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Universal Boxing Manager - Hooking the Reluctant
"Boldly can I say that UBM is the best boxing management simulation game for the Mac, and I say that not only because it healed my aversion to all things boxing, a feat in itself, but also it appears to be the only game of its kind for the Mac. Bravo, Winterwolves, for jumping on an untapped niche opportunity in the world of seemingly infinite numbers of shareware games."

( Permalink: Universal Boxing Manager - Hooking the Reluctant      Submitted by Noel Sun Apr 25, 2004 )

Unreal Tournament 2004
"For those of you that have played the demo and been left wanting more, or wondered if what was rumored to be a minor upgrade upgrade is worth the cash - read on. I was fully prepared to be disappointed by this release, and was thrilled to find that UT2K4 is not only an excellent standalone game - but a great value both as a single and multiplayer experience."

( Permalink: Unreal Tournament 2004      Submitted by Noel Sun Apr 25, 2004 )

Whats new with IBM's Linux Clustering technology
Much has happened since the days when the first Beowulf cluster was deployed, but while cost still matters, today technology is the differentiator that helps keep costs in check. To get an update on IBM's clustering technology, the industry and what customers are doing with clusters take a look at this interview with Dave Turek, Vice President, IBM's Deep Computing.

( Permalink: Whats new with IBM's Linux Clustering technology      Submitted by Anonymous Sun Apr 25, 2004 )

BayStar seeks a SCO regime change
"While Goldfarb said that changes in management practices might result in BayStar sticking with SCO, a BayStar spokesman said management personnel changes were needed . And while SCO CEO Darl McBride was specifically singled out, the spokesman stopped short of asking him to step down."

( Permalink: BayStar seeks a SCO regime change      Submitted by Noel Sun Apr 25, 2004 )

IP's Binary roots
"If you want to make efficient use of your IP space, or you have more hosts than available IP addresses on a given network, or just the opposite problem -- not enough networks to properly maintain and control the traffic flow -- knowledge of binary IP addressing becomes critical. With a good knowledge of how binary and IP are related, and a thorough knowledge of your network's needs, you can perform various bit-munging maneuvers to make the most of your address space."

( Permalink: IP's Binary roots      Submitted by Noel Sun Apr 25, 2004 )

Securing a fresh Linux install, part 3
"If you are accessing machines remotely across a network, you should not be using Telnet. Telnet transmits information, including passwords, in plain text, which can easily be intercepted and read. SSH performs much the same task as Telnet, but it does so through an encrypted tunnel and is therefore much more secure."

( Permalink: Securing a fresh Linux install, part 3      Submitted by Noel Sun Apr 25, 2004 )

Migration from ASP to PHP
"I've been working for a smart-card company to migrate their web servers and database under Windows to Linux since last year summer. At the outset of the project, the company website ran ASP under Microsoft IIS with Microsoft SQL Server 2000. The objective of the project is to run the company's website using LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). In other words, we are going to use Apache to replace IIS, PHP to replace ASP and MySQL to replace MS SQL Server 2000 and run these open-source software on Linux."

( Permalink: Migration from ASP to PHP      Submitted by Noel Sun Apr 25, 2004 )

D, the Programming Language
Developer Owen Anderson is introducing the new D programming language, the evolution to all things C*. The article demonstrates why D is for and how it differs from the C spin offs, C++, C# and even Java.

( Permalink: D, the Programming Language      Submitted by Anonymous Sun Apr 25, 2004 )

Playing Unreal Tournament 2004 on Linux
"I've been playing the UT2004 demo for a couple of months now. I was itching to buy the game for a couple of reasons; one to show my Linux support, and two, I like the game."

( Permalink: Playing Unreal Tournament 2004 on Linux      Submitted by Noel Sat Apr 24, 2004 )

Build your own Linux server
"Modern PCs shrug off the kinds of loads generated by a small business network, so the same machine can perform a number of features such as file serving for Windows clients, Web caching and firewalling. We decided to adopt a typical strategy and redeploy a redundant PC -- it is, in fact, our original, 950MHz Athlon-based 'quiet PC', first seen here."

( Permalink: Build your own Linux server      Submitted by Noel Sat Apr 24, 2004 )

PostgreSQL vs. MySQL vs. Commercial Databases
"This article compares PostgreSQL and MySQL, both to each other as well as with their commercial counterparts. Rather than examining the MySQL MAX product based on SAP's database engine, it looks at the more widely deployed "original" MySQL. Questions about MySQL and PostgreSQL often relate to speed."

( Permalink: PostgreSQL vs. MySQL vs. Commercial Databases      Submitted by Noel Sat Apr 24, 2004 )

Gaps still pain Bluetooth security
"People who use Bluetooth, if they use short PINs, are exposing data on the device," Whitehouse said. "Moreover, people who wander around with an active Bluetooth device may be tracked by a knowledgeable security person."

( Permalink: Gaps still pain Bluetooth security      Submitted by Noel Sat Apr 24, 2004 )

PBTOMAKE -- Xcode to Unix
"Pretty simple really, and the idea is you run pbtomake on your project, copy the whole development tree to the Linux/Unix box and run make there. You will then get the application built on the other system without having to manually build a makefile with all the dependencies. Obviously you still have code porting to do, since, for example, under Mac OS X you link to frameworks while under other systems you have other ways. "

( Permalink: PBTOMAKE -- Xcode to Unix      Submitted by Noel Sat Apr 24, 2004 )

Advanced Tips for Mono
This article focus on programming in C# with Mono. It contains a compilation of extremely useful tips and workarounds, especially for people used to lower level programming, like C programmers. Since the Mono documentation is still far from finished, and Joao Manuel Moura Paredes found from his experience that it is still very hard to find information and help with C# issues when using Mono, he compiled a series of tips that he gathered from my experience with Mono.

( Permalink: Advanced Tips for Mono      Submitted by Anonymous Sat Apr 24, 2004 )

GarageBand for the Musical Newbie
"GarageBand is a fantastic tool, though. At the price, it's an astonishing piece of software, and something that any Mac user with a powerful enough machine should not hesitate to purchase if they feel inclined. There's enough fun built into GarageBand to provide many hours of creative entertainment."

( Permalink: GarageBand for the Musical Newbie      Submitted by Noel Sat Apr 24, 2004 )

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