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The Mettle of Pogo Linux

MozillaQuest Magazine's (mozillaquest.com) Mike Angelo discusses Pogo Linux Computers with Pogo CEO Tim Lee and Pogo Linux Engineer Jesse Keating (Fedora Legacy Project). All in all, the Pogo Linux people, the high quality of the computer systems they assemble and ship, and the excellent level of support they provide to their customers is remarkable. Pogo Linux and its people are committed to Linux, its growth, and its development. The mettle of Pogo and its people is high in quality of character and quality of temperament. Pogo Linux provides the exemplary, computer-system, vendor model that all computer system vendors ought to follow.

( Permalink: The Mettle of Pogo Linux      Submitted by Anonymous Fri Aug 6, 2004 )

Welcome To SCO, The Home Of Linus Torvalds
"SOMEWHERE IN UTAH -- In a development that should come as no surprise to observers of this never-ending soap opera, The SCO Group's CEO and Minister of Information, Barl McDride, legally changed his name today to "Linus Torvalds." Soon after, Snake Bowell became Alan Cox, Eris Contag changed to Eric Raymond, and Ernie Jung converted to Richard Stallman. "This strategic endeavor will create new value for our shareholders," Linus, er, Barl, said in a press conference. "These changes are part of our plan to clear up confusion in the industry... As part of the process, we will also change our company's name to Unix System Laboratories in order to prevent conflicts with the Southern College of Optometry, the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, and the State Controller's Office of California.""

( Permalink: Welcome To SCO, The Home Of Linus Torvalds      Submitted by Noel Fri Aug 6, 2004 )

ArtMatic Voyager 1.1.2
"U&I's landscape-generation application, ArtMatic Voyager 1.1.2, nearly caused me to miss my deadline. No, not because the program is difficult to understand or control -- a child could create breathtaking photo-realistic vistas with it. Voyager is just so much fun that hours evaporate as you happily tweak the scenery -- jumping from one location in a preset world to another, raising the altitude here, and making the water a bit more transparent there."

( Permalink: ArtMatic Voyager 1.1.2      Submitted by Noel Thu Aug 5, 2004 )

Belkin Media Reader for iPod
"The elegant solution? iPod. As most of you already know, Apple reconfigured the iPod software in March to allow the pocket-size device to be used for digital photo storage. So, the real purpose of this article is to let you know that the software, coupled with the Belkin Media Reader, does indeed work as advertised, and works like a charm. I tried it out in the field, gambling my Paris photos on it, and I wasnít disappointed in the slightest. Sure, the 20 GB iPod cost a bit more than a 2 GB card, but hey, it has 10 times the storage capacity."

( Permalink: Belkin Media Reader for iPod      Submitted by Noel Thu Aug 5, 2004 )

The Event Completion Framework for Solaris
"This is the problem that the event completion framework shipped with the Solaris 10 Operating System (OS) is designed to solve. This framework provides a group of clients waiting on multiple objects (that is, AIO transactions, timers, files, and user-defined events) with a method to receive transaction completion events from different parts of the system in a scalable and performant manner. Additionally, the introduction of this framework enables developers with applications that leverage an event completion API to migrate from other operating systems to the Solaris 10 OS."

( Permalink: The Event Completion Framework for Solaris      Submitted by Noel Thu Aug 5, 2004 )

Networking Security Concepts
"The key to network security can be found in understanding the choices and strategies available to you look to the building blocks of network security. These include implementing user authentication, using proxy servers and firewalls, setting up demilitarized zones, and taking advantage of port- and packet-filtering technologies. The overview of these security solutions provided by this article will give you an understanding of the technology. User authentication, the first option discussed in this article, is the most basic component of network security, and its success depends on the method used (encrypted, plain text, and so forth), and on the ability to keep this information from unauthorized personnel. Some of the more popular versions of user authentication include the Password Authentication Protocol (PAP) and the Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP). "

( Permalink: Networking Security Concepts      Submitted by Noel Thu Aug 5, 2004 )

Geek Battles : A Call for Perspective
As computer, OS and technology aficionados many of us have become all too familiar with the rivalries that occur between different camps. At some level this back and fourth dialog is healthy because it exposes others to alternative solutions which might better better than what they are currently using. But somewhere along the line, these rivalries got out of control and individuals in the same camp are creating division where unity is most needed. Daniel R. Miessler submitted the following editorial to osOpinion/osViews, which analysis how out of control the situation has become. Can't we all just get along?

