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Track down and squash pesky PHP bugs
Tracking down bugs in PHP code can be a challenge. But if you have a development system and can install Xdebug, squashing those bugs becomes a lot easier. Xdebug can show a stack trace, dump even complex variables, track memory usage over time, and allow you to conduct an effective post-mortem when an error or crash occurs. This is a good way to get introduced to PHP tools that simplify your PHP debugging.

( Permalink: Track down and squash pesky PHP bugs      Submitted by Anonymous Mon Aug 13, 2007 )

Google Mashup and Web 2.0 storage solutions
Google Maps API along with DB2 or Informix, PHP, JavaScript, and XML let you create an easy-to-use map with your data on it. Use custom icons, change the map type, create a sidebar, and use event handlers. Once created, manage your mashup data cache. Also, be sure to check out how you can use new Web 2.0 tools, principles, and practices in your company.

( Permalink: Google Mashup and Web 2.0 storage solutions      Submitted by BlueVoodoo Mon Aug 13, 2007 )

Interview with Andy Oram and Greg Wilson
Sounds like a nice book.
"Andy Oram and Greg Wilson, the editors of Beautiful Code, which was released in June 2007 by O'Reilly. Beautiful Code is a collection of 33 case studies from leading computer scientists that reveal how they found unusual, carefully designed solutions to high-profile projects. O'Reilly has launched a web site devoted to Beautiful Code that provides a forum to discuss the everyday, real-world challenges programmers face on the path to proficiency and beauty. The site gives people the opportunity to discuss the book's projects and to contribute information about other projects that illustrate coding artistry."
Safari Books Online - Author Interview with Andy Oram and Greg Wilson

( Permalink: Interview with Andy Oram and Greg Wilson      Submitted by Noel Fri Aug 10, 2007 )

Few Useful Netcat Tricks
Short but nice overview of netcat.
"For example lets take legendary Swiss Army Knife of Networking: netcat. It is a single binary, which takes up about 60KB of space on your disk (give or take a few KB depending on where and how you compile it). What can it do?"
Terminally Incoherent Blog Archive Few Useful Netcat Tricks

( Permalink: Few Useful Netcat Tricks      Submitted by Noel Fri Aug 10, 2007 )

Convert Songs From An Audio CD Into MP3/Ogg
This guide describes how you can use the CD/DVD burning application K3b to convert songs from an audio CD into MP3 or Ogg files that you can use on your MP3 player, for example (if you choose the Ogg format, your MP3 player must support it).

( Permalink: Convert Songs From An Audio CD Into MP3/Ogg      Submitted by Falko Timme Fri Aug 10, 2007 )

Create quick and dirty bookmarklets with a kick
This article includes a fully functioning bookmarklet and installation instructions you can use to highlight text on any Web page. This is a great way to combine bookmarks and scripting to create customized apps of surprising sophistication.

( Permalink: Create quick and dirty bookmarklets with a kick      Submitted by Anonymous Fri Aug 10, 2007 )

Manage An iPod From A Linux Desktop With gtkpod
This article shows how you can use an iPod on a Linux desktop with gtkpod (a graphical user interface for Apple's iPod). It covers how you can upload MP3 files from your desktop to your iPod, download MP3 files from your iPod to your desktop, how you can delete files on the iPod, and how you can create and modify playlists. Normally, Apple's iTunes software is needed to manage an iPod, but iTunes is not available for Linux. Fortunately, there are Linux alternatives such as gtkpod that can handle the task.

( Permalink: Manage An iPod From A Linux Desktop With gtkpod      Submitted by Falko Timme Thu Aug 9, 2007 )

Howto upgrade kernel 2.6.22-9-generic
Currently Feisty Fawn users (7.04) using the generic kernel (which is 2.6.20-16-generic). This tutorial will explain howto upgrade you to kernel version 2.6.22-9-generic(as of 31JUL07). Full Story

( Permalink: Howto upgrade kernel 2.6.22-9-generic      Submitted by dave Thu Aug 9, 2007 )

Rich-Client app performance, Pt 2: Plugging Leaks
Part 1 of this two-part article on Eclipse rich-client performance covers the basics of measuring an application's performance, applying instrumentation techniques, keeping the UI responsive, and using Jobs to avoid threading mistakes. This second part takes a look at memory usage and how to chase down memory leaks.

