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Novell Linux Desktop released
"Novell started off the week by releasing the long anticipated Novell Linux Desktop. Based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9, "Novell Linux Desktop" is Novell's first attempt at an enterprise-level desktop operating system. Unlike the "bleeding edge" distributions that release early and often, enterprise distributions like NLD follow a more conservative path. As such, NLD uses and older, more tested software suite, like GNOME 2.6 and kernel 2.6.5."

( Permalink: Novell Linux Desktop released      Submitted by Noel Tue Nov 9, 2004 )

New e600 PowerPC SoC Platform Products
"Freescale has leveraged its expertise in building high-performance PowerPC™ processors and highly integrated communications processors to design the MPC8641D Dual Core Processor. This processor integrates two e600 PowerPC cores, two memory controllers, Ethernet controllers, a RapidIO™ fabric interface, a PCI Express I/O interface, and a high performance MPX bus that scales to 667 MHz. It's one powerful processor, but it doesn't break the power budget starting at 15 Watts."

( Permalink: New e600 PowerPC SoC Platform Products      Submitted by Noel Tue Nov 9, 2004 )

Perl 6 Grammars and Regular Expressions
Perl 6 is finally coming within reach. This article gives you a tour of the grammars and regular expressions of the Perl 6 language, comparing them with the currently available Parse::RecDescent module for Perl 5. Find out what will be new with Perl 6 regular expressions and how to make use of the new, powerful incarnation of the Perl scripting language.

( Permalink: Perl 6 Grammars and Regular Expressions      Submitted by Anonymous Tue Nov 9, 2004 )

Evaluating Eclipse vs. IntelliJ IDEA
Both Eclipse 3.0 and IntelliJ IDEA 4 are feature-rich, Java IDEs that provide syntax checking, code assistance, and code generation for coding. In addition, they both provide support for refactoring, Ant, unit testing, and CVS. And soon, the Eclipse Visual Editor 1.0 for building GUIs using either AWT/Swing or SWT will be available. But some important differences exist between the two. This article briefly compares the features, ease of use, and stability of Eclipse and IDEA.

( Permalink: Evaluating Eclipse vs. IntelliJ IDEA      Submitted by Anonymous Tue Nov 9, 2004 )

A look at Sun's Niagara
"The first of these new processors is codenamed Niagara, and I've covered it a bit here on Ars (see this article, and hit the Ars search function for more). Though it's a completely new design, you could say that Niagara picks up where MAJC left off, in the sense that it's a multicore, multithreaded server chip that does strictly in-order execution. Of course, Niagara goes way beyond what MAJC was supposed to provide. Each Niagara CPU has eight very simple cores, and each core can run up to four threads simultaneously for a total of 32 concurrent threads."

( Permalink: A look at Sun's Niagara      Submitted by Noel Mon Nov 8, 2004 )

Sun's Niagara
"Here is where threading helps a lot. If you have a cache miss and are facing a long wait for something to come back from memory, you just switch to another thread. That thread can execute its instruction stream until it hits a pothole, then it hands execution off to another thread. Intel has the ability to do this between two threads on the Pentium 4 with hyperthreading, and Niagara has four threads running in parallel per core. To make up numbers, if a cache miss takes 100 cycles, and on average each thread can execute for 25 cycles before it needs to hit main memory, in theory you should completely hide memory latency."

( Permalink: Sun's Niagara      Submitted by Noel Mon Nov 8, 2004 )

Interview with Inkscape Founder Bryce Harrington
"Bryce Harrington: I'm an engineer at the Open Source Development Labs, but work on Inkscape in my freetime. I've been involved with the project since the start, doing a mix of release wrangling, development, and other organizational type things. I've dabbled in a lot of open source projects, but Inkscape's my favorite."

( Permalink: Interview with Inkscape Founder Bryce Harrington      Submitted by Noel Mon Nov 8, 2004 )

HOW-TO: Get music OFF your iPod
"Never did we think we’d need to do a How-To on something which should be part of the basic functionality of a portable music player, but once you put your tunes on an iPod unfortunately it’s a one-way sync unless you know the tricks for getting them off. There are already a lot of different ways to copy music off of an iPod, Apple is just choosing to spend a lot of time and resources to make it hard to do. In this How-To we show you several different ways of getting the music off of your iPod and onto both Macs and PCs, all with free tools."

