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Ubuntu Multimedia HOWTO
"Thanks to the Ubuntu developers, we have another accessible and easy to use Debian-based distribution. This HOWTO details the installation and configuration of applications essential to your media enjoyment on Ubuntu."

( Permalink: Ubuntu Multimedia HOWTO      Submitted by Disposable Mon Oct 11, 2004 )

Ten things I wish they warned me about PKI
Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) has been reviewed as a technical infrastructure by a number of security experts. In this paper we look at a number of pratical organizational issues that pure PKI suppliers often fail to mention. story

( Permalink: Ten things I wish they warned me about PKI      Submitted by Scott Mon Oct 11, 2004 )

Patchburn 3 now available
"XLR8YourMac.com reports that Patchburn 3 is now available. In addition to a bunch o' bugfixes, the author, Christian Moeller, reports that this version will give you true "vendor support level" for iDVD 4 and the Apple System Profiler with many internal and external DVD writers."

( Permalink: Patchburn 3 now available      Submitted by Noel Fri Oct 8, 2004 )

Interview with Chris Schlaeger from Novell/SUSE
"My name is Chris Schlaeger and I'm the Vice President of Research and Development SUSE Linux at Novell. I'm a long time KDE developer and I used to be the maintainer of KSysguard and before that I worked on the previous version called KTop and I hacked on kdelibs."

( Permalink: Interview with Chris Schlaeger from Novell/SUSE      Submitted by Noel Fri Oct 8, 2004 )

"You probably noticed I am using ext2 as the cryptoloop filesystem. That's a safe choice, cause journaled filesystems are reported to have bad problems with cryptoloops. So, if you want to setup things in this old way, stay with ext2 or consider using the device mapper instead (as described further in the article). You can finally mount your encrypted filesystem now. In my case I do:"

( Permalink: Crypto-loops      Submitted by Noel Fri Oct 8, 2004 )

Setting up OpenPBS To Manage Your Cluster
"There are many aspects to cluster (or high performance) computing - these include the cluster architecture, the type of networks, the nature of the parallel code etc. However an important component of a cluster is the job management system. For a 'cluster' of 2 or 3 machines its feasible (though not much fun!) to check the status of each machine and run a job on a specific node. However, it means you have to check the load on 3 machines, copy files to and from the machines etc. In addition its possible for a user to hog all the resources on a machine."

( Permalink: Setting up OpenPBS To Manage Your Cluster      Submitted by Noel Fri Oct 8, 2004 )

Review of GnuCash
"Few things about GnuCash are as hard to understand--or as important to master--as the double-entry accounting method. If you took accounting in college, GnuCash's way of managing your money probably induces heart-palpitating flashbacks of debits, credits, and mean old accounting profs. If you didn't take an accounting class, you may be completely lost, because the way GnuCash does things is the same way professional accountants do it. Used correctly, the double-entry method reveals where every cent of your money comes from and where every cent of it goes."

( Permalink: Review of GnuCash      Submitted by Noel Fri Oct 8, 2004 )

Temporary-File Race Conditions
In this weeks Security Alerts, we look at a collection of temporary-file race conditions, and problems in Samba, GNU sharutils, JRun, Subversion, imlib, IBM AIX ctstrtcasd, YahooPOPs, and OpenOffice.org.

( Permalink: Temporary-File Race Conditions      Submitted by Noel Thu Oct 7, 2004 )

PearPC and Mac OS X Installation
"When MechAssault starts up select "CAMPAIGN" and then "Install Linux". 3. This should install a minimal Linux system. Next time you start up your Xbox and go to the Dashboard there should be another item in the main menu called "Linux" this will start the minimal Linux system. From there, you can install a full version of Linux using a CD from http://xbox-linux.org ."

( Permalink: PearPC and Mac OS X Installation      Submitted by Noel Thu Oct 7, 2004 )

KOffice Interview
"New KOffice components have indeed been developed recently: Kexi, the database application (somewhat similar to Access) is looking quite good already, and Krita (bitmap image editing) is under heavy development. The start of a project-management application (KPlato) needs more developers though."

( Permalink: KOffice Interview      Submitted by Noel Thu Oct 7, 2004 )

Web Database Applications with PHP & MySQL
"PHP is a scripting language for the web, and is seen as an alternative to Microsoft's Active Server Pages and to Java's JSP pages. Since the last review, PHP 5 was released offering a new object model for object oriented programming, refined XML support, enhanced support for web services, built in SQLite support, and tons more. While not used on many production servers yet, it is gaining acceptance. I was pleased to find that the 2nd edition of the book gave an introduction to PHP 5."

( Permalink: Web Database Applications with PHP & MySQL      Submitted by Noel Thu Oct 7, 2004 )

Linux Doom 3 Binaries and Demo Released
"GNU/Linux system,
Pentium III, 1Ghz
256Mb RAM
Kernel 2.4, 2.6 is recommended
glibc 2.2 and up

3D card:
NV10 or R200 minimum hardware
OpenGL hardware acceleration

sound card + OSS ( with mmap support )"


( Permalink: Linux Doom 3 Binaries and Demo Released      Submitted by Noel Thu Oct 7, 2004 )

Reduce code bloat with XDoclet
The open source XDoclet code-generation engine, an integral part of many leading Java frameworks, is often heralded as an enabler for attribute-oriented programming and continuous integration. But XDoclet also has an undeserved reputation for being difficult for beginning developers to grasp and master.

( Permalink: Reduce code bloat with XDoclet      Submitted by Anonymous Thu Oct 7, 2004 )

From Windows To OS X: The Applications
"Part of switching to a new computing platform is learning the “in’s and out’s” of the new system, and getting accustomed to making it work for you, not against you. A large part of the adjustment is finding the right application on this new platform to get the job done. If you’re a recent switcher, or wanting to switch to OS X, then this article is for you. Over the course of this article we’ll help you to figure out which Applications you’re used to using on Windows, and recommend their equivalent or counterpart on OS X."

( Permalink: From Windows To OS X: The Applications      Submitted by Noel Wed Oct 6, 2004 )

Linux and G5
"Time has passed since I first wrote about the Linux on G5 situation. It's time for another quick view at what's working well and at what's not working at all. Before analyzing several fields of Linux support to G5 boxes, I want to warn you that what you read here is not (yet?) applicable to iMac G5. Most of the hardware could be the same, but this model is shipping in these days and it is just too soon even to get successful/unsuccesful reports. Usually support situation changes very fastly, so consider doing many searches on the net about this argument to to get always the latest informations. "

( Permalink: Linux and G5      Submitted by Noel Wed Oct 6, 2004 )

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