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Music Education With Linux Sound Tools
"Teaching is great fun for me, and I like being able to use Linux as an aid in my profession. However, teaching is also a business, and I need software to help manage my schedules and accounts. At this time I make my own simple schedule and payment templates, but I plan to incorporate as a limited-liability corporation and will soon be trying out software such as GNUcash to help manage my money matters. I haven't decided on a particular scheduling tool, so I welcome any advice for that software. And if you're a teacher of any subject who uses Linux for your class or studio, please let me know what software you find useful and/or indispensable in your work."

( Permalink: Music Education With Linux Sound Tools      Submitted by Noel Sun Jun 6, 2004 )

SUSE LINUX 9.1: The Complete Review
"SUSE LINUX has been around for a long time, and the developers at SUSE have always prided themselves on the user-friendliness of their distribution. SUSE LINUX 9.1 is the first version of the company's consumer product line to be released following its acquisition by Novell last year, and is described as being "more than just an alternative to Windows". SUSE has always been a general-purpose distribution with packages and tools for servers as well as desktops. Given the importance being placed by Novell on desktop Linux, how does SUSE LINUX 9.1 compare to its specifically desktop-oriented commercial rivals, Lycoris Desktop/LX, Xandros Desktop and Lindows Linspire? SUSE kindly sent us a copy of their latest release so we could find out."

( Permalink: SUSE LINUX 9.1: The Complete Review      Submitted by Noel Sun Jun 6, 2004 )

Celebrating Ten Years of BeOS
It was early 1994 when the first BeOS version left the Be, Inc. offices and headed toward Be's "partners" and "developers". It was the time when the word started to spread around among geeks about this "new and exciting" OS and some external devs got access to it. OSNews highlights the decade with some funny stories from Be and info not known before (e.g. the app-server (similar to what X11 is) that was created in just 3 days).

( Permalink: Celebrating Ten Years of BeOS      Submitted by Anonymous Sun Jun 6, 2004 )

Apple Confidential 2.0
"Journalist Owen Linzmayer, who wrote Apple Confidential: The Real Story of Apple Computer, Inc., in 1999, has delivered a second edition: Apple Confidential 2.0: The Definitive History of the World’s Most Colorful Company. With more pictures and over 60 pages of new info, bringing you up to date on iLife, iPod, Pixar, and those famous Switcher commercials (tales of people switching from a PC to a Mac), Apple Confidential 2.0 provides more juicy tidbits on Apple’s even juicier history."

( Permalink: Apple Confidential 2.0      Submitted by Noel Sat Jun 5, 2004 )

What You Need to Know - Windows NT Server 4.0 EOL
The end is in sight for Windows NT Server 4.0. Microsoft has announced that in December 2004, it will end its extended incident and security hotfix support for this workhorse technology that serves as the platform for a wide range of significant enterprise applications including e-mail, file and print services, network management and Internet functionality. So what should organizations still using Windows NT Server 4.0 do? Is Linux the answer? This article tells you what you need to know and do before the demise of the NT Server 4.0 reaches us.

( Permalink: What You Need to Know - Windows NT Server 4.0 EOL      Submitted by Anonymous Sat Jun 5, 2004 )

Sun confirms decision to open source Solaris
"In an announcement made today at a press conference in Asia, Sun President and Chief Operating Office Jonathan Schwartz said that Sun plans to open source its Solaris operating system. However, Sun still wants to maintain a high level of control over the OS. According to Schwartz, this is out of a desire to avoid having Solaris split up into different distributions à la Linux."

( Permalink: Sun confirms decision to open source Solaris      Submitted by Noel Sat Jun 5, 2004 )

Wireless Backpack Repeater
"The backpack is built from an old camping rucksack, and is fitted with an antenna pole with an 8dB omnidirectional antenna from Solwise. A Linksys WRT54G wireless router is attached in the middle, with a 12vdc sealed lead acid battery to provide power for up to 15 hours."

