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Novell Joins OSDL, Commits to Linux
The Open Source Development Labs (OSDL), today announced that Novell has joined OSDL and will participate in the Lab's key initiatives to advance the use of Linux for enterprise computing. In addition, Jeffrey T. Hawkins, VP, Office of the CTO at Novell, has been elected to OSDL's board of directors.

( Permalink: Novell Joins OSDL, Commits to Linux      Submitted by Kelly McNeill Wed Dec 10, 2003 )

Linux Hardware Review: Biostar iDEQ 200V Cube
If you're looking to build a small form factor Linux system that uses the excellent AMD XP 2500+ Barton chip, you might want to look at one of the new Biostar iDEQ barebones aluminum cube systems. Librenix recently took a look at the cheapest Socket A iDEQ, the Biostar iDEQ 200V Cube.
"Already installed are all the cables you need for an IDE system, prerouted, labeled and cut to exact length. The cables snake around the chassis so cleanly that they are barely visible. The cables are labeled in easy-to-read lettering on sturdy pull-tabs. This is a very well-organized and uncluttered system."

( Permalink: Linux Hardware Review: Biostar iDEQ 200V Cube      Submitted by Anonymous Tue Dec 9, 2003 )

Mepis Linux Review
Barry Smith reviews the MEPIS Linux distribution.
"MEPIS Linux (MEPIS = Managerial Education and Personal Information Systems) is the brainchild of Warren Woodford, who operates out of Morgantown, WV. Morgantown is a very small city in northern West Virginia (state motto, "Mountaineers are always free")."

( Permalink: Mepis Linux Review      Submitted by Anonymous Tue Dec 9, 2003 )

Lindows Defends Netherlands Resellers
Lindows.com today launched ChoicePC, a rallying point for citizens of the Netherlands who object to the Microsoft Corporation's threats of legal action against Dutch resellers who are offering Lindows.com products.
"There is a real battle happening in the Netherlands,” said Michael Robertson. “The richest company in the world is trying to block choice and maintain their monopoly by intimidating smaller companies, just as they tried to do in the United States. I am confident that there are concerned and informed people in the Netherlands who will help us -- and these small Dutch computer companies -- stand up to Microsoft."

( Permalink: Lindows Defends Netherlands Resellers      Submitted by Kelly McNeill Tue Dec 9, 2003 )

Quad Opteron Server Review
Ace's Hardware has published an in-depth server review featuring a 4-way Opteron 848 server, 2-way Opteron 248, and 2-way 3.06 GHz Pentium 4 Xeon DP (1 MB L3). The benchmarks include a number of real-world Java application server benchmarks, Apache HTTP benchmarking, MySQL datamining, and more. The effect of NUMA-aware optimizations on scalability is also considered, as well as the performance differences associated with 64-bit (AMD64) binaries over legacy x86 binaries.

( Permalink: Quad Opteron Server Review      Submitted by Brian Neal Mon Dec 8, 2003 )

KShowmail: KDE Tool to Manage and Read Email
KShowmail can be a powerful tool for combating SPAM. MozillaQuest Magazine (mozillaquest.com) reports: KShowmail has the potential to be a very powerful and useful tool for POP3 e-mail management. Use it to weed SPAM from a POP3 server account. Also use KShowmail to list mail on the POP3 server. It shows message number, size, subject, sender, date, etc. KShowmail also shows e-mail headers, displays entire messages, or removes mail from a POP3 server.

( Permalink: KShowmail: KDE Tool to Manage and Read Email      Submitted by Anonymous Mon Dec 8, 2003 )

Interview with Jeremy Hogan of Red Hat
In a followup to his original interview, Jeremy Hogan discusses some of the reasons Red Hat had for EOL'ing RHL, future licensing options for RHEL (including free devel copies), the most common Fedora misconception, his take on UserLinux and more.

