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Alexander Kellett
"In what ways do you make a contribution to KDE?
A number of improvements to bookmarking in Konqueror, KEditBookmarks, some DCOP related stuff, very minor stuff to KSVG, and as of late polishing the QtRuby and Korundum projects with some example code and test cases."


( Permalink: Alexander Kellett      Submitted by Noel Sat May 1, 2004 )

Konstructing a New KDE Desktop
"Konstruct is a build utility based on Garnome from the Gnome project. It takes the process of building from source to a whole new level by making it...simple! Jason Brooks of eWeek claims that "Konstruct Makes Loading KDE Easier." Personally, I think it just makes life easier. At least now you won't have to sleep on the couch because you broke the KDE installation on your spouse's computer (which of course also happens to be your test box). Instead, you can use the newest version of KDE without your spouse even knowing it is installed! In fact, using the Konstruct version of KDE won't even affect your own KDE profile from the base system."

( Permalink: Konstructing a New KDE Desktop      Submitted by Noel Sat May 1, 2004 )

Tapping the Matrix, Part 2
"Building network software can seem deceptively simple at times, especially for less experienced developers. In network programming, the complex actions of humans, computers, and networks can cause unexpected behavior that results in a catastrophic outcome, such as a server crash or, worse, a system crash. The key to surviving catastrophes is to plan for them."

( Permalink: Tapping the Matrix, Part 2      Submitted by Noel Sat May 1, 2004 )

Tool of the Month: gLabels
"As the name implies, gLabels is a handy program that allows you to create your own business cards, mailing labels, CD/DVD labels, and so forth (see Figure 1). I'm particularly glad to see a single-use application like this that makes it very easy for users to use pre-made label sheets, because it's the type of thing that hasn't been easy to do under Linux or *BSD until recently. "

( Permalink: Tool of the Month: gLabels      Submitted by Noel Sat May 1, 2004 )

Free Software's killer applications
"While GNU/Linux has gained popularity as an operating system, many criticize it for lacking "killer applications" capable of competing with their Windows and Mac OS X proprietary counterparts. Some killer applications, however, haven't received the recognition they deserve. Here's a short overview of some professional-quality Free Software applications that run under Linux."

( Permalink: Free Software's killer applications      Submitted by Noel Sat May 1, 2004 )

Give iMovie New Powers
"If you're looking for a quick way to expand and diversify iMovie's bag of tricks, look no farther than the Slick family of plug-ins, from GeeThree. While most plug-in packages focus on one theme or task -- such as adding color-correction tools or motion effects -- each volume of Slick Transitions & Effects is packed with a versatile assortment of top-notch plug-ins."

( Permalink: Give iMovie New Powers      Submitted by Noel Fri Apr 30, 2004 )

The Myth of Convergence
"Technology analysts like to tout what they call "convergence" of all these devices. Soon the PDA market and the cell phone market are going to converge, because people are clamoring for small devices that perform both functions well, they say. Laptops will eventually become almost ubiquitous, and desktops will be relegated to the high end of the computing spectrum for those rare but intensive projects, they claim. In reality, the convergence of these different devices is never going to happen."

( Permalink: The Myth of Convergence      Submitted by Noel Fri Apr 30, 2004 )

Scribus 1.1.6 Reviewed
"Scribus is a desktop publishing program for Unix and Linux. It is built with the Qt libraries and is run natively in the KDE desktop environment. Scribus is published under the Gpl and is similar to similar to Adobe PageMaker, QuarkXPress or Adobe InDesign. Scribus has an unusually small development team and is mostly the work of a German programmer called Franz Schmid. "

( Permalink: Scribus 1.1.6 Reviewed      Submitted by Noel Fri Apr 30, 2004 )

Sun Java Desktop 2003 Review
Sun Microsystems has been marketing Solaris, one of the main Unix derivatives, for about twenty years. So why, then, would they market a Linux distribution? Let's take a look at what it is they're offering and what it's uses are to shed some light on the "why". Read more at PCBurn.com.

( Permalink: Sun Java Desktop 2003 Review      Submitted by Chris Bergeron Fri Apr 30, 2004 )

A Week with Linspire 4.5
Welcome to the latest installment of Linuxbeginner.org's "A Week with..." series. As mentioned in the earlier articles, during this project, I'll be installing several Linux distributions, running them each for a week, and keeping a daily journal. This time I'm are taking advantage of Micheal Robertson's recent promotional generosity to grab a copy of Linspire 4.5, formerly LindowsOS, to try out. I'll reiterate to keep in mind that these are my experiences only. Your mileage may vary.

Read more at Linuxbeginner.org

( Permalink: A Week with Linspire 4.5      Submitted by robochan Fri Apr 30, 2004 )

Review: OpenBSD 3.4 SPARC64 Edition
Tony Bourke is reviewing OpenBSD 3.4 for SPARC-64. He discusses installation, the feel of the OS, its desktop, its performance, a MySQL problem he stumbled on, development tools and hardware support, firewalling and more.

( Permalink: Review: OpenBSD 3.4 SPARC64 Edition      Submitted by Anonymous Fri Apr 30, 2004 )

What Lies Ahead For Linux
Here's an Interview with Stacey Quandt, a Linux and open source industry analyst. She explains why she feels Linux will overtake Windows as the number one operating system within the next three years. Her reasons may shock you.

( Permalink: What Lies Ahead For Linux      Submitted by Anonymous Fri Apr 30, 2004 )

Wolfgang Denk of Denx Software Engineering
"The project for our Embedded Linux Development Kit (ELDK) was started to keep Denx and our customers independend from third-party, usually more or less proprietary solutions. As nearly all our work (including the ELDK) is based on Free Software, we consider it only consequent to make the toolchain available for free -- completely, i. e. with all patches and tools and everything. "

( Permalink: Wolfgang Denk of Denx Software Engineering      Submitted by Noel Fri Apr 30, 2004 )

Enabling mobile accounts with Panther Server
"One of the things introduced in Panther Server was a new type of account called the mobile account. The mobile account is a feature that is in some ways revolutionary for Mac administrators and yet is often ignored when discussing Panther and Panther Server."

( Permalink: Enabling mobile accounts with Panther Server      Submitted by Noel Thu Apr 29, 2004 )

Griffin iFire Review
"The Griffin iFire lets you enjoy the great sound and stunning design of the popular Apple and Harman Kardon co-developed Pro Speakers with any IEEE-1394a FireWire equipped computer in the world. The iFire is a Stereo Amplifier & Adapter for Macs, PCs, iPods and Apple Pro Speakers. Previously, only owners of Apple iMacs and PowerMacs could use these incredible speakers until now."

( Permalink: Griffin iFire Review      Submitted by Noel Thu Apr 29, 2004 )

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