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The State of Perl
Perl.com brings us: The State of Perl.
"Perl certainly is alive and well. The Perl 6 development team is working very hard to define the next version of the Perl language. Another team of developers is working hard on Parrot, the next- generation runtime engine for Perl 6."

( Permalink: The State of Perl      Submitted by Noel Wed Jan 14, 2004 )

Panther: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Ask Tog talks about Panther in: Panther: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.
"For a long time, people have been writing me, asking that I do an in depth review of OS X. I held off because I really didn't think OS X was ready for prime time. That's all changed. OS X, in the form of the Panther release, is more than ready. This is a review, then, of what Mac is doing right and where they still need to improve."

( Permalink: Panther: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly      Submitted by Noel Wed Jan 14, 2004 )

The Eight Rules of Security
Dana Epp brings us: The Eight Rules of Security.
"Rule of Least Privilege – Only give enough access to a subject as required to do their job. My favorite quote is “The best security model is the one that lets you do anything… …that you are supposed to do”. A proper policy of least privilege will allow a subject to completely do their tasks without incident. "

( Permalink: The Eight Rules of Security      Submitted by Noel Tue Jan 13, 2004 )

Comments on The Enemy Within
Randy Bias (Insights into Information Security) says that in The Enemy Within: Firewalls and Backdoors the authors stretch the definition of "backdoor" way out of proportion and then proceed to use FUD to prove some (unclear) point about securing your network from them.

( Permalink: Comments on The Enemy Within      Submitted by Randy Bias Tue Jan 13, 2004 )

Linux as an iTunes Music Server
Macoshints and whats is your box tell us how to configure a Linux box as an iTunes music server.
"Instead of just moving our files to the server and adding the songs to our library, I wanted to use the built-in iTunes sharing instead. Most of the files for doing this are available for Linux, but almost completely undocumented. Here is my walk through of how I got it working."

( Permalink: Linux as an iTunes Music Server      Submitted by Noel Tue Jan 13, 2004 )

NoCat – Wireless Network Security
Wireless technology, with its freedom of flexibility, its low cost equipment, provides a powerful solution to connect large numbers of computers through an air-network without cables. Despite of its advantages, if not treated correctly, wireless technology provides a real threat to wireless-based communities and networks. eBCVG

( Permalink: NoCat – Wireless Network Security      Submitted by Danny Tue Jan 13, 2004 )

Getting and Installing NetBSD-current
Newsforge walks us through getting and installing NetBSD-current.
"On the down side, -current doesn't always compile. When it compiles, it doesn't always run. When it runs, it doesn't always run correctly. In short, it's got new code that hasn't always been fully debugged. I tend to run NetBSD-current on my laptop; I run it because I value the hardware support, and I like having current versions of browsers and other application software. "

( Permalink: Getting and Installing NetBSD-current      Submitted by Noel Tue Jan 13, 2004 )

The Effective Incident Response Team
With every year that passes it seems that the amount of computer security incidents is bigger than ever, yet it's obvious there's more security awareness. As the incidents increased in severity it was a natural step for organizations to form an incident response team or hire a team to respond to those incidents. It's much easier to be prepared than to have to clean up after the damage has been done.
Book review

( Permalink: The Effective Incident Response Team      Submitted by LogError Tue Jan 13, 2004 )

The Enemy Within: Firewalls and Backdoors
Security Focus brings us: The Enemy Within: Firewalls and Backdoors.
"This article presents an overview of modern backdoor techniques, discusses how they can be used to bypass the security infrastructure that exists in most network deployments and issues a wake-up call for those relying on current technologies to safeguard their systems/networks."

( Permalink: The Enemy Within: Firewalls and Backdoors      Submitted by Noel Mon Jan 12, 2004 )

Guide for the Net Install of SuSe 9.0
A.P. Lawrence brings us a basic guide for the net install of SuSe 9.0.
"Since SuSe doesn't offer free iso download versions of SuSe, I decided to write this guide on how to do an net install (ftp install) of SuSe 9.0 since that is something that they do offer for free, but don't offer support. They do offer a "guide" to installing SuSe from the net, but it lacks detail and seems intentionally cryptic to me. I wanted to write a step by step guide to make things simpler so others don't have to search and search for hints on how it's done."

( Permalink: Guide for the Net Install of SuSe 9.0      Submitted by Noel Mon Jan 12, 2004 )

A Review of Knoppix
'My overall impression of this version of Knoppix is like that of any other Linux user probably. The fact that they have managed to cram so much on to a single CD is quite simply beyond fathom. [...] I must bow my hat to Klaus Knopper and congratulate him and the developers of Knoppix for creating something that has made such a wonderful impact upon the Linux and the general computing world.' writes Binh Nguyen on his review of Knoppix.

( Permalink: A Review of Knoppix      Submitted by Anonymous Mon Jan 12, 2004 )

Leveraging Your Oracle 9i Skills
If you're a database specialist interested in growing your DB2 Universal Database skills, there's a good chance that you've already developed database skills with another relational database product somewhere along the way. This article shows you how to use your current knowledge of Oracle 9i to quickly gain skills in DB2 UDB for Linux, UNIX, and Windows Version 8.

( Permalink: Leveraging Your Oracle 9i Skills      Submitted by Anonymous Mon Jan 12, 2004 )

LinuxQuestions.org Members Choice Winners
The polls for the 2003 LinuxQuestions.org Members Choice awards are closed and the results are in. Winners include Slackware for Distribution of the year, MySQL for Database of the year, KDE for Desktop Environment of the year and OpenOffice.org for Office Suite of the year. The full results are also available.

( Permalink: LinuxQuestions.org Members Choice Winners      Submitted by jeremy Mon Jan 12, 2004 )

Managing Linux Security Effectively in 2004
As Linux continues to gain popularity in the business world, security issues are something that cannot be ignored. In 2003, several well known Linux distributors had servers compromised. In one particular case, the vulnerability was well known in advance, but most vendors took entirely too much time to release an update. Similarly, most security problems that users face are known well in advance. As with any system, security on Linux is a process. It requires full commitment and due diligence. The secret is determining your own vulnerabilities and fixing them before anything catastrophic happens.

Complete Story

( Permalink: Managing Linux Security Effectively in 2004      Submitted by Benjamin D. Thomas Mon Jan 12, 2004 )

Checking Things With expect
Gerry Patterson tells us how to check connectivity using expect.
"I had a requirement for a simple script that checks connectivity. If the connection was not up, I wanted that script to telnet to my Dynalink RTA020 modem/router and reset it. I tried out "expect" and was pleasantly surprised to find a neat package that was easy to install and use."

( Permalink: Checking Things With expect      Submitted by Noel Sun Jan 11, 2004 )

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