitted by Noel Thu Nov 20, 2003 )

SuSE Linux 9.0 Professional Review
Steve Barnhart writes for OSNews a review of SuSE Linux 9.0 Professional and includes some information and screenshots.

( Permalink: SuSE Linux 9.0 Professional Review      Submitted by Anonymous Wed Nov 19, 2003 )

Have a Linux Adventure
So, your boss says you're moving from Windows to Linux. He's decided he wants the stability, flexibility, and cost savings of Linux, but you have many questions in your head. Isn't Linux like Unix? Isn't Unix hard? Will you be able to do it? Where do you begin to make sense of all of this? Is there a map you can follow? No worries, you'll be able to transfer many of your existing skills to Linux with this gentle Windows-to-Linux roadmap. Now you can get away from your everyday Windows life and take these simple life-changing steps to Linux success!
Windows-to-Linux Roadmap: Series Overview

( Permalink: Have a Linux Adventure      Submitted by Anonymous Wed Nov 19, 2003 )

Linux on Pocket PCs
O'Reilly tells us how we can run Linux on a PocketPC.
"An iPAQ running Familiar will have a selection of apps and the X Window System. If you add Intimate, you will have a full Debian setup, again running X (or just a console, if you wish). Another option is to take advantage of all of the writing and porting that's been going on for the Zaurus."

( Permalink: Linux on Pocket PCs      Submitted by Noel Tue Nov 18, 2003 )

Trouble with glibc
In this weeks Security Alerts, we look at problems in the standard C library libc and in xinetd, hylafax,pServ, UnAce, Quagga, Zebra, terminatorX, and omega-rpg.

( Permalink: Trouble with glibc      Submitted by Noel Tue Nov 18, 2003 )

Managing User Accounts in Lindows
Linux Journal tells us about user accounts in Lindows.
"At anytime while running Lindows, you can run the User Manager by clicking on the Lindows menu button in the lower-left corner of the desktop and choosing Settings, User Manager. The User Manager has menus, a toolbar and two tabs. The toolbar provides convenient access to the most common operations. The two tabs are Users and Groups."

( Permalink: Managing User Accounts in Lindows      Submitted by Noel Tue Nov 18, 2003 )

Year of the Open Source Database
NewsFactor talks about MySQL.
"MySQL's business model has a foot in both worlds -- it straddles the completely free distribution of open source, as well as the commercial licensing of proprietary software. "We let customers decide. They can chose to pay or not to pay," said MySQL CEO Marten Mikos."

( Permalink: Year of the Open Source Database      Submitted by Noel Tue Nov 18, 2003 )

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