( Permalink: Wireless Backpack Repeater      Submitted by Noel Sat Jun 5, 2004 )

Behind four Linux community sites
"LinuxForum.com is a beefy site running on a hosted Intel dual-2.4GHz Xeon with 2GB of memory. The foundations are Red Hat Enterprise, Apache 1.3.29, PHP 4.3.6, and MySQL 4.0.18. The site itself is developed in-house in PHP and MySQL. The forum uses a modified version of Invision Powerboard (free with a "Powered by Invision Powerboard" notice, $50/yr and $150/lifetime without notice)."

( Permalink: Behind four Linux community sites      Submitted by Noel Sat Jun 5, 2004 )

Distributed Blender Rendering with Xgrid
"Now the fun begins! Before configuring Xgrid to work with Blender, it is important to make sure things are running smoothly. In our simple testing setup, we have just two computers: a G4 iMac and a G3 iBook wirelessly networked using AirPort. Because we only have two computers, the iMac will be running as the controller, client, and as an agent. The iBook will only be used as an agent."

( Permalink: Distributed Blender Rendering with Xgrid      Submitted by Noel Fri Jun 4, 2004 )

Integrating Ant with Xcode
"It was a dark and hazy night, and you had just crunched out your latest round of Java code on Mac OS X using Xcode. The phone rings. It's your boss calling from her vacation in Mexico. She wants your code to build seamlessly on your Mac as well as under Windows. You hang up the phone as thunder begins to clap outside and lightning blinks around you. You start to sweat. You feel moisture pouring down your face."

( Permalink: Integrating Ant with Xcode      Submitted by Noel Fri Jun 4, 2004 )

Where does a Red Hat Linux user go now?
"Overall, we like Fedora. There are some rough edges,but we're sold on the new distro as a stepping stone away from Red Hat Linux. Perhaps Fedora Core 1 should be called "Red Hat Linux 10" or maybe "9.1." It's a point release, not a radical departure. There are some newer drivers, some different graphics, and a newer kernel. There are problems with some packages on some platforms, but on the whole it's an improvement on Red Hat Linux 9."

( Permalink: Where does a Red Hat Linux user go now?      Submitted by Noel Fri Jun 4, 2004 )

KDE Trouble
In this weeks Security Alerts, we look at problems in KDE, CSV, Subversion, Firebird, FreeBSD msync(), mailman, Opera, Apple's HelpViewer, cPanel, and xpcd.

( Permalink: KDE Trouble      Submitted by Noel Fri Jun 4, 2004 )

Arch for CVS Users
"It has been known for some time now that CVS, the workhorse revision control system for the Free Software community, is at the end of its operational lifespan. Projects such as subversion have worked hard to fix some of the more prominent flaws in CVS's design (no atomic commits, no metadata versioning), but recently a new class of source control system has arrived, championed by GNU arch. Arch is, at its heart, a distributed system. There is no special server process, and each developer's machine can serve as an arch repository. The result is that advanced use of arch can require more work on the client side."

( Permalink: Arch for CVS Users      Submitted by Noel Fri Jun 4, 2004 )

Bring the power of 2D imaging to your Eclipse plug
Most Java developers agree that there's only one domain where Swing/AWT is superior to the Eclipse platform's Standard Widget Toolkit, and that's Java 2D. Until now there has been no easy way to integrate the time-saving features of Java 2D with the superior portability, functionality, and performance of SWT's user interface components, but that's all about to change. Java developer and Eclipse enthusiast Yannick Saillet shows you how easy it can be to paint Java 2D images on your SWT components and Draw2D figures.

( Permalink: Bring the power of 2D imaging to your Eclipse plug      Submitted by Anonymous Fri Jun 4, 2004 )

More on Sun's Java Desktop System 2
This review has got a working JDS2 installation (something rare if we are to judge from past reviews) but with a slew of problems: more installation woes, unusable networking, buggy Nautilus and Mozilla window resizing artifacts among others. The author concludes that JDS2 is --effectively-- nothing but JDS 1.1 with the added Sun server software on top, but the desktop part has the same (and more) issues like JDS1 had.

( Permalink: More on Sun's Java Desktop System 2      Submitted by Anonymous Fri Jun 4, 2004 )

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