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Crash Course into Object Oriented Programming
The purpose of this article is to give a novice programmer the basic idea of what OOP is, as implemented using PHP. Readers should have a basic knowledge of programming ie what variables are, variable types, basic methods of writing comments, and how to enter code into a text editor.

( Permalink: Crash Course into Object Oriented Programming      Submitted by Anonymous Thu Apr 22, 2004 )

Getting the Most Out of XMMS
"XMMS is modeled after Nullsoft's Classic Winamp and, as such, many of the feature-enhancing plugins available for that popular Windows music player have been ported over for use with XMMS. It is perhaps not as sophisticated as Apple's iTunes, but XMMS is nevertheless quite capable and, to many users, more straightforward to use. "

( Permalink: Getting the Most Out of XMMS      Submitted by Noel Thu Apr 22, 2004 )

Why Apple Needs a Headless Model
"How about a headless iMac designed to hang on a wall? It wouldn't use any desk space at all. Use a slot drive on the top, like the Cube. That, and plugs, are the only time you touch the CPU anyway. Put holes on it like an AirPort. Hang it on the wall and get it out of the way. Use Bluetooth and AirPort for connectivity, and you only need power and video cables for most people."

( Permalink: Why Apple Needs a Headless Model      Submitted by Noel Wed Apr 21, 2004 )

Apple updates PowerBooks, iBooks
"The 12-inch and base 14-inch iBook G4 models now both run at 1.0GHz. Each model includes 256MB DDR SDRAM expandable to 1.25GB, two USB 2.0 ports, FireWire 400, VGA video out, 10/100baseT Ethernet, and slot-loading Combo (DVD-ROM/CD-RW) drives. The 12-inch model comes equipped with a 30GB hard drive while the 14-inch gets a 40GB hard drive. Like their predecessors, they come with a slot for an AirPort Extreme wireless networking card and can be ordered with an internal Bluetooth module. They cost $1,099 and $1,299 respectively."

( Permalink: Apple updates PowerBooks, iBooks      Submitted by Noel Wed Apr 21, 2004 )

WRBurns' Review of Arch Linux 0.6
"So what exactly is Arch? Arch, in a nutshell, is a "geek" distribution of Linux. In other words, Arch is not exactly easy to set up. However, it is fast and powerful once the initial effort to set it up has been made. The two main reasons for using Arch are for its Pacman package manager made possible by the Arch Build System (ABS), and for its blazing speed due to the fact that it is optimized for i686 (Pentium Pro) and above. This distro is absolutely not for newbies. To give the general idea, it takes considerably more effort to set up than even Slackware. It may be most closely compared in terms of ease (or difficulty) of installation and configuration with Gentoo. "

( Permalink: WRBurns' Review of Arch Linux 0.6      Submitted by Noel Wed Apr 21, 2004 )

Solaris 10 Security
In recent years, IT organizations have endured relentless and increasingly sophisticated attacks to their infrastructure and data. Most of these attacks are launched from the Internet, but increasingly, security violations are reported from inside the organization. These attacks, which include viruses, worms and buffer overflow exploits, exponentially increase the risks corporations face in conducting business. Over the years, the cost of acquiring and managing security technologies has skyrocketed. The Blaster worm in 2003 shutdown the systems of freight operator CSX and the operations of Air Canada, costing these companies millions of dollars. SecurityFocus

( Permalink: Solaris 10 Security      Submitted by Dr.T Wed Apr 21, 2004 )

Novell eats own dog food
"In a move Asay described as "eating our own dog food" , Novell is moving all internal desktops to open source software. The first target for this is moving everyone onto Open Office by July this year. Migrating operating systems will follow. Asay said the project would teach them a lot about the process and help them empathise with customers considering similar projects."

