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Flour Power Wins Fans for “Hippy Gourmet”
"When the Power Mac G4 came out,” he says, “then digital videocams from Sony, and the whole concept of Firewire, well, it was a no-brainer. All of a sudden you had lossless translation from the three-chip videocams directly into the Mac, and back out to the camera. All the compression happened in the camera, so there was no loss of picture quality."

( Permalink: Flour Power Wins Fans for “Hippy Gourmet”      Submitted by Noel Mon May 3, 2004 )

An Interview with Zack Urlocker, MySQL
OrangeCrate is pleased to present an interview with Zack Urlocker, Vice President, Marketing for MySQL AB:
Zack Urlocker: They are separate technologies. MaxDB is a great database for SAP R/3 applications. There are a couple of thousand companies running it today. It has its own replication fail over. The MySQL Cluster technology works at the storage engine level for our flagship MySQL database server. But MaxDB and MySQL are really two different code bases and we won't try to merge them.

( Permalink: An Interview with Zack Urlocker, MySQL      Submitted by Chuck Talk Mon May 3, 2004 )

Interview with Barth Netterfield about kst
" Kst is just such a project. Started by Barth Netterfield, an astrophysicist, as a personal project to plot data from his experiments, it has now taken on a life of its own, being used in academic projects including BLAST, Boomerang and Planck. It is finding widespread use in Universities and in the European Space Agency, and its development is funded by the Canadian Space Agency."

( Permalink: Interview with Barth Netterfield about kst      Submitted by Noel Mon May 3, 2004 )

Linux: ketchup, Automatic Kernel Patching
"Matt Mackall, maintainer of the -tiny patchset [story], announced version 0.7 of his 'ketchup' script. Written in Python, the script automates the process of patching from one version of the Linux kernel to another. It caches the various patches, only downloading what's required to get you to the version you specify, also automatically verifying the kernel's gpg signature."

( Permalink: Linux: ketchup, Automatic Kernel Patching      Submitted by Noel Mon May 3, 2004 )

The Return of WordPerfect
"Since WP for Linux looks old, I immediately assumed too much about it. After using it for a few days I found that the new WordPerfect for Linux has many of the same features found in WP 9 and WP 10, but they're not in the same places. The Grammatik grammar assistant is there and it works fairly well (even by modern standards) but it doesn't offer restructuring suggestions like WP 10 and above and it doesn't check pre-existing documents when they are opened (you have to modify and save the document to get Grammatik to kick in). "

( Permalink: The Return of WordPerfect      Submitted by Noel Mon May 3, 2004 )

Strong Passwords
"Hackers also have no problem compromising systems with weak passwords. Programs like L0pthCrack for example make the process simple and efficient. Creating a password-cracking dictionary is not even a challenge. Type the words "Creating Password Cracking Dictionaries", without the quotes, in to your favorite search engine. A comprehensive dictionary can be downloaded or created from scratch in short order. "

( Permalink: Strong Passwords      Submitted by Noel Mon May 3, 2004 )

"Desktop wallpaper is interesting enough, but dynamic applications can be put on the desktop as well. For instance, imagine a monitor for CPU usage, disk space and network activity floating transparently on your desktop, constantly being updated. If this sounds interesting, get your hands on Adam Geitgey's SuperKaramba. The Super in front of Karamba might lead you to believe there was a predecessor to this package, and you would be right. Hans Karlsson is the author of the original Karamba."

( Permalink: SuperKaramba      Submitted by Noel Mon May 3, 2004 )

Interview with Miguel de Icaza
"Born in Mexico City, Miguel de Icaza was the driving force behind the creation of the Gnome free software desktop, and co-founded the open source company Ximian, bought last August by Novell. In July 2001, he helped start another ambitious project, Mono: a free implementation for GNU/Linux of Microsoft's .Net framework. He talks to Glyn Moody about Mono's progress, how Ximian was bought by Novell, and why he is so scared of Microsoft's Longhorn."

( Permalink: Interview with Miguel de Icaza      Submitted by Noel Sun May 2, 2004 )

Quick and dirty typesetting with APT
"If you need a markup language to create nicely formatted documents, Linux has plenty of them to choose from -- DocBook, TeX and LaTeX, Lout, the roff family, and of course (X)HTML and XML. So do we really need another? I didn't think so, until I ran across Almost Plain Text (APT), a simple system for marking up text in which most of the formatting is done using indentation and ordinary keyboard characters. Using APT's command-line formatting engine, you can output APT documents to PostScript, PDF, LaTeX, and HTML."

( Permalink: Quick and dirty typesetting with APT      Submitted by Noel Sun May 2, 2004 )

Tune Eclipse's startup performance
This article describes how to find common programming mistakes that may lead to poor startup time and how to correct them. Included is a case study demonstrating how the Runtime Spy was used to improve the startup performance of IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer. The previous article, Part 1, introduces the Runtime Spy.

( Permalink: Tune Eclipse's startup performance      Submitted by Anonymous Sun May 2, 2004 )

Getting Some GRUB For Linux
"If you're still lumbering along with the antique Linux Loader LILO, you really ought to consider migrating to GRUB, the Grand Unified Bootloader. LILO is quite good, and, as the saying goes, if it ain't broke... But GRUB has some advantages that make it, in my opinion, the Bootloader of today's generation. Here's why:"

( Permalink: Getting Some GRUB For Linux      Submitted by Noel Sun May 2, 2004 )

Sun considers GPL license for Solaris
"Maybe we'll GPL it," Schwartz said of Solaris, referring to the GNU General Public License under which the Linux operating system is distributed. "We're still looking at that." In a wide ranging interview in San Francisco Friday morning, Schwartz described a number of initiatives in the works intended to make Solaris more competitive with Linux, which has been taking market share from the low end of Sun's product line."

( Permalink: Sun considers GPL license for Solaris      Submitted by Noel Sun May 2, 2004 )

X Developer's Meeting
"This meeting is intended to cover a wide variety of topics about X Window System technologies, and the as yet unmet needs of the technologies that depend on the X Window System. As a result, this meeting is intended for people working across the entire X Window System stack, including toolkits and window managers and desktop infrastructure. This meeting is not, however, intended to cover general X application development topics or concepts."

( Permalink: X Developer's Meeting      Submitted by Noel Sun May 2, 2004 )

Apple's Chip Pain Will Ease -- Later
"Some experts still hold the view that in the long run, the IBM chip production problem is a blip and that Apple still looks smart for having thrown in with Big Blue. Fears that IBM's chip production problems are serious are seriously overblown, IBM Senior Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer John Joyce said in a recent conference call. And IBM has started to see much higher yields at its Fishkill plant lately, which means IBM's engineers are pretty close to ironing out the kinks, Joyce suggested. "

( Permalink: Apple's Chip Pain Will Ease -- Later      Submitted by Noel Sat May 1, 2004 )

Apple's iPod has created market for add-ons
"There are at least nine FM transmitters available to broadcast iPod tunes through car stereos. Like microphones, there are a range of speakers, from the portable Creative TravelSound speakers ($79) that turn your iPod into a boombox to Altec Lansing's inMotion speakers ($149) that include a travel alarm and built-in charger and dock."

( Permalink: Apple's iPod has created market for add-ons      Submitted by Noel Sat May 1, 2004 )

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