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Beyond Horse Races and Boxing Matches
"But something else was happening while we all watched the sports pages: open source was making headway in government. That's what I learned from Tom Adelstein, the veteran Texas activist who has written extensively on open source in government for Linux Journal (see here and here, in addition to his eight-part series on "Linux Access in State and Local Government")."

( Permalink: Beyond Horse Races and Boxing Matches      Submitted by Noel Fri May 7, 2004 )

Deploy a C application as a grid service
The new programming model of grid services allows applications to be abstracted through their interface, enabling cross-platform and cross-programming language interoperability. This article demonstrates this by showing how to implement and deploy an existing application as a grid service using the IBM® Grid Toolbox for Multiplatform.

( Permalink: Deploy a C application as a grid service      Submitted by Anonymous Fri May 7, 2004 )

College Linux 2.5 Reviewed
"College Linux is a distribution based on Slackware targeting users first being introduced to Linux (including, but not limited to, college students). College Linux attempts to provide an open, easy to use environment where new users can learn more advanced features of Linux. The makers of CL hope to take advantage of the Slackware speed and stability while providing their own interface, installer, and configuration utilities (as well as some other goodies). "

( Permalink: College Linux 2.5 Reviewed      Submitted by Noel Fri May 7, 2004 )

Changing User Information
"After a bit of looking, I came across the command chpass(1). According to the man page, it is the same program as chfn, chsh, ypchfn and ypchsh just under different links. It can be used to change the current user's home/office phone number, office location, shell, etc."

( Permalink: Changing User Information      Submitted by Noel Fri May 7, 2004 )

Using an external USB hard drive.
"Got the chance to mess around with an external USB hard drive for the first time today. Thought I'd document the commands I used to get it going in Fedora Core, just in case anyone else has issues. "

( Permalink: Using an external USB hard drive.      Submitted by Noel Fri May 7, 2004 )

A look at QuickTime Streaming Server
"Architecturally, the server uses the open-standard Real-Time Transport Protocol/Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTP/RTSP) and supports any media rate from dial-up to Gigabit Ethernet, limited only by the network interface card in the server -- which can be upgraded beyond Gigabit Ethernet if needed! The Mac OS X server also supports progressive downloads of any media content (Windows Media included), provided the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension type is set properly in the Apache configuration."

( Permalink: A look at QuickTime Streaming Server      Submitted by Noel Thu May 6, 2004 )

Red Hat reveals desktop push
"The just-announced Red Hat Desktop (RHD) is to be part of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) offerings and works in conjunction with servers running either Red Hat Network Proxy (RHNP) or Red Hat Satellite Servers (RHSS). RHD will feature applications including an e-mail client, browser, and office suite. Enterprises and vertical markets in government and education are the key focus, though the announcement also points out the benefits to developer environments that can benefit from a single desktop and open source development tools"

( Permalink: Red Hat reveals desktop push      Submitted by Noel Thu May 6, 2004 )

Revealed: how Fedora and the community interact
"fedora_rh- So, there will be the following features in the next release of Fedora Core.
oss_crowd- Uh... Hold on. Who gets to decide?
rh_sales- We do. That stuff will be neato for RHEL-4.
oss_crowd- MMkay, then. When do _we_ get to suggest things?
fedora_rh oss_crowd: feel free to talk among yourselves.
oss_crowd talks among themselves about new features.
fedora_rh- btw, feature X will be disabled in the release.
oss_crowd glares at fedora_rh"


( Permalink: Revealed: how Fedora and the community interact      Submitted by Noel Thu May 6, 2004 )

Free Software's new audio heir apparent
"Rhythmbox is comparable to Apple's iTunes in that it concentrates on organizing your music collection and making it easier to navigate through it. It is not intended to be an eye-candy skinnable player that goes hand in hand with dark rooms, black lights, and glow sticks. The program has advanced playlist functionality which reads the identification tags of MP3, OGG, and other formats playable by the up-and-coming GStreamer -- a powerful open source multimedia framework multimedia framework. Rhythmbox uses these tags in order to sort your music by title, genre, artist, or album. Further, You can select songs by running a simple yet powerful search filter on your collection, rate songs, and create multiple playlists. The program's clean and intuitive interface combined with its power and performance make Rhythmbox a pleasure to use."

( Permalink: Free Software's new audio heir apparent      Submitted by Noel Thu May 6, 2004 )

The Next NetWare: Not Your Dad's NetWare
"This way, customers don't have to choose. If you want to try something new, you can use Linux, it's in there. If you want to keep using NetWare, it's in there too. As Jack Messman, Novell's chairman and CEO, has said, "We're not dropping NetWare; we are adding Linux," How do you do this? Well, it won't be easy, but Novell is not, as some would have it, just putting more install CDs into the box. Novell is working on getting the two operating systems to peacefully co-exist. It's doing this by providing a common set of services that ride on top of the two operating system kernels."

( Permalink: The Next NetWare: Not Your Dad's NetWare      Submitted by Noel Thu May 6, 2004 )

How to Save Energy: Just Guess 
"Palem's team has designed a format for embedded chips that are capable of going with a hunch rather than performing painfully precise calculations. Early testing indicates that the chips can extend battery life and, as a bonus, may also enable mobile devices to run more complex applications, since an awful lot of time is currently wasted in churning out those exact calculations."

( Permalink: How to Save Energy: Just Guess       Submitted by Noel Thu May 6, 2004 )

Reboot Linux faster using kexec
Even if your work doesn't require you to reboot your Linux machine several times a day, waiting for a system to reboot can be a real drag. Enter kexec. Essentially, kexec is a fast reboot feature that lets you reboot to a new Linux kernel -- without having to go through a bootloader. Faster reboot is a benefit even when uptime isn't mission-critical -- and a lifesaver for kernel and system software developers who need to reboot their machines several times a day. Kexec is currently available on the x86 32-bit platform only.

( Permalink: Reboot Linux faster using kexec      Submitted by Anonymous Thu May 6, 2004 )

According To Techworld, MAC OS X Is Insecure
According To Techworld, MAC OS X Is Riddled With Security Holes
This article shows how absolutely wrong and clueless that this article is. It explores to some extent why this article is biased and invalid and no more than spreading FUD.

( Permalink: According To Techworld, MAC OS X Is Insecure      Submitted by Anonymous Thu May 6, 2004 )

Are your screen savers KILLING YOUR SCREEN?
"For a screen saver to be effective for an LCD, it must shut off the backlight on the screen. For most modern Macs, this means that the screen blankers control panel included in OS X is 100% worthless until some brilliant programmer decides to make a screen saver that turns off the backlight instead of merely blacking out the pixels. It must be shut off when not in use or you can kiss your cold cathode backlight goodbye within somewhere on average of between one and three years if your computer is constantly on and never allowed to sleep. Of course some people will get four years of abusive use, and some will only get 9 months. "

( Permalink: Are your screen savers KILLING YOUR SCREEN?      Submitted by Noel Wed May 5, 2004 )

NoteTaker and NoteBook
"This month we take a look at AquaMinds NoteTaker and Circus Ponies NoteBook. I have gotten more mail requesting a look at these two than any subject other than the legacy outliners. Both of these give their own joy depending on how your mind is sculpted. I can recommend either. Both push the user interface and feature envelope into new territory in slightly different ways, and they compete against each other. Both are on a fast track development-wise and would be good candidates for partners for the future, but they are different enough in their underlying philosophies that they will find distinctly different user bases."

( Permalink: NoteTaker and NoteBook      Submitted by Noel Wed May 5, 2004 )

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