( Permalink: Novell eats own dog food      Submitted by Noel Wed Apr 21, 2004 )

Audiophiles' Solution For Net Radio
"One of the nice new packages that I found available for Fedora Core 1 is Streamtuner, and excellent tool for locating streaming audio stations from the web in a simple and elegant application.Streamtuner is definitely a diamond in the free software world. I am an audiophile (meaning I like to listen to music and enjoy it for the art of the music, not the appearance of the performer) and I would definitely recommend this application to anyone that wants to find music that suits their particular taste. "

( Permalink: Audiophiles' Solution For Net Radio      Submitted by Noel Wed Apr 21, 2004 )

Mail Server Filtering
"If you're an administrator, your users likely aren't as reliable about not clicking on attachments as we'd all like. Combined with the flood of spam and random garbage, putting a mail server on the Internet without filtering is like covering yourself with barbecue sauce and breaking into the Charity Home for Badgers with Rabies. Decent spam and virus protection measures can save you a lot of time and effort. "

( Permalink: Mail Server Filtering      Submitted by Noel Wed Apr 21, 2004 )

Considerations of globalization solutions in J2ME
This article explores a solution for globalization applications in Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME). It describes this solution throughout the software development life cycle, including requirements analysis, design, implementation, testing, and deployment. You'll learn why globalization is important in J2ME applications, the guidelines for developing a globalization application, and how to implement these guidelines throughout the development cycle.

( Permalink: Considerations of globalization solutions in J2ME      Submitted by Anonymous Wed Apr 21, 2004 )

Mac Voyeurs in a Windows World 
"A cabal of Mac fanatics is working at Microsoft. Lenn Pryor, a director of Windows platform evangelism, is one of them. Bored during an eight-hour conference call, Pryor transformed his Windows machine into a Mac -- in appearance at least. Using a variety of interface tweaks found on the Web, Pryor gave his Sony Vaio laptop a Mac OS X facelift."

( Permalink: Mac Voyeurs in a Windows World       Submitted by Noel Tue Apr 20, 2004 )

How Good Are Programs Written in Interpreted Code
"This continues with the above subject about Standardization of Available Methods, but goes a step farther. As a rule, when you write a program in an interpreted language on one OS (say OS X), at most, you will have to run the source through the VM on another OS (say Linux) to get it to run on that system. Whereas, with a compiled language, you will have to recompile it on any other OS you want to run it on, at the least. Quite often you would also have to recode a significant portion of the program to enable it to run on the other operating system. "

( Permalink: How Good Are Programs Written in Interpreted Code      Submitted by Noel Tue Apr 20, 2004 )

Sending IPv6 packets to check firewall rules
IP version 6 is available in most recent products such as routers, firewalls and operating systems.
Administrators and security professionals are faced to new challenges when configuring or checking an IPv6 implementation. They need IPv6 compatible tools.
Network testing requires two simple components : a tool to send network packets, and a sniffer to intercept and display them.
Most sniffers already recognize IPv6 packets (Ethereal, tcpdump, etc.).
This article describes netwox toolbox which can be used to send IPv6 packets.

( Permalink: Sending IPv6 packets to check firewall rules      Submitted by Laurent Constantin Tue Apr 20, 2004 )

MySQL Evolves into Big Iron
"Unique to this cluster solution is the dual licensing. Web developers of all sizes will be able to leverage MySQL Cluster under the GPL open source license without cost, while those needing commercial support can opt for the purchased license. This opens up development environments that can now test clustering without the cost of acquiring big iron database licensing (even development licenses from some providers can run between $400 and $1000)."

( Permalink: MySQL Evolves into Big Iron      Submitted by Noel Tue Apr 20, 2004 )

PHP Comes of Age
"Now PHP5 is about to impose OO on the PHP world. The Zend Engine overhaul (ZE2) is taking objects into the core of the language. Not only do new language constructs encourage object programming style, but the language implementation is falling in line with other OO environments. For instance, objects are no longer copied around by default but are rather handled via references. New keywords (such as final or static) have been introduced that are only relevant to object concepts and are reminiscent of Java;"

( Permalink: PHP Comes of Age      Submitted by Noel Tue Apr 20, 2004 )

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