( Permalink: Interview with Jeremy Hogan of Red Hat      Submitted by jeremy Mon Dec 8, 2003 )

dbRadar - Not Quite Ready for Primetime
Will Senn writes a mini-review of TheKompany's dbRadar under Linux and Windows and rates it "not ready yet" for the primetime.

( Permalink: dbRadar - Not Quite Ready for Primetime      Submitted by Anonymous Sun Dec 7, 2003 )

Debugging Configure
All too often, checking the README of a package yields only the none-too-specific "Build Instructions: Run configure, then run make." But what about when that doesn't work? In this article, the author discusses what to do when an automatic configuration script doesn't work -- and what you can do as a developer to keep failures to a minimum. After all, if your build process doesn't work, users are just as badly off as if your program doesn't work once it's built.

( Permalink: Debugging Configure      Submitted by Idean Sat Dec 6, 2003 )

Rapid Development Using Python
Linux Journal brings us: Rapid Development Using Python.
"Because the interface requirements were soft and time was short, we approached the interface with a rapid development mentality focused on constant customer feedback. A language decision had to be made, and we had the following choices (primarily due to our experience): C, PHP, Perl, Java and Python. Our selection was based upon the following criteria:"

( Permalink: Rapid Development Using Python      Submitted by Noel Fri Dec 5, 2003 )

Three Months with Slackware Linux 9.1
OSNews features a long term usage report on Slackware Linux 9.1. The article discusses how Slackware works well with very few problems while there are ten screenshots included.
"By now you probably have noticed that my two Slackware articles I have ever written (this one and my Sept. review) are pretty "short" for my standards. This is because there is nothing either glorious or problematic to report. It just works. It is a distro which doesn't have to "pretend" about anything. It is what it is and does nothing more or less than it markets: a Linux distro based on the BSD layout which makes a good small/medium business server and if you are a more-than-average user should also make a good desktop too. It promises nothing more and it succeeds to this goal as it doesn't have many of the annoyances found elsewhere."

( Permalink: Three Months with Slackware Linux 9.1      Submitted by Anonymous Fri Dec 5, 2003 )

Novell's Local Linux Services Battleplan
ARNet reports on Novell's local Linux services battleplan.
"Its acquisition of SuSE Linux is expected to be approved by February. The vendor had plans to stage introductory Linux seminars around this time, Novell's manager of partner relationships, Steve Martin, said. "It'll be one of the biggest things we do next year, if not the biggest," he said."

( Permalink: Novell's Local Linux Services Battleplan      Submitted by Noel Fri Dec 5, 2003 )

BIND DoS Attack
In this weeks Security Alerts, we look at a denial-of-service attack against BIND and problems in KDE, GnuPG, screen, Ethereal, FreeRadius,mod_gzip, Pan, detecttr, OpenCA, EPIC, and libnids.

( Permalink: BIND DoS Attack      Submitted by Noel Thu Dec 4, 2003 )

News Forge reviews the game Frozen-Bubbles.
"What a novel concept! Using man pages for documentation! A few seconds later I finally learned what the game was about. It's not the angle at which you strike a clump of bubbles which causes them to fall, it's hitting two or more marbles with a marble in the same group so that at least three of them are touching that does it. Those are bubbles of a different color."

( Permalink: Frozen-Bubbles      Submitted by Noel Thu Dec 4, 2003 )

Libranet 2.8.1 Flagship Edition
Linmagau reviews Libranet 2.8.1 Flagship Edition.
"The package selection is good. Very good. No section is left seriously lacking and the latest desktops are included along with all of the essential tools. The fact this is a Debian based distro and can be upgraded from the Debian archives only adds to this already neat distro. This is probably the best pool of applications that I've ever come across. The Libranet CDs can now be added as another source for apt, so in terms of usability, power and package management, this is one of the best choices of distribution available."

( Permalink: Libranet 2.8.1 Flagship Edition      Submitted by Noel Thu Dec 4, 2003 )

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