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Java Desktop System Review
OSNews has the first in-depth review of Sun's Java Desktop System based on the final code that will ship in a few days. The article discusses the good (stability, Star Office 7, good Java integration) and the bad (no KDE, buggy RealTek driver, shaky Samba) and it includes a number of screenshots. It seems that Sun has put all its attention on Gnome and while this is good for cosistency across their desktop (some of their Java apps use the native GTK+ themeing), it also limits its users from an out-of-the-box KDE and its thousands of apps choice.

( Permalink: Java Desktop System Review      Submitted by Anonymous Wed Dec 3, 2003 )

802.11 Security
Wireless security - an oxymoron? Not necessary with careful planning, configuration, understanding of 802.11 protocols and their weak spots. That is exactly what this tiny neat book provides to the readers an information on the fundamentals of wireless security and practical solutions for deploying a secure 802.11 network. eBCVG

( Permalink: 802.11 Security      Submitted by Danny Wed Dec 3, 2003 )

Introduction to DB2 SQL/XML and DB2 XML
The eXtensible Markup Language (XML) can be used to exchange data between computers. The DB2 XML Extender allows you to integrate DB2 Universal Database (DB2 UDB) with XML. THIS ARTICLE will introduce you to the SQL/XML functions available with DB2 UDB version 8 and the DB2 XML Extender. The DB2 XML Extender uses user-defined types (UDT), user-defined functions (UDF), and stored procedures.

( Permalink: Introduction to DB2 SQL/XML and DB2 XML      Submitted by Anonymous Wed Dec 3, 2003 )

Get to Know GnomeMeeting
OSNews has a nice review/itroduction to GnomeMeeting discussing its setup, usage and features. Screenshots are included.

( Permalink: Get to Know GnomeMeeting      Submitted by Anonymous Wed Dec 3, 2003 )

Debian Server-Setup Tutorial
I have written a detailed tutorial on how to set up a Debian-based webserver including Apache (+ mod_ssl and PHP), Postfix (SMTP-AUTH + TLS), POP3, BIND9, Proftpd, MySQL, Quota, Webalizer etc. It is a setup that can be used for many purposes, especially for the hosting of customers' websites.

( Permalink: Debian Server-Setup Tutorial      Submitted by Falko Timme Tue Dec 2, 2003 )

Linux Desktop Distro Shootout Part II
On the second part of his Linux SoHO distro shootout, Barry Smith is having a long look at Libranet.

( Permalink: Linux Desktop Distro Shootout Part II      Submitted by Anonymous Tue Dec 2, 2003 )

Developing Applications for BEA WebLogic Server
This article introduces you to the IBM Deployment Toolkit for WebSphere Studio, WebLogic Edition, (hereafter called the Deployment Toolkit), and shows you how to use it to create, deploy, test, and debug a J2EE application in a BEA WebLogic Server environment.

( Permalink: Developing Applications for BEA WebLogic Server      Submitted by Anonymous Tue Dec 2, 2003 )

The Future Of The 2.4 Stable Kernel
2.4 stable kernel maintainer Marcelo Tosatti recently announced his future plans for the stable 2.4 kernel. Acknowledging the pending release of the new stable 2.6 kernel, Marcelo explains that we will see only one final round of major fixes in 2.4, after which this kernel will go into maintenance mode. Following the future release of the 2.4.24 kernel, only critical patches and security fixes will be merged. (Not much more to it than this - Noel)

( Permalink: The Future Of The 2.4 Stable Kernel      Submitted by Anonymous Tue Dec 2, 2003 )

SuSE 9.0: One Hour to a Slick Linux Desktop
It takes less than one hour to install SuSE 9.0 Personal edition on a slow system. For that one hour investment, you'll get a slick, well-organized Linux desktop that you should be able to live with.
"This is the third release of SuSE Linux that I've purchased and each version is smaller and better than the last. SuSE 6.3, purchased in early 1999, failed to fit on a dedicated 6.4 GB disk. SuSE 9.0 Personal Edition took a grand total of 2 GB of disk space. In spite of the reduction in disk requirements (and CD-ROM's), it includes everything I expect a modern distribution to have."

( Permalink: SuSE 9.0: One Hour to a Slick Linux Desktop      Submitted by Anonymous Mon Dec 1, 2003 )

Linux Lunacy 2003
Linux Journal has this report from Linux Lunacy 2003.
""It's about having a good time and learning a lot along the way". That's what"Captain" Neil Bauman says about Geek Cruises, which he launched in May 2000. He wanted to take those two basic geek imperatives and equip them to an unlikely extreme: running a week-long conference of courses and seminars on a cruise ship and sailing it through some of the most thought-inspiring settings in the world."

( Permalink: Linux Lunacy 2003      Submitted by Noel Mon Dec 1, 2003 )

Dropline Gnome 2.4.x
Linux Universe reviews Dropline Gnome 2.4.x.
"Dropline Gnome 2.4.x is purely a desktop replacemen for the standard Slackware 9.x Gnome desktop. So yo might ask why you would need a package that is only desktop distribution. Well there are plenty of reasons t do this"

( Permalink: Dropline Gnome 2.4.x      Submitted by Noel Mon Dec 1, 2003 )

The State of Linux 2003
Linux World brings us: The State of Linux: Review of 2003, Predictions for 2004.
"The year's end is approaching, so its time to do the traditional combination of a retrospective and a look forward. Looking forward, what can we expect in 2004? Well, Linux Kernel 2.6 is the next big step for Linux. But what else can we expect? Martin C. Brown looks back first, then shares more readers' predictions, looking forward into the new year and beyond."

( Permalink: The State of Linux 2003      Submitted by Noel Mon Dec 1, 2003 )

Linux Kernel 2.6 Heads for Final Testing
The delayed operating system core gets one last test version for developers to examine. Linux creator Linus Torvalds has released a fresh test version of the long-delayed 2.6 operating system kernel, which is expected to be the last test release before the software is finalised. Kernel version 2.6.0-test11 made its way onto the Web late on Wednesday, before Torvalds said he was clocking off for the US' long Thanksgiving holiday weekend. "Please don't even bother sending me patches, because I'll be stuffing my face away from email over the next few days," Torvalds wrote in an email to the Linux kernel mailing list. "Mmmm. Turkey." ZDNet UK

( Permalink: Linux Kernel 2.6 Heads for Final Testing      Submitted by Danny Sun Nov 30, 2003 )

A High-Performance, Massively Scalable P2P Network
JXTA 2 is the second major release of the open source P2P network building substrate with a popular Java-based reference implementation. Significant design modifications have been introduced to create higher performance, massively scalable, and maintainable P2P networks. This article, which builds on Sing Li's JXTA series Making P2P interoperable, published two years ago, brings you up to date on the platform's major changes.

( Permalink: A High-Performance, Massively Scalable P2P Network      Submitted by Anonymous Sat Nov 29, 2003 )

Linux Desktop Distro Shootout
Documentation engineer Barry Smith started a series of articles on OSNews where he is reviewing a number of commercial Linux desktop distros. He starts off with LindowsOS.

( Permalink: Linux Desktop Distro Shootout      Submitted by Anonymous Sat Nov 29, 2003 )

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