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SuSE Linux AMD64 Enterprise Server Review
GnuLinux takes a look at SuSE Linux Enterprise Server for the AMD64.
"uSE is one of the leading Linux distribution companies providing enterprise, desktop, and specialized software packages for multiple platforms. Recently, I've had the privledge to sit down with SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 (SLES8) for the AMD64and test it in a real working environment to see how it stands in comparison to other Linux offerings."

( Permalink: SuSE Linux AMD64 Enterprise Server Review      Submitted by Noel Mon Feb 2, 2004 )

A Visit from the FBI
Security Focus brings us: A Visit from the FBI.
"One way to trace just how bad the situation has gotten: track the price for a million credit card numbers. Just a few years ago, Dave saw prices of $100 or more for a million stolen credit card numbers. Now? Pennies. Stealing credit cards is so easy, and so rampant, that prices have dropped precipitously, in a grotesque parody of capitalist supply and demand. "

( Permalink: A Visit from the FBI      Submitted by Noel Mon Feb 2, 2004 )

Linux Steps Into the Limelight
BBC brings us: Linux steps into the limelight.
"Today, business has adopted Linux as an alternative, and as a viable, sometimes better, sometimes as-good-as solution and we've seen it over last five to six years, develop into a real market and real opportunity and real saleable item," he said."

( Permalink: Linux Steps Into the Limelight      Submitted by Noel Mon Feb 2, 2004 )

Version Control Systems
On Lamp compares some Version Control Systems.
"Version control systems come in all shapes and sizes, but there are common guidelines for their design. Some systems support Atomic Commits, which means that the state of the entire repository changes all at once. Without atomic commits, each file or unit changes separately and so the state of the entire repository at any one point may not be preserved."

( Permalink: Version Control Systems      Submitted by Noel Mon Feb 2, 2004 )

Linux games has a short review of Pingus.
"Pingus is a free Lemmings clone for GNU/Linux and Windows covered under the GNU GPL. Pingus uses ClanLib and libxml and might also be usable on some other OSs like FreeBSD, but hasn't been tested there. Pingus is mainly developed under GNU/Linux, that's why the Windows port is sometimes a bit behind."

( Permalink: Pingus      Submitted by Noel Sun Feb 1, 2004 )

Linux.com reviews LibraNet 2.8.1.
"LibraNet does not score as well on this review as the other distributions. But there is a reason for that. It comes down to this: LibraNet does not do all the hand-holding and babysitting the others do, and it is that babysitting and hand-holding that form the basis for comparison."

( Permalink: LibraNet      Submitted by Noel Sun Feb 1, 2004 )

Intel Shifts 64-Bit Emphasis
News.com reports on Intel's plans.
"Intel plans to demonstrate a 64-bit revamp of its Xeon and Pentium processors in mid-February--an endorsement of a major rival's strategy and a troubling development for Intel's Itanium chip. "

( Permalink: Intel Shifts 64-Bit Emphasis      Submitted by Noel Sun Feb 1, 2004 )

FreeBSD 5.2 Review
OSNews published a review of FreeBSD 5.2. They found the OS very solid as a server but pretty lacking as a desktop. The author finds FreeBSD very fast overall, easy to configure and that it feels integrated and mature. On the other hand, it has limited modern hardware support, small annoyances at places and that not many binary packages are available and so compilations from ports may take long time.

( Permalink: FreeBSD 5.2 Review      Submitted by Anonymous Sun Feb 1, 2004 )

Ark Linux 1.0 Alpha 10.1
Extremetech reviews Ark Linux 1.0 Alpha 10.1 .
"Despite being labeled an alpha, Ark Linux is one amazing little distro. It's got an easy install, a very attractive KDE-based desktop, and an excellent control panel. It's just plain fun to use! Even Linux novices should be able to get rolling with Ark's desktop after a minimal amount of adjustment time."

( Permalink: Ark Linux 1.0 Alpha 10.1      Submitted by Noel Sat Jan 31, 2004 )

Mandrake Linux 10 Preview
Manish Bansal previews the upcoming Mandrake Linux 10. He investigates Installation, usage, multimedia, Internet, Productivity and more.

( Permalink: Mandrake Linux 10 Preview      Submitted by Anonymous Sat Jan 31, 2004 )

GNU/Linux Home Desktop Kit PC Project Part 5
Linux has a unique opportunity to take advantage of its open source nature by offerings its users greater integration than even proprietary software can due to the fact that developers have access to both the code from the operating system as well as a large assortment of bundled applications. The following osViews editorial contribution is the fifth piece to a multipart series, ( [1] | [2] | [3] | [4] ) which outlines the framework for a consistent, full-featured Linux desktop platform that would help grow the operating system's desktop install-base among new users and Windows converts.

( Permalink: GNU/Linux Home Desktop Kit PC Project Part 5      Submitted by Kelly McNeill Sat Jan 31, 2004 )

Novell Linux Dominates LinuxWorld 2004
In a very interesting analysis of Novell at LinuxWorld, MozillaQuest Magazine's (mozillaquest.com) Mike Angelo sees Novell emerging as the leading commercial Linux company. MozillaQuest Magazine (mozillaquest.com) reports: Novell is well on its way to being the number one enterprise and desktop GNU-Linux distributor. It might be there already. Novell dominated last week's LinuxWorld Exposition. Novell will push Red Hat out of its slot as the number one Linux distributor. It will eclipse IBM in the enterprise software arena. And it will help the Linux community to pull the GNU-Linux operating system installed-base ahead of the Microsoft operating system installed-base.

( Permalink: Novell Linux Dominates LinuxWorld 2004      Submitted by Anonymous Sat Jan 31, 2004 )

Newsforge takes a look at MySQL's MaxDB.
"The lineage of MaxDB goes back several years, involves a few companies, and uses a few names. It grew out of Adabas, a database that has been around since the 1980s. A version of Adabas was obtained by the German software company SAP AB in the mid-1990's and eventually rebranded as SAP DB. Displaying amazing foresight for the time, SAP AB decided to release the source code of SAP DB under the GNU GPL in the year 2000. Unfortunately, this event was not promoted by SAP AB, so SAP DB languished as perhaps the most significant yet obscure Open Source project in the community."

( Permalink: MySQL's MaxDB      Submitted by Noel Fri Jan 30, 2004 )

Sun's Java Desktop System 2003
Madpenguin tells us about Sun's Java Desktop System 2003.
"The idea of Sun distributing their own brand of Linux makes sense. They are a UNIX vendor with a long history built on a rock solid proprietary OS. Due to the current climate in the operating system world, it only makes complete sense for them to jump on the Linux bandwagon as it gains momentum."

( Permalink: Sun's Java Desktop System 2003      Submitted by Noel Fri Jan 30, 2004 )

Interview with Novellís Bruce Lowry
Orange Crate interviews Novellís Bruce Lowry.
"Novell has already open sourced some technologies (such as UDDI servers) and contributed technology to open source efforts like OpenLDAP and Apache. We certainly plan on continuing our tradition of contributing to the community as much, if not more than we take from the community. We plan to be a constructive player and contributor. We have an Open Source Review Board that will continue to look at specific options around open sourcing code going forward."

( Permalink: Interview with Novellís Bruce Lowry      Submitted by Noel Fri Jan 30, 2004 )

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