( Permalink: Geek Battles : A Call for Perspective      Submitted by Kelly McNeill Thu Aug 5, 2004 )

Open-Xchange Moves to Open Source License

It may be one of the most significant GPL moves made in the software industry this year, but you may not have heard of the product, or the company, that has been shifted to a GPL license today.
The company is Netline Internet Service, a small German development shop. The product is Open-Xchange Server. If that name sounds a bit familiar, or if it looks like a typo, you are on the right track. Open-Xchange Server is the core groupware engine for the SUSE Openexchange Server product, and now it will be fully open sourced, Netline announced today.

Read more here.

( Permalink: Open-Xchange Moves to Open Source License      Submitted by Frank Neugebauer Thu Aug 5, 2004 )

IBM turns database software over to Apache
"In a move to bolster the Java programming language against the increasing popularity of .Net (and open-source Mono), IBM has decided to open source Cloudscape. The Apache Software Foundation, known primarily as the group responsible for maintaining the widely-popular Apache web server, will have control over Cloudscape's intellectual property and licensing rights. To be known as Derby, the application is designed to be integrated and distributed with standalone applications, much like SQLite and Berkely DB, as opposed to a replacement for larger databases such as MySQL, Oracle, or DB2."

( Permalink: IBM turns database software over to Apache      Submitted by Noel Thu Aug 5, 2004 )

What's the big deal about Cloudscape anyway?
IBM Cloudscape is an open standards small footprint database that tightly embeds into Java applications. Cloudscape aims to be easy to use for software developers and requires zero administration for end users. Here are new articles designed to fill-in all the gaps and answer the question: What's the big deal about Cloudscape anyway?

- Cloudscape 10: A Technical Overview
- Cloudscape Frequently Asked Questions
- Integrating Cloudscape and Tomcat
- IBM Cloudscape: Understanding Java class path

( Permalink: What's the big deal about Cloudscape anyway?      Submitted by Anonymous Thu Aug 5, 2004 )

Making a Silent Movie with iMovie
"I had heard and read many times that iMovie was easy to use. Somewhere along the way, I decided to put this to the test by making a short movie. Thinking back to my previous PC-based video editing experiences, I remembered that it was relatively easy to mess up the timing between the audio and video tracks. I decided to avoid that problem altogether by making a silent movie. We may tackle solutions to that problem in a future article. For now, silent is the way to go. To make the project a little more challenging, I decided to consult the iMovie Help file as little as possible. Itís a great resource but I wanted to see what I could do without it."

( Permalink: Making a Silent Movie with iMovie      Submitted by Noel Wed Aug 4, 2004 )

BF 1942 Server
"Something I had asked about quite some time ago on the Battlefield Linux boards is coming into being now, the Mac version of the dedicated server application for BF1942, sporting an Aqua Interface! "

( Permalink: BF 1942 Server      Submitted by Noel Wed Aug 4, 2004 )

Bringing Linux to Nicaragua, Part II
"As for what I've actually been doing down here, the most significant project to date is getting diskless clients to run with our current install, SuSE 9.0. Diskless clients are important to us because it gives us a clear advantage over Windows when marketing to local businesses and schools. Instead of trying to roll it myself, I decided I might as well utilize the years of work that have been put into the LTSP project and chose the LTSP 4.0 release for this project."

( Permalink: Bringing Linux to Nicaragua, Part II      Submitted by Noel Wed Aug 4, 2004 )

Monitoring System Performance
"Monitoring system performance is an integral part of administering any set of servers, whether they be production, test, or development oriented. Representing this performance data visually on a graph significantly aids the human eye in recognizing anomalies and trends. An accurate visual portrayal of past and present performance data allows the administrator to quickly pinpoint recurring bottlenecks and spot applications that could benefit from tuning. Using the utility Orca in conjunction with RRDtool, the SE Toolkit, and a web server such as Apache is an effective way to track such performance data on machines running the Solaris Operating System. Orca can also plot a variety of data collected from machines using other operating systems, enabling the administrator to create a centralized performance monitoring infrastructure."

( Permalink: Monitoring System Performance      Submitted by Noel Wed Aug 4, 2004 )

VPNs (Virtual Private Nightmares)
What's the number 1 vector for security outbreaks today? Virtual Private Networks. Today's convenient world of mobile access to critical applications and information has come with a hefty burden for the world's already overburdened security teams.

( Permalink: VPNs (Virtual Private Nightmares)      Submitted by LogError Wed Aug 4, 2004 )

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