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CPU Buyers Guide
Tom's hardware brings us a: CPU Buyer's Guide.
"For our purposes, we wanted know which PC processor delivered the best price/performance ratio. We also wanted to find out how each of them responded to overclocking. "

( Permalink: CPU Buyers Guide      Submitted by Noel Mon Dec 29, 2003 )

Creating Your Own Man Pages
Unix Review tells us how to Create our own man pages.
"Mainly because converting help output or other documents to man pages may not create a fully usable man page so it helps to be able to understand the format because you may need to edit the output from one of these tools. Also, home-grown applications may not have any meaningful documentation to convert to a man page. Even if you never have to write a man page from scratch, it still helps to know how to create one."

( Permalink: Creating Your Own Man Pages      Submitted by Noel Sun Dec 28, 2003 )

Looking back at Wireless Security in 2003
This article covers some of the most interesting wireless security topics and events in 2003. Find out about wireless security happenings, software tools, interesting books, a brief positive rant on corporate security world and a Q&A with three wireless security experts working at Funk Software, AirScanner Corporation and IBM.

( Permalink: Looking back at Wireless Security in 2003      Submitted by LogError Sun Dec 28, 2003 )

VaporSec on Mac OS X
How to make a Mac OS X machine use VaporSec for a VPN connection.
"Now we have to change one small bit according to your personal setup, instead of using this script in its original version, in which it is supposed to find the IP adress of your machine by itself. With me, it didn't. As I have two "en" interfaces but only one with an assigned IP, "setup_tunnels" calls "make_tunnel" twice, of them one time without a sensible IP. "

( Permalink: VaporSec on Mac OS X      Submitted by Noel Sun Dec 28, 2003 )

802.11n Wireless Networking
eWeek reports on Broadcom's plans for 802.11n wireless networking.
"But Broadcom isn't waiting around. The Irvine, Calif., company plans to produce sample wireless chip sets based on drafts of 802.11n in the second half of next year, officials said. They did not say when the chip sets would be made available to manufacturers for use in 802.11n wireless access points."

( Permalink: 802.11n Wireless Networking      Submitted by Noel Sat Dec 27, 2003 )

Create a Budget with OpenOffice
Learn how to create a personal or company budget using OpenOffice.org/StarOffice Calc in this excellent and easy to follow hands-on tutorial at MozillaQuest Magazine (mozillaquest.com). You can later apply the basic skills and principles that you learn in this tutorial to design and create all sorts of financial and accounting forms, tools, and reports with Calc. Thus you will be able to use Calc to manage and track your income, expenses and payables, receipts and receivables, bill payments, inventory, assets, debts, taxes, and lots more.

( Permalink: Create a Budget with OpenOffice      Submitted by Anonymous Sat Dec 27, 2003 )

Linux Desktop Distro Shootout Part IV: LindowsOS 4
Barry Smith continues his review series of Debian-based commercial distros, this time reviewing the newly released Lindows 4.5.

( Permalink: Linux Desktop Distro Shootout Part IV: LindowsOS 4      Submitted by Anonymous Sat Dec 27, 2003 )

Mini Interview with Ximian's Robert Love
Robert Love, well known figure for his kernel hacking, preemptive patch and his recent book, joined Ximian recently in an effort to improve the Linux desktop experience via kernel development. OSNews features a mini-Q&A with Robert about what Robert will be working at Ximian to improve the Linux desktop. He said will be working directly with Gnome and freedesktop.org technologies.

( Permalink: Mini Interview with Ximian's Robert Love      Submitted by Anonymous Sat Dec 27, 2003 )

St. Jude Prescribes Linux SuperComputer
Linux Electrons reports on a new Linux Supercomputer at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.
"A second project that has benefited from the supercomputer is the study of the flexibility of a tumor suppressor protein called p27, and how the flexibility affects the protein's function. The supercomputer cut computation time from 200 hours to just 20."

( Permalink: St. Jude Prescribes Linux SuperComputer      Submitted by Noel Fri Dec 26, 2003 )

Learning with FlashKard
Linux Gazette tells us about FlashKard.
"Flashkard is, as you might expect, a program that generates flashcards. In other words, cards where the front and back are related in some way. These can be used for word definitions (the word on one side, the definition on the other), foreign language learning (a word or phrase in one language on one side and the translation on the other) or even for creating games."

( Permalink: Learning with FlashKard      Submitted by Noel Fri Dec 26, 2003 )

LindowsOS 4
Linux Review reviews LindowsOS 4.
"Since Lindows really is Linux, I don't see many reasons for a single user who is familiar with Linux to adopt Lindows. The niche for Lindows is with home users who don't know a lot about Linux. In that context, Lindows is not only a good alternative to the Linux distros, but also a good alternative to Windows."

( Permalink: LindowsOS 4      Submitted by Noel Fri Dec 26, 2003 )

Interview With 2.4 Linux Kernel Maintainer Marcelo
KernelTrap has an interview with Marcelo Tosatti. Marcelo became the maintainer of the 2.4 stable kernel when he was 18 years old, releasing his first kernel, 2.4.16, on November 26'th of 2001. Two years later, he recently released 2.4.23 and plans to soon put the 2.4 stable kernel tree into maintenance mode, only addressing bugs and security issues.

Living in Brazil, Marcelo currently works for Cyclades Corporation. In this interview he looks at how he became the 2.4 maintainer, the challenges involved, and brings us up to date with the current status of the 2.4 kernel.

( Permalink: Interview With 2.4 Linux Kernel Maintainer Marcelo      Submitted by Jeremy Andrews Fri Dec 26, 2003 )

Reflecting on Linux Security in 2003
Here's a look at some interesting happenings with Linux security in 2003 with comments by Bob Toxen (one of the 162 recognized developers of Berkeley UNIX and author of "Real World Linux Security") and Marcel Gagne (President of Salmar Consulting, Inc. and author of "Linux System Administration - A User's Guide" and "Moving to Linux").

( Permalink: Reflecting on Linux Security in 2003      Submitted by LogError Thu Dec 25, 2003 )

Linux Toys
Slashdot reviews the book: Linux Toys: 13 Cool Projects for Home, Office and Entertainment.
"Speaking from a different perspective, Linux Toys is the book needed by the open source community. While the usual arguments of being able to look at the OS's source code and concepts of Free software only vaguely interest most individuals, a book like this would spark interest in Linux OS as providing the opportunities to create a variety of cool toys and have fun doing it."

( Permalink: Linux Toys      Submitted by Noel Thu Dec 25, 2003 )

IPSec, The New Security Standard for the Internet
Linux Journal has a short review of the book: IPSec, The New Security Standard for the Internet, Intranets, and Virtual Private Networks, Second Edition.
"or an introduction to the theory of IPSec or if you want to know more about IPSec in a general way, this book is a good choice. A developer with experience in network programming armed with the theory in this book, plus the right crypto libraries and RFCs probably could make a good first pass at an IPSec implementation."

( Permalink: IPSec, The New Security Standard for the Internet      Submitted by Noel Thu Dec 25, 2003 )

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