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Virtualisation to reconcile GPL and non-GPL code

This guest whitepaper
explains how a hypervisor can be used to leverage GPL software while isolating it from proprietary code, in order to ensure compliance with the requirements of the GPL. It was written by a TRANGO Virtual Processors product manager, and uses that company's hypervisor as an example.


( Permalink: Virtualisation to reconcile GPL and non-GPL code      Submitted by Guus Fri Aug 31, 2007 )

Reset the permissions of installed RPMs
Sometime by mistakes all file permissions get changed and you need to restore file permission. For example a shell script or some sort of corruption could change the permissions for packages (installed files), it may be necessary to reset them.

For example a long time ago my shell script run chmod and chown commands on /usr and changed the permission. Luckily rpm command can reset package permission. Sun Solaris pkg command and IBM can also reset permissions.

How to: Linux reset the permissions of the installed rpm packages

( Permalink: Reset the permissions of installed RPMs      Submitted by n Fri Aug 31, 2007 )

Simplify your kernel extensions with AIX 6
Discover why you need to change your applications and build environments that supply 32-bit-only kernel extensions to accommodate IBM AIX Version 6. In this article, apply two easy solutions to help you make the transition and start reaping the benefits of the simplified kernel environment.

( Permalink: Simplify your kernel extensions with AIX 6      Submitted by BlueVoodoo Fri Aug 31, 2007 )

Redirecting traffic to another machine with Linux'
Nice idea.
"Let us suppose, as a not entirely hypothetical example, that you have added an A record for your subdomain name that points to one of your login servers, so that people can do 'ssh subdomain' and have it work. Let us further suppose that this login server is not your web server and you now want to make http://subdomain/ also do something useful, instead of giving connection refused errors."
Chris's Wiki :: blog/linux/IptablesRedirection

( Permalink: Redirecting traffic to another machine with Linux'      Submitted by Noel Wed Aug 29, 2007 )

Using multimedia keyboards with Linux
I know a lot of people have a keyboard that has features they don't use under linux.
"Lineak is a tool which aims at easy set up and configuration of multimedia keys on modern keyboards: these keyboards have additional keys which are usually not supported by Gnome or KDE since they are outside the usual keymaps. But lineak can handle such keys and can bind them to specific functions and actions."
/home/liquidat lineak: Using multimedia keyboards with Linux «

( Permalink: Using multimedia keyboards with Linux      Submitted by Noel Wed Aug 29, 2007 )

Network Management And Monitoring With Hyperic
This document describes how to set up Hyperic HQ on Ubuntu 7.04. The resulting system provides an awesome, web-based "Systems-Management-Software". It is the next stage of classical monitoring and able to manage all kinds of operating systems, web servers, application servers and database servers.

( Permalink: Network Management And Monitoring With Hyperic      Submitted by Falko Timme Wed Aug 29, 2007 )

Create an Ajax file upload app using DWR
This article shows how to develop an Ajax-based file upload program that displays a progress bar during the file upload process. You will learn about server side retrieval of file upload progress using a progress listener, client-side retrieval of file upload progress using DWR (Direct Web Remoting). The program is particularly useful for those who need to share large audio, video, and scientific files.

( Permalink: Create an Ajax file upload app using DWR      Submitted by Anonymous Wed Aug 29, 2007 )

Howto restrict su command to superuser only
su is run a shell with substitute user and group IDs. su is used to become another user during a login session. Invoked without a username, su defaults to becoming the super user. The optional argument - may be used to provide an environment similar to what the user would expect had the user logged in directly. Full Story

( Permalink: Howto restrict su command to superuser only      Submitted by dave Wed Aug 29, 2007 )

Glick brings better standalone application bundles
Cool new package format.
"One such experiment is Glick, a runtime-less application bundle system for Linux. Glick allows developers to store an entire program and all of its associated data in a single self-contained ELF executable that can run without requiring installation or a runtime component. Glick can be used to package virtually any existing Linux application in this manner."
Glick brings better standalone application bundles to Linux

( Permalink: Glick brings better standalone application bundles      Submitted by Noel Tue Aug 28, 2007 )

Securing SSH Using Denyhosts
SSH is a great way to remotely administer a server. However, it still has a number of issues when you open it up to the world. The server and client communications are secure but that doesn’t mean the hosts involved are. Opening an SSH service to the world allows for brute force attacks and means that the carbon interface is still the weakest link. Full Story

( Permalink: Securing SSH Using Denyhosts      Submitted by dave Tue Aug 28, 2007 )

CPU Frequency Scaling In Ubuntu
So, you have an irritatingly loud CPU fan which is making you consider whether or not launching your laptop through the nearest window is a good idea. Well, before you do that, why not give CPU frequency scaling a go.

( Permalink: CPU Frequency Scaling In Ubuntu      Submitted by Falko Timme Tue Aug 28, 2007 )

Linus Torvalds talks future of Linux
Nice interview.
"LT: Kernels may be hard, but partly because of that they are also interesting. I've always been more interested in "down to the hardware" details than in fluffy stuff like user interfaces etc, and an operating system kernel is about as down to the hardware as you can get without actually building it yourself (which I've also done - I was at a CPU company for seven years, after all). "
Linus Torvalds talks future of Linux | APC Magazine

( Permalink: Linus Torvalds talks future of Linux      Submitted by Noel Tue Aug 28, 2007 )

Dtrace support for PHP
I gotta learn more about Dtrace.
"Dtrace is one of the coolest things in Solaris 10, adding great observability to applications. A Dtrace provider for PHP that adds probes to function entry and exit points has long been available. I finally got around to integrating this with the php in Cool Stack. "
Dtrace support for PHP - Shanti's Blog

( Permalink: Dtrace support for PHP      Submitted by Noel Tue Aug 28, 2007 )

How to install Ubuntu Linux on the decTOP PC
The decTOP is a tiny, $99, 8-watt PC that is capable of running Linux. This article describes how to install Ubuntu 6.06 Server Edition on the decTOP using another Linux system to build a bootable installation image on a USB flash drive.

( Permalink: How to install Ubuntu Linux on the decTOP PC      Submitted by Anonymous Sat Aug 25, 2007 )

Installing Simple Invoices On Debian Etch
This tutorial describes how to install Simple Invoices on a Debian Etch server. Simple Invoices is a web-based, basic invoicing system that lets you create and manage your invoices, export them as PDF or Excel files, email them to your customers, etc. It is intended for small businesses/organizations and home users.

( Permalink: Installing Simple Invoices On Debian Etch      Submitted by Falko Timme Fri Aug 24, 2007 )

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