( Permalink: HOW-TO: Get music OFF your iPod      Submitted by Noel Mon Nov 8, 2004 )

LinuxCertified LC2430 Laptop Review
OSNews posted a comprehensive review of the made-for-Linux LinuxCertified LC2430 laptop. They found that all its components are fully compatible with Linux, except with ACPI in recent kernels (which actually affects most laptops recently). The laptop is a desktop replacement with strong performance and some good extra features: Firewire port, 3-1 card reader, combo drive, SXGA+ TFT screen and an ATi Radeon 3D card. Four Linux distributions were tested with it.

( Permalink: LinuxCertified LC2430 Laptop Review      Submitted by Anonymous Mon Nov 8, 2004 )

Java environments for Linux on POWER architecture
Linux on POWER distributions offer a variety of Java development and run time environments. This article provides a brief overview of the currently available Java Development Kits (JDKs) and Java Runtime Environments (JREs) for Linux for POWER.

( Permalink: Java environments for Linux on POWER architecture      Submitted by Anonymous Mon Nov 8, 2004 )

The Cult of Mac
"The form and structure of the book is a cross between a Wired magazine (for which Kahney has long written on Apple) and a coffee table book. There are great pictures of people, machines and art to appeal to the eye. Some pages are all pictures, while others are primarily text -- most are a combination of the two. The layout is always attractive. If this were a book from Apple, the style would be cleaner and there would be less emphasis on the past; this book is from and for the fans, though, so the style is more edgy and chaotic."

( Permalink: The Cult of Mac      Submitted by Noel Sun Nov 7, 2004 )

How To Mod a Case
"How to Go About Modding a Case........ When will they learn? Why is that practically all case manufacturers insist on producing housings that are uglier than a Taiwanese lady-boy after a heavy night on the town..............? I can accept that a lot of these find their way into work places but still............I mean its not like every car manufacturer produces white cars is it? What ever happened to variety is the spice of life? Its true that on cost grounds a beige case is the best but I'm sure that many consumers wouldn't mind paying a little extra for the choice of something a bit more vibrant or at least a little different in the colour department."

( Permalink: How To Mod a Case      Submitted by Noel Sun Nov 7, 2004 )

Interview with Hubert Feyrer
"NetBSD-PT: When did you first start to get interested in NetBSD and why ?
Hubert Feyrer: That was in the summer of 1993, when I was doing an internship at the computing center of the University of Regensburg. Back then, I owned an Amiga 2000, and some guys tried to port the Mach microkernel to the Amiga, with mediocre results. One day, Markus Wild from Switzerland popped into the Amiga chat and announced that he had ported NetBSD to the Amiga. I knew about Ultrix and SunOS then, and had a lot of fun getting NetBSD on my Amiga - carrying dozends of floppies, getting a new SCSI controller etc., and I put a lot of time into it, and i grew with it."


( Permalink: Interview with Hubert Feyrer      Submitted by Noel Sun Nov 7, 2004 )

Write a simple programme in Qt: The smarter way
"A week ago I wrote an article on HOWTO write a simple programme in Qt using QT Designer. This time we are going to see a smarter way to write a "Hello, World!" programme in Qt. Now also the aim is to create a Window with a push button on it and to display "Hello, World!" on the terminal when clicking on that push button. All these steps are tested on a Fedora Core 2 machine with Qt 3.3.2 and KDE 3.2"

( Permalink: Write a simple programme in Qt: The smarter way      Submitted by Noel Sun Nov 7, 2004 )

iPod Photo: Attributes and Accessories
"If you’re wondering about the hardware differences between the current 4G (Click Wheel) iPods and the iPod Photo, here’s the skinny: The most obvious difference is the iPod Photo’s color screen. Although it’s the same size as the standard iPod’s screen (2 inches), it displays 65,536 colors in all their backlit glory. And it’s surprisingly clear and bright, making it easy to view