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LinuxBeginner Review: Moving to Linux
Kiss the Bluescreen of Death Goodbye
Are you planning on trying Linux? Afraid of the changes you might face? Moving to Linux by Marcel Gagné puts all this into perspective and provides a simple inviting learning enviroment to help you switch to Linux. Included is a publishers version of Knoppix on CD so inspiring users can test drive Linux. I put this book in the hands of a heavy Windows user, my wife, and here are her thoughts on the book.
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( Permalink: LinuxBeginner Review: Moving to Linux      Submitted by g0troot Tue Mar 9, 2004 )

Gateway AV Scanners Caught By Surprise
Although by now most vendors have implemented some kind of patch to combat the most recent variant of the Bagle worm, fact remains this malware managed to defeat a large number of vendors' gateway AV scanners. The culprit? A password protected zip file that carries the Bagle worm. Story

( Permalink: Gateway AV Scanners Caught By Surprise      Submitted by LogError Tue Mar 9, 2004 )

Interviews: Stallman and Kropp from FOSDEM
Benoit has an interview with Richard Stallman aka RMS) and Denis Oliver Kropp, developer of DirectFB. "These two specific changes do not relate directly to the philosophical difference. However, both Red Hat and SuSe have been including non-free software in their distributions for many years. SuSe actually develops non-free software. They would not do this if they believed in the ethical principle that software should be free. Clearly they belong to the open source movement, not the free software movement."

( Permalink: Interviews: Stallman and Kropp from FOSDEM      Submitted by benoit Mon Mar 8, 2004 )

Book Review: Beginning PHP4 Databases
Unix Review takes a look at the book Beginning PHP4 Databases.
"For quite a few UnixReview.com readers, Beginning PHP4 Databases will be the single most valuable book available on development of Web applications. Its flaws are likely to be only minor distractions to those who want to learn more about the PHP programming language or Web-oriented database management. Here's the good and not-so-good about Beginning PHP4 Databases."

( Permalink: Book Review: Beginning PHP4 Databases      Submitted by Noel Mon Mar 8, 2004 )

Using MySQL to Stop Editing Web Pages
On Lamp talks about MySQL and web pages.
"We'll start by creating a database and a table in MySQL that will store the page headings and the introductory text for every page of a fictitious web site. It's good form to include a record number and the record creation date. We also need a column for section, so that our CGI scripts can select the correct record for the section of the site to be displayed."

( Permalink: Using MySQL to Stop Editing Web Pages      Submitted by Noel Mon Mar 8, 2004 )

Server Side Optimization
Sitepoint tells us about web page server side optimization.
"The basic idea behind caching is simple: instead of wasting efforts by re-downloading a resource every time it is needed, keep a local copy, and reuse it for as long as it is still valid. The most common example of Web caching is the browser cache, which stores copies of images and other page objects on an end user's hard drive for repeated use."

( Permalink: Server Side Optimization      Submitted by Noel Mon Mar 8, 2004 )

Connect KDE Applications using DCOP
Hidden deep within the KDE desktop lies a powerful set of scripting technologies that can allow the power user to automate many tasks. In this article, the author introduces us to these technologies and explains how they can be used to the fullest.

( Permalink: Connect KDE Applications using DCOP      Submitted by Anonymous Mon Mar 8, 2004 )

Marcel Gagne
Newsforge talks to Marcel Gagne, author of Moving to Linux.
"In writing "Moving to Linux", I had to break myself of the command line habit to a large degree. I forced myself to think in terms of a GUI, because that's what Windows users have become accustomed to. That said, I often drop to the command line to do most simple operations. It is second nature to me."

( Permalink: Marcel Gagne      Submitted by Noel Mon Mar 8, 2004 )

Automation of Tasks In Unix
Linux Gazette has a short introduction to automating tasks In Unix.
"If you ever noticed yourself doing the same thing daily, or even weekly then stop and think about how you can automate it. Think of all the things you'd like to do but don't have to time to do daily, weekly. There's no reason why most tasks can't be automated. I will give some examples which are practical and very useful, which could be changed and applied to do most tasks."

( Permalink: Automation of Tasks In Unix      Submitted by Noel Sun Mar 7, 2004 )

Anti-Spam Solutions and Security
Securityfocus brings us: Anti-Spam Solutions and Security.
"Current anti-spam solutions fall into four primary categories: filters, reverse lookups, challenges, and cryptography. Each of these solutions offers some relief to the spam problem, but they also have significant limitations. The first part of this two-part paper looks at filters and reverse lookup solutions."

( Permalink: Anti-Spam Solutions and Security      Submitted by Noel Sun Mar 7, 2004 )

Pragmatic JUnit Testing
Slashdot reviews the book: Pragmatic JUnit Testing.
"This book is primarily for developers (and testers who are intimately involved in the development process), since unit testing per se is primarily a developer task. Depending on the organization of the software shop, by the time code gets to a formal testing or QA group it's probably too late to apply unit testing methods effectively. (Note I said unit testing methods here.) The book is ideal for the unit testing novice, and there's a lot of good information here for more advanced developers to ponder."

( Permalink: Pragmatic JUnit Testing      Submitted by Noel Sun Mar 7, 2004 )

Survey of YaST2 Configurator on SuSE 9.0
"Overall we can conclude that YaST2 is one of the best Linux configurator available till now [as per my opinion] and hope that with its next release YaST3 things go on at improving pace" says reviewer Sameer Niphadkar.

( Permalink: Survey of YaST2 Configurator on SuSE 9.0      Submitted by Anonymous Sun Mar 7, 2004 )

Sharp Zaurus SL-5600
Connected Home reviews the Linux powered PDA: Sharp Zaurus SL-5600.
"The Sharp Zaurus SL-5600 is the flagship of the Linux-based PDAs. Thanks to its hardware and software, the device has the potential to rival any PDA on the market. Unfortunately, Linux has traditionally been synonymous with the phrase "difficult to use." Can a Linux-based PDA be easy to use? Can it stack up against a Palm or Pocket PC offering? I decided to take a look."

( Permalink: Sharp Zaurus SL-5600      Submitted by Noel Sun Mar 7, 2004 )

Three Years of TransGaming
Curmudgeon Gamer opines on TransGaming. Curmudgeon Gamer is pretty hard on TransGaming. In my opinion the problems with Linux gaming has more to do with Linux not coming pre-installed on consumer machines than any failures by Linux companies. In related news Boston.com has a state of Linux gaming article.

( Permalink: Three Years of TransGaming      Submitted by Noel Sat Mar 6, 2004 )

Mandrake 10 RC and My Laptop
Luis Alves reviews Mandrake 10 RC installed on a IBM T30 Thinkpad laptop. Also mozillaquest reports on Mandrake 10's release.
"My Thinkpad can standby, suspend, with no problem using kernel 2.6, all my hardware was configure after installation with no extra work including my external CISCO wireless card. I was able to make my ThinkPad special buttons work with the tp*rpm from Mandrake just by installing them. After installation a changed my sound driver to use ALSA, because default installation was using OSS. This is really a great achievement for laptop owner, the new 2.6 kernel and the KDE makes everything more responsive, and the overall experience of using the environment feels faster."

( Permalink: Mandrake 10 RC and My Laptop      Submitted by Noel Sat Mar 6, 2004 )

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