( Permalink: Rich-Client app performance, Pt 2: Plugging Leaks      Submitted by BlueVoodoo Thu Aug 9, 2007 )

Migrating from Windows to Linux
There are many articles written about the reasons why users may wish to convert to Linux. Frequently cited reasons include the favorable licensing terms, the freely distributable software (with source code), support from the Linux community, improved security, open file formats, the fact that Linux can run on a wide variety of platforms, etc. However, unless a desktop user is provided with real alternatives to the existing software he or she currently uses, migration to a different operating system is going to be very difficult.

This collection of articles aim to dispel the myth that Linux isn't really ready for the desktop user seeking to move away from the Microsoft world. If you are thinking about switching from Windows to Linux, bear in mind that many of your favorite desktop applications have Linux equivalents, often with a comparable feature set.

For each Linux application, we have compiled a portal page providing an overview of the software, a screenshot of the application in action, a comprehensive list of its features, and links to sites offering information and support on the software such as forums, tutorials, and reviews.

Read on ...

( Permalink: Migrating from Windows to Linux      Submitted by Steve Emms Wed Aug 8, 2007 )

Granny Uses PCLinuxOS
In this newest "letter" from Granny, she shares how easy installing and using Linux really can be. She also has many grateful words to share with the team at KDE and PCLinuxOS... Complete article

( Permalink: Granny Uses PCLinuxOS      Submitted by andreac Wed Aug 8, 2007 )

Nvidia Linux driver 100.14.11 and Linux kernel 2.6
Well, they're not working together. Unless you're not willing to tweak it a little bit. So, out of the box, you won't be able to test brand new Linux CFS scheduler. Fortunately, the driver needs only few simple fixes to compile properly.

( Permalink: Nvidia Linux driver 100.14.11 and Linux kernel 2.6      Submitted by Anonymous Wed Aug 8, 2007 )

Knock Knock Knockin' On Firewall's Door
In this great hakin9 article, Raul Siles examines some of the key aspects of firewall technology, port knocking and one of its derivatives - Single Packet Authorisation. He writes, "Fortunately, the usage of the firewall as the one and only protection mechanism was a common thought years ago..." - if you wish to find out more on this fascinating topic read a complete article for free here.

( Permalink: Knock Knock Knockin' On Firewall's Door      Submitted by Magdalena - hakin9 editor Wed Aug 8, 2007 )

How do I test my Linux SCSI / SATA hard disk
smartctl command controls the Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology (SMART) system built into many ATA-3 and later ATA, IDE and SCSI-3 hard drives. The purpose of SMART is to monitor the reliability of the hard drive and predict drive failures, and to carry out different types of drive self-tests.

smartctl is a command line utility designed to perform SMART tasks such as printing the SMART self-test and error logs, enabling and disabling SMART automatic testing, and initiating device self-tests.

This article demonstrates usage of smartctl tool to test if hard disk is going bad.

( Permalink: How do I test my Linux SCSI / SATA hard disk      Submitted by nixcraft Tue Aug 7, 2007 )

Howto: FreeBSD Apply Binary Security Updates
FreeBSD Update is a system for automatically building, distributing, fetching, and applying binary security updates for FreeBSD. This makes it possible to easily track the FreeBSD security branches without the need for fetching the source tree and recompiling. This article talks about using combinations of various tools to keep your FreeBSD system up to date.

( Permalink: Howto: FreeBSD Apply Binary Security Updates      Submitted by nixCraft Tue Aug 7, 2007 )

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