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Spam Blocking Techniques
Recent analyst estimates indicate that over 60 percent of the world’s email is unsolicited email, or “spam.” Spam is no longer just a simple annoyance. Spam has now become a significant security issue and a massive drain on financial resources. In fact, this deluge of spam costs corporations an estimated $20 billion each year in lost productivity.
story (End document is a PDF file but a good overview - Noel)

( Permalink: Spam Blocking Techniques      Submitted by Scott Tue Aug 10, 2004 )

IBM provides RIB tool for Swing and Eclipse GUIs
The IBM Reflexive User Interface Builder (RIB) is an application that constructs and renders graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for Java Swing and Eclipse Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) based upon a descriptive XML document. Arranged in this way, RIB can create and render GUIs based solely upon the information in an XML document. See new developer article on RIB that shows you how to Build Java GUIs simply and quickly.

( Permalink: IBM provides RIB tool for Swing and Eclipse GUIs      Submitted by gham Tue Aug 10, 2004 )

Robin Williams Mac OS X Book, Panther Edition
"According to the publisher's book description, no matter how many bells and whistles a new operating system offers—and with Mac OS X 10.3 Panther the list is a long one—using that new OS can be an intimidating process. Unless, of course, you have Robin Williams in your corner. In this volume, she once again works her magic by providing a gentle and friendly introduction to Panther."

( Permalink: Robin Williams Mac OS X Book, Panther Edition      Submitted by Noel Mon Aug 9, 2004 )

Revolutionizing Flow Cytometry
"Nearly every major hospital in the world uses flow cytometers — high-speed, automated microscopes — for research and clinical analysis. Thanks to the work of Dr. Mario Roederer, scientists and medical professionals have better tools for analyzing flow cytometer data. Along with Adam Treister at Stanford University’s prestigious Herzenberg Lab, Roederer wrote flow-cytometry analysis software called FlowJo — “jo” for jack-of-all trades — for the Mac."

( Permalink: Revolutionizing Flow Cytometry      Submitted by Noel Mon Aug 9, 2004 )

Automated Penetration Testing
The security industry has matured quickly over the past few years with penetration testing becoming one of the norms for organisations adopting best-practice processes. Loosely defined as the process of actively assessing an organisations security measures and completely reliant on consultancy services, security manufacturers have been eager to bridge the gap between product and service and more importantly to reap the benefits of additional profits. Not surprisingly, we have seen the emergence of the automated penetration test with a number of providers springing up to fill the sector. Story

( Permalink: Automated Penetration Testing      Submitted by MarekB Mon Aug 9, 2004 )

Nils Magnus (of LinuxTag) on Security and aKademy
"As soon as a vulnerability is known, the reaction time is in the range of a few hours for open source software. For proprietary software it often takes 30 days or more; manufacturers call this a short response period. Finally, due to its architecture, Linux is free of one plague: There are no Linux viruses! Sophos, the anti virus manufacturer, lists just two linux viruses, but these have only been of academic interest and are rare 'in the wild'. After all, the well-engineered system design is based on the experiences of 35 years of UNIX development."

( Permalink: Nils Magnus (of LinuxTag) on Security and aKademy      Submitted by Noel Mon Aug 9, 2004 )

"In his opening keynote at OSCon, Tim O'Reilly said the new "killer apps" of the Internet age were not applications at all but massive back-end Web service providers whose branded offerings--books on Amazon, search on Google and Yahoo, auctions on eBay--masked their more significant roles as enablers of thousands or perhaps millions of businesses. Significantly, these new Web-based platforms are themselves built in various ways on open-source infrastructure. In other words, open source commoditized infrastructure that in turn supports business that can build on infrastructure that's both standard and cheap."

( Permalink: Adaptations      Submitted by Noel Mon Aug 9, 2004 )

"The VIA EPIA ME6000 is an inexpensive, easy to set up integrated Mini-ITX solution. It's got pretty much everything you need onboard -- LAN, sound, USB 2.0, IEEE1394, video, and two integrated processors for data encryption and MPEG decoding. The integrated CPU is fanless and tiny, which means that a machine based on this motherboard will be less noisy than a larger system; the only fan noise you'll get will be from the power supply."

( Permalink: VIA EPIA ME6000      Submitted by Noel Mon Aug 9, 2004 )

Use Unicode to Power the World's Largest Democracy
"With the upcoming US elections occurring this November, there have been lot of discussions regarding the use of open source in the technology that facilitates the electoral process. The center of attention and focus of these discussions has been electronic voting machines. But half-way across the planet, in the State of Maharashtra, India, the focus is on another aspect of the election process--the voter list. In a multilingual country such as India, access to the voter list in local languages is as pivotal as the democratic activity of voting itself."

( Permalink: Use Unicode to Power the World's Largest Democracy      Submitted by Noel Mon Aug 9, 2004 )

Using open source tools for Linux on POWER
This article focuses on open source software for Linux for the POWER microprocessor architecture, but the issues discussed are common to all usage of open source software in a Linux environment. All of the projects mentioned in this article are available for, but not limited to, Linux on POWER. Open source software is real software developed by a broad range of people. Much of it is of commercial quality, and some projects surpass commercial offerings.

( Permalink: Using open source tools for Linux on POWER      Submitted by Anonymous Mon Aug 9, 2004 )

Creating Varargs in Java 1.5 Tiger
"In this excerpt from Chapter 5 of the book, Brett and David cover how to create and iterate over variable-length argument lists (better known as varargs), which will have you writing better, cleaner, more flexible code in no time."

( Permalink: Creating Varargs in Java 1.5 Tiger      Submitted by Noel Sun Aug 8, 2004 )

Hierarchical SQL
"One of the properties of trees is that there is one and only one path from the root to every node in the tree. The path enumeration model stores that path as a string by concatenating either the edges or the keys of the nodes in the path. Searches are done with string functions and predicates on those path strings. There are two methods for enumerating the paths, edge enumeration and node enumeration. The node enumeration is the most common, and there is little difference in the basic string operations on either model. However, the edge enumeration model has some useful numeric properties."

( Permalink: Hierarchical SQL      Submitted by Noel Sun Aug 8, 2004 )

"Fvwm was created by Robert Nation. It is based on code from 'twm' (Tom's Window Manager) which was at the time perhaps the only real window manager available. Frustrated with the lack of features and the fact that 'twm' was full of memory leaks, Rob began hacking on it; the result was that Fvwm was kick-started in early 1993. Rob had, in fact, already made a name for himself as the author of the popular terminal emulator rxvt, which is still used by a lot of people today."

( Permalink: Fvwm      Submitted by Noel Sun Aug 8, 2004 )

Securing a New Linux Installation
"From a security professional's perspective, a number of common Linux distributions are insecure "out of the box", and many of the supplied packages are already out of date by the time they reach the shelves. As the security of one's computer and more importantly its data is a priority concern, there are a number of steps that should be taken at the time of installation to secure one's operating system as well as to help identify attempted or successful attacks. These steps are listed below and each is expanded on in detail in the sections that follow."

( Permalink: Securing a New Linux Installation      Submitted by Noel Sun Aug 8, 2004 )

Groovy forever changes the way that you view Java
Whereas the Java language has won over an entire generation of programmers with its commitment to exactitude and extensiveness, Groovy heralds a new era of programming on the Java platform, one defined by convenience, expedience, and agility. This article shares an informal introduction to the proposed addition to the standard programming languages for the Java platform.

( Permalink: Groovy forever changes the way that you view Java      Submitted by Anonymous Sun Aug 8, 2004 )

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