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Building Secure Wireless Networks with 802.11
If you plan to deploy a wireless network at home or in the office, this book provides an easy to follow step-by-step planning and guidelines for a successful deployment and securing wireless network in any environment you choose. eBCVG

( Permalink: Building Secure Wireless Networks with 802.11      Submitted by Danny Fri Nov 28, 2003 )

Code Reading: An Open Source Perspective
Owen Anderson is reviewing for OSNews the "Code Reading: An Open Source Perspective" book by Diomidis Spinellis.

( Permalink: Code Reading: An Open Source Perspective      Submitted by Anonymous Fri Nov 28, 2003 )

FAQ: 12 Questions about OpenOffice
The OpenOffice software suite is one of the many rapidly growing open source projects that has been making headway into new markets. As more and more people, businesses and educational institutions become aware of the project, its potential grows even larger. Those that have heard about, but not used OpenOffice almost certainly have questions. Editorial contributor Benjamin Horst submitted the following editorial to osViews, which answers 12 frequently answered questions about OpenOffice.

( Permalink: FAQ: 12 Questions about OpenOffice      Submitted by Kelly McNeill Fri Nov 28, 2003 )

Oracle Developers and Linux
Computer Business Review reports on Linux use at Oracle.
"Dargo said that Oracle would also continue to work with the open source community to help to scale Linux to larger servers. However, he said that it is even more important that Oracle enables its customers to "scale out", since the imminent launches of Oracle's Application Server 10g and Database 10g will usher in what it calls grid computing."

( Permalink: Oracle Developers and Linux      Submitted by Noel Wed Nov 26, 2003 )

Secrets of Computer Espionage
Despite the title that may lead you to believe this is a manual used in the National Security Agency (NSA), this is actually a book for anyone worried about the security of their information. If you're into computer forensics, administering a network or just a concerned home user, you'll find interesting material for yourself in this book.

( Permalink: Secrets of Computer Espionage      Submitted by LogError Wed Nov 26, 2003 )

The Distcc c Compiler
"As someone who is always looking to maximize performance and efficiency from my computers, I was delighted to have stumbled upon a program named Distcc a while back. According to their website distcc is a fast, free distributed c/c++ compiler." says Paul V on his article at OSNews.

( Permalink: The Distcc c Compiler      Submitted by Anonymous Wed Nov 26, 2003 )

Using LDAP to Secure J2EE Applications
An increasing number of systems now use LDAP-based directory services in order to provide an integrated authentication and authorization-based security mechanism for enterprise applications. It would be a great convenience to the application developer to be able to create a testing environment from within IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer (Application Developer) to test authentication and authorization using an LDAP registry.

( Permalink: Using LDAP to Secure J2EE Applications      Submitted by Anonymous Wed Nov 26, 2003 )

Linux as a Small Business Internet Gateway
O'Reilly tells us about using Linux as an Internet gateway.
"The next step is to configure a proxy server. Usually, we use Squid. It's rather large and requires too much memory for proper and good work, but this could be compensated for with convenience in controlling, economizing your traffic (by about 30%), speeding web page access, and many other very useful features."

( Permalink: Linux as a Small Business Internet Gateway      Submitted by Noel Tue Nov 25, 2003 )

Panther Maintenance Tips
Mac Dev Center tells us about maintaining Panther.
"You may know that every night, Mac OS X runs periodic maintenance tasks to get rid of unused logs and cache files. It also backs up some UNIX files. However, these maintenance tasks were programmed to run at night, at 3, 4, or 5 AM, depending on what they do. That is, unless your computer is turned off or asleep."

( Permalink: Panther Maintenance Tips      Submitted by Noel Tue Nov 25, 2003 )

OSNews: Interview with freedesktop.org Members
OSNews published a very interesting Q&A with the main members of freedesktop.org: founder Havoc Pennington, Keith Packard & Jim Gettys, Waldo Bastian and David Zeuthen. They discuss the new freedesktop.org goals that now go further simple interoperability issues between DEs, accessibility, the role of KDE/Qt in the road to interoperability with Gnome/GTK+, the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) and how it can help software to properly interact with hardware and lots of brand new X Server information and technical details (a project which aims to replace XFree86) and much more. Keith Packard also posted in the article a preliminary screenshot of a version of MacOSX's Expose window management feature, running on this new X Server.

( Permalink: OSNews: Interview with freedesktop.org Members      Submitted by Anonymous Tue Nov 25, 2003 )

What Does 2004 Hold in Store for Linux?
Linux World brings us: What Does 2004 Hold in Store for Linux?
"Will 2004 *finally* be the year when Linux makes significant in-roads on the desktop?
Yes. Government adoptions happening in Massachusetts, Brazil, South Africa, and all over the Pacific Rim are driving this trend. There's a lot happening in the private sector, too, but the adopters there won't talk about that because thety want to hold on to their advantage over competitors paying the Microsioft tax. "

( Permalink: What Does 2004 Hold in Store for Linux?      Submitted by Noel Mon Nov 24, 2003 )

Evolving With the Object-Oriented Wireless Model
The history of how storage and retrieval systems have evolved -- from flat file databases to object-oriented database management systems -- is important for designers of object-oriented wireless systems, especially when development funds are tight. Knowing how various models on the evolutionary path store and retrieve complex data can keep developers from trudging into a dead end, thereby increasing their design productivity relative to costs. This article highlights the evolving storage/retrieval systems and presents a conceptual tour through a hierarchical structure of database objects, illuminating the basics of the wireless model and predicting the coming object-oriented attractions.

( Permalink: Evolving With the Object-Oriented Wireless Model      Submitted by Anonymous Mon Nov 24, 2003 )

Outsourcing IT Workers?
IT Managers Journal reports on a lack of cost savings when outsourcing IT workers.
"According to reports, a survey released Monday by people3, a Gartner research company, revealed: 20 percent of companies that farmed out IT work did not achieve any cost reductions 9.2 percent experienced an increase in costs just 21.1 percent reported a cost savings greater than 20 percent people also noted outsourcing companies faced higher costs associated with the transition period, disruption in work processes, increased turnover of IT staff with critical knowledge and skills, and lower employee morale."

( Permalink: Outsourcing IT Workers?      Submitted by Noel Mon Nov 24, 2003 )

Linux Super Computer Named After Gen. Powell
Linux Electrons tells us about a Linux based Super Computer.
"The 256-processor system designed for ARL, dubbed "Powell," is capable of performing 1.7 trillion operations per second (teraflops). The Powell cluster, recently ranked 113th on the Top 500 list (http://www.top500.org), exceeded rigorous effectiveness and capability testing requirements prior to delivering critical computations and simulations to MSRC users"

( Permalink: Linux Super Computer Named After Gen. Powell      Submitted by Noel Mon Nov 24, 2003 )

Equipping SWT Applications with Content Assistants
For users of the Eclipse Java editor, content assistants are a well-known feature. You press Ctrl + spacebar, and a window with a set of completion proposals pops up. Selection of a specific proposal opens another window showing a preview of the insertion of the selected proposal. Committing a proposal with the Enter key or a double-click inserts the proposal into the current document. This article shows how you can easily add this feature to any SWT-based application, either a stand-alone application or a plug-in to the Eclipse workbench.

( Permalink: Equipping SWT Applications with Content Assistants      Submitted by Anonymous Sun Nov 23, 2003 )

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