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Bit Prepared: A Missing Link?
"Merit Badges are a good starting point for the project of closing the Scouting/free software gap. Currently, Software Badges exist in many Scout associations, which is a good thing. Scouts must be self-sufficient, both in the wild and in daily city life. Because the latter usually implies working with computers to some extent, the more they are known the better. It is in this spirit that I have prepared the short list of requirements below, applicable to all computer badges."

( Permalink: Bit Prepared: A Missing Link?      Submitted by Noel Sun Apr 18, 2004 )

Follow-up on the Large-Scale Mail Installation
"The new mail infrastructure helped HEC Montréal manage the e-mail worm crisis we all went through at the beginning of 2004. It also continues to efficiently limit the delivery of UBEs. According to the Call Center Team, "We have noticed an important decrease in calls regarding problems with the mail infrastructure, spams or viruses. This is especially true for computer viruses, as we are offering first level support if they get infected. On the other hand, some are actually calling to be sure we haven't blocked legitimate e-mail. "

( Permalink: Follow-up on the Large-Scale Mail Installation      Submitted by Noel Sun Apr 18, 2004 )

The Growing Market for Linux Games
"When I setup a new, custom gaming machine for a customer, and since my store is Linux-friendly, we will usually set up a dual-boot system if they have a requirement for Windows, and I'll pre-load many of the free titles that are available in Gentoo's portage system. People have been extremely happy with the performance of the games, and if they have questions I forward them to my 12 year old son, who is more than happy to show them some tips on our demo machines. I have pre-loaded demos available to try for most Linux games currently released."

( Permalink: The Growing Market for Linux Games      Submitted by Noel Sun Apr 18, 2004 )

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
"In conclusion, Jedi Academy is very similar to JO. This doesn't mean, however, that the gameplay gives you a feeling of been there, done that. The world details and graphics are basically the same as in JO but this doesn't detract from the greatness of this game. Lucas Arts Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy keeping up with the tradition of bringing fun, engaging game play to the Mac platform gets 5 out of 5 Macheads. "

( Permalink: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy      Submitted by Noel Sat Apr 17, 2004 )

Mac.Ars takes on Apple's quarterly earnings
"For the first time, they sold more iPods than computers, shipping 807,000 of the digital music players, an increase of a staggering 909% from 2Q 03. Computer shipments topped out 749,000 units, up 5%."

( Permalink: Mac.Ars takes on Apple's quarterly earnings      Submitted by Noel Sat Apr 17, 2004 )

Linux.ars: automatic device node creation
"udev works by taking information from two sources, the sysfs filesystem that carries information about devices published by drivers in the /sys hierarchy, as well as the hotplug framework that monitors busses that support hotplugging, such as USB, SCSI and IEEE 1394/FireWire. /sys carries a directory hierarchy organized by bus and device position that carries information about devices detected by the kernel as well as the resources allocated to them ..."

( Permalink: Linux.ars: automatic device node creation      Submitted by Noel Sat Apr 17, 2004 )

The Ipeya Small Office IP System (SIPS)
"The Ipeya Small Office IP System (SIPS) is a Linux-based "office in the box" that integrates a VoIP (voice over IP) telephone/voicemail system with a small office/home office (SOHO) router, firewall, file and print server, and more. It includes IP-telephones and legacy telephone adapters, and supports several types of networking. "

( Permalink: The Ipeya Small Office IP System (SIPS)      Submitted by Noel Sat Apr 17, 2004 )

Migrating From Windows To Linux: Part 2
"We will help you make it through the installation and the initial bootup. Then, we will transfer all your old documents into Linux. Your Internet Explorer favorites and your Outlook PST will be converted into Linux compatible formats. After that, we will run through a couple software installations with binary and source code packages. Screenshots and six downloadable training videos will guide you every step of the way"

( Permalink: Migrating From Windows To Linux: Part 2      Submitted by Noel Sat Apr 17, 2004 )

Review: Serenity Virtual Station
Here's some serious competition for VMWare and VirtualPC: OSNews reviews a new OS emulator, the Serenity Virtual Station, which can run as a host on FreeBSD, Linux and OS/2 and support as guests a slew of OSes. It is based on the twoOStwo virtual operating engine (which additonally runs on top of Windows as well).

( Permalink: Review: Serenity Virtual Station      Submitted by Anonymous Sat Apr 17, 2004 )

Destructive Influence
"Let me explain by asking you two questions. First, do you have a data retention policy in place? I'm sure you do. You have a well-thought out and well-planned backup policy, and your backups are run every day - or perhaps several times a day - and regularly tested to make sure that all is working as planned. Your policy is communicated to your users, and they understand that their data is saved and can be recovered if necessary. Life is good. "

( Permalink: Destructive Influence      Submitted by Noel Sat Apr 17, 2004 )

Design an application for grid
Designing an application for grid computing is much easier if you know what to expect. In this article, you will learn which design elements are suitable for a grid application and which are not. Armed with this information, you can then tailor existing applications and develop new ones for a grid by focusing on the jobs, the data, and the environment that the application will use.

( Permalink: Design an application for grid      Submitted by Anonymous Sat Apr 17, 2004 )

Collaborating on Zeke Armstrong
"As things progressed, we started using iChat. I was out in San Diego for about six weeks, and found we could actually discuss the book this way. Then, the iSight camera came out, and now I can see Matthew’s face when we’re writing. The iSight picture quality is amazing, absolutely amazing. The built-in microphone is a noise-suppression microphone. It’s so clear, you hear everything."

( Permalink: Collaborating on Zeke Armstrong      Submitted by Noel Fri Apr 16, 2004 )

Booq Mamba XS
"It's a backpack, it's a shoulder-pack, it's sup... wait, wrong story. Actually, it's both. The case features two straps that can be attached to any of the case's four half-rings, enabling a level of customization not found in many other bags. When I'm just carrying my 12" PowerBook G4 I just use it like a sling or shoulder-pack, and when I'm carrying some more weight in schoolbooks I'll put it on like a backpack."

( Permalink: Booq Mamba XS      Submitted by Noel Fri Apr 16, 2004 )

Web Application Worms: Myth or Reality?
This paper discusses the possibility of automated, self-propagating attacks on custom Web application code. It will show that such attacks are not only feasible but that their theoretical success rate is far greater than worms targeting commercial infrastructure. It is the intent of this paper to raise awareness of the threat posed by automated attacks on vulnerabilities that exist in every organization’s Web infrastructure. Threat’s of this type that cannot be avoided by counting on current IPS technologies and the law of large numbers. eBCVG

( Permalink: Web Application Worms: Myth or Reality?      Submitted by Dr.T Fri Apr 16, 2004 )

Mail Scanning With Exim And The Exiscan ACL
With all the spam and viruses circulating the Internet these days, any network admin worth his or her salt will have appropriate filters in place to prevent these irritants from getting to users and customers. Story

( Permalink: Mail Scanning With Exim And The Exiscan ACL      Submitted by LogError Fri Apr 16, 2004 )

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