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John Terpstra on Challenges to Free Software
"John firmly believes that open technology development is under threat, both from direct legal and financial attacks, and from being limited technologically in its ability to compete by way of deliberately restrictive laws in respect of intellectual property. Various organisations and individuals, he asserts, are willing to sacrifice the world's freedom to use technology for the sake of their own short-term gain."

( Permalink: John Terpstra on Challenges to Free Software      Submitted by Noel Sun Sep 5, 2004 )

Powerful security using Struts, servlet filters
Enterprise-level business applications need rigorous security regulations with varying roles; each role also requires its own set of access control lists. This article explains how you can use Struts, taglibs, and servlet filters to develop a powerful and flexible security model that can be used directly by almost any Web-based application.

( Permalink: Powerful security using Struts, servlet filters      Submitted by Anonymous Sun Sep 5, 2004 )

Earth to Sun - please do not dump JavaOne
Bob Sutor, IBM's Director of WebSphere Foundation Software respectfully requests that Sun keep the JavaOne and Sun-specific Sun Network conferences separate. We should all join Bob and urge Sun to err on the side of the Java community. Will we just be participants in a Sun infomercial if they combine both conferences? Merging Sun Network with JavaOne would completely cross over the line toward making this an explicitly Sun event at the expense of all the loyal Java developers worldwide who look forward to their event (JavaOne) each year.

( Permalink: Earth to Sun - please do not dump JavaOne      Submitted by gham Sun Sep 5, 2004 )

Are You Indulging In Unprotected Wireless?
Wireless PCs and wireless laptops are being increasingly used in both business and the home. The reason for this marked trend is that wireless computers are easy to deploy, cheap and are usually simpler to manage than standard wired connections.
In the business world, smaller companies with two to two hundred and fifty users, find that wireless computing frees them from the conventional restrictions of cabling. Once a wireless device has been installed, new PCs or laptops can be added without the hassle of wiring them in. story

( Permalink: Are You Indulging In Unprotected Wireless?      Submitted by Scott Sun Sep 5, 2004 )

Apple's Phil Schiller, analysts on the iMac G5
"It's meant to express a couple of things -- It's not to hide behind the iPod or to downplay the Mac at all," Schiller said. "Since we designed the iMac, a lot has happened at Apple -- probably the most influential thing that has happened in years is the iPod, both in terms of product design and having greater reach in the marketplace. It's still an iMac, it's still what an iMac is about."

( Permalink: Apple's Phil Schiller, analysts on the iMac G5      Submitted by Noel Sat Sep 4, 2004 )

Bernhard Reiter, FSFE
"Personally I would like to see more attention to businesses, with a good business model for private desktop users. The FSFE has an initiative called the GNU Business Network which could help in this area if we received more funding. Society needs businesses, but it shouldn't be driven by business interests. Rather, society should be laying down the ethics by which businesses operate. Free Software desktops can be part of the development of such an ethical business model for Free Software."

( Permalink: Bernhard Reiter, FSFE      Submitted by Noel Sat Sep 4, 2004 )

Disk cloning
"Have you ever needed to clone a disk? Your 5GB drive is just too small? Time to move it all to a new 160GB drive? Then you're in the right place. I'm going to show you how I did just that! I'll demonstrate how to do this in Windows XP Pro and under FreeBSD. Why? Because I can!"

( Permalink: Disk cloning      Submitted by Noel Sat Sep 4, 2004 )

Will Schwarzenegger Terminate Windows?
"Special interests will attempt to undermine open-source efforts. Although many consider California to be a progressive state, fiscally conservative Republicans have had the most success in achieving open-source adoption. Consider, for example, Governor Mitt Romney, the Republican governor of Massachusetts. In January of this year, through the Executive Office for Administration and Finance, he issued a final policy on the use of open-source software and open standards. The policy requires commonwealth officials to consider all relevant factors, including the potential for excessive dependence on a single supplier, before they spend taxpayer money on information technology."

( Permalink: Will Schwarzenegger Terminate Windows?      Submitted by Noel Sat Sep 4, 2004 )

Install SUSE Linux on a JS20 BladeCenter
This article describes the steps of a basic installation of Linux on an IBM eServer BladeCenter JS20 blade server, starting with the BladeCenter Management Module and ending with the installation of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8.

( Permalink: Install SUSE Linux on a JS20 BladeCenter      Submitted by Anonymous Sat Sep 4, 2004 )

HOWTO: Relax and Enjoy Linux Again
I know that every day the ongoing litigation and propoganda campaign from the SCO Group and their financiers has been a focal point for conflict for some time. Add to that the stress of the political vitriol being spewed daily and job-related stress and you might begin to induce extreme levels of disharmony into your daily life at work, home and play. That is never a good thing, and there really isn't a HOWTO that has been written on the title subject. Well, at least until now. ;)

( Permalink: HOWTO: Relax and Enjoy Linux Again      Submitted by Chuck Talk Fri Sep 3, 2004 )

NX - Revolution of Network Computing?
"The FreeNX and kNX initiatives will bring efficient, lean and high speed Terminal Services to KDE which work well even over very distant and low bandwidth links. They will connect KDE workstations with multiple Operating System platforms and enable users to seamlessly operate their favorite or required applications, regardless on what platform they run. Overall they will make Linux desktop migration plans significantly easier to implement and give a big boost to KDE adoption as the desktop environment of choice for corporate and enterprise usage."

( Permalink: NX - Revolution of Network Computing?      Submitted by Noel Fri Sep 3, 2004 )

Using a jail as a virtual machine
"This article shows you how I created a jail for the OSW website. It runs in a jail on the same system as this website. I originally did this install back in November 2003 and the notes from that session form the basis of this article. I have need to recreate the jail now as we recently had an HDD failure. A jail is useful for many purposes. In my case, I wanted to give the OSW project a place to run their websites, mailing lists, etc, but at the same time keep them isolated from the rest of the machine. "

( Permalink: Using a jail as a virtual machine      Submitted by Noel Fri Sep 3, 2004 )

From OS/2 to Linux: Part 3. Timer and DLL calls
Linux is evolving as the predominant operating system of the new millennium, and legacy operating systems such as OS/2 are being gradually phased out. This series of articles helps the developers involved in the tedious process of migrating/porting the OS/2 system drivers and applications to Linux. In this last of three installments, the authors focus on how to do timer calls and DLL calls in OS/2 and Linux, with a view to mapping between the two systems.

( Permalink: From OS/2 to Linux: Part 3. Timer and DLL calls      Submitted by Anonymous Fri Sep 3, 2004 )

Avoiding the Microsoft Tax
Here's an interesting view expressed by Graddy Booch, the author of six best-selling books and writer of several hundred articles on software engineering. He has taken the bold step of dismissing the endless upgrade path that Microsoft demands us to take. He has decided to embrace a Microsoft-free computing environment. Graddy just got a new 17" Apple Powerbook powered by the G4 processor and he's very content with his new path and other additions to his computing environment that enables him to turn his back on the MS tax.

( Permalink: Avoiding the Microsoft Tax      Submitted by Anonymous Fri Sep 3, 2004 )

Mac OS X for the Traveler
"My goal in this series of articles is not to introduce you to new revolutionary bleeding-edge technologies, but rather to show you how to make the most of Mac OS X and the services that Apple puts at your disposal to achieve true mobility and security while keeping costs down -- an especially challenging task when traveling internationally."

( Permalink: Mac OS X for the Traveler      Submitted by Noel Wed Sep 1, 2004 )

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