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Interview Kier Darby of vBulletin
"PHP was introduced to me by a friend from university back in 1999. As for why I like it so much, that's simple -- no other language allows you to develop so rapidly, while at the same time providing you the depth of functionality and power to push the envelope. "

( Permalink: Interview Kier Darby of vBulletin      Submitted by Noel Tue Mar 16, 2004 )

Panther Server as an OD Master and Windows PDC
"I have two Xservers in this configuration. The first acts as the primary authentication server housing the OD Master and the Windows PDC. The second server is the OD replica that handles authentication whenever the master is off-line, and it also acts as the file server."

( Permalink: Panther Server as an OD Master and Windows PDC      Submitted by Noel Mon Mar 15, 2004 )

Review: XRay 1.0.9
"XRay is a utility designed to address the shortcoming of the standard Info window, much like the previously reviewed FileXaminer and Super Get Info. As one might expect from a get info utility, XRay shares some basic functionality with the Finder and the aforementioned programs. It also has some features these applications lack and lacks some features that these applications have."

( Permalink: Review: XRay 1.0.9      Submitted by Noel Mon Mar 15, 2004 )

Review of: Avid Xpress Pro
"For editors who work with Avid's more professional offerings, using Xpress Pro is somewhat like having a security blanket -- it's comforting. The interface and workflow are practically identical all the way through the Avid line of products, apart from Avid DS, the family oddball. For editors accustomed to Final Cut Pro, Avid takes some getting used to, but it quickly grows on you. It's also quite stable, which often means more to an editor than flashy add-ons."

( Permalink: Review of: Avid Xpress Pro      Submitted by Noel Mon Mar 15, 2004 )

Mac OS X Tab on RootPrompt.org
Rootprompt.org is happy to announce a new Mac OS X page news page. The Mac news page will highlight additional Mac OS X, Apple, and Darwin news items of the day. Anyone interested in syndicating the mac page can do so at: http://rootprompt.org/rss/mac.php3.

( Permalink: Mac OS X Tab on RootPrompt.org      Submitted by Noel Mon Mar 15, 2004 )

SCO's Suit: A Match Made in Redmond?
"So where does Microsoft come in? Linux, a computer operating system, threatens Microsoft's Windows dominance. Microsoft was also one of the first companies to buy into SCO's licensing program, taking two licenses from SCO worth more than $12 million, according to sources close to SCO. "

( Permalink: SCO's Suit: A Match Made in Redmond?      Submitted by Noel Mon Mar 15, 2004 )

KDE 3.2 - A Quick Review
"KDE is nice because it has all these integrated packages that work with it seamlessly. For example, when I blog something and enter the text into the browser window (Konqueror), I can spellcheck it right there in the writing box. In fact, it even spellchecks for me while I type (live spellchecking). No more copy/pasting posts in forums and blogs to see if you made a typo."

( Permalink: KDE 3.2 - A Quick Review      Submitted by Noel Mon Mar 15, 2004 )

Using Afick To Aid In Intrusion Detection
"Afick is a fast and portable utility which acts as an aid in intrusion detection as well as helping to monitor the general integrity of your system. Afick was written by Eric Gerbier and is distributed under the GNU General Public License. It is available for a number of platforms in both binary and source formats. This article will explain the basics of how to install and use afick."

( Permalink: Using Afick To Aid In Intrusion Detection      Submitted by Noel Mon Mar 15, 2004 )

LVM and Removable IDE Drives Backup System
Linux Journal takes a look at LVM and Removable IDE Drives Backup System.

"I had been using a removable 120GB IDE drive to transfer data back and forth from home; it had cost me $101 for the drive and $17 for the removable bay. I also had a retired 1GHz P4 box that had cost about $800--the math was starting to look interesting. If I could find a way to stick 120GB drives together, I would be home free. That's when I discovered Linux LVM (Logical Volume Manager)."

( Permalink: LVM and Removable IDE Drives Backup System      Submitted by Noel Mon Mar 15, 2004 )

Interview with NetBSD's Luke Mewburn
Newsforge interviews NetBSD's Luke Mewburn.
"Generally NetBSD hasn't run the same level of marketing campaigns that other projects have to gain new users; we develop a good product that speaks for itself, and we still gain a lot of new users. We recruit new developers from our user community; usually they're users who've shown their level of expertise by submitting problem reports with working bug fixes or new features, or new or updated packages."

( Permalink: Interview with NetBSD's Luke Mewburn      Submitted by Noel Mon Mar 15, 2004 )

Inside TLDP
"TLDP is short for The Linux Documentation Project, an organization of volunteers authoring, reviewing and managing documents about the Linux operating system. Documents basically come in two formats based upon their length. The shorter ones generally are called HOWTOs (or mini-HOWTOs, if they are really short), the longer documents, called guides, deal in-depth with a Linux feature."

( Permalink: Inside TLDP      Submitted by Noel Sun Mar 14, 2004 )

D. Jeff Dionne of Arcturus
"his interview with D. Jeff Dionne, CEO of Arcturus, is the fourth in LinuxDevices.com's CEO/CTO interview series. Arcturus was spun out from Lineo, after having been acquired as RT-Control, which developed uCsimm and uClinux. "

( Permalink: D. Jeff Dionne of Arcturus      Submitted by Noel Sun Mar 14, 2004 )

Panther: A Look at Mac on Its 20th Birthday
"It must first be said that Mac OS X Jaguar was an excellent operating system in all respects. Apple clearly was given a tall order in planning a successor to Jaguar. Jaguar is reasonably fast, very easy to use, and contains an excellent suite of software. From the perspective of a GNU/Linux administrator, Mac OS X has a lot to offer - it takes a very similar type of foundation (based on BSD4.4-Lite) and tops it with a unique, easy-to-use and beautiful GUI. "

( Permalink: Panther: A Look at Mac on Its 20th Birthday      Submitted by Noel Sun Mar 14, 2004 )

Mandrake Linux 10 Community Edition
OSNews reviews Mandrake Linux 10 Community Edition and while they found a handfull of bugs in a short time, overall they rate the distro very highly because of the rest of software included and enhancements Mandrake 10 has seen in comparison to older versions.

( Permalink: Mandrake Linux 10 Community Edition      Submitted by Anonymous Sun Mar 14, 2004 )

Use AOP to maintain legacy Java applications
If you've ever inherited and then had to maintain a Java-based legacy application, then this this article is for you. It shows you how to use aspect-oriented programming (AOP) to gain techniques and skills needed for dealing with complex and unfamiliar Java code. The code tips demonstrated should prove invaluable if you are responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of a legacy application.

( Permalink: Use AOP to maintain legacy Java applications      Submitted by Anonymous Sun Mar 14, 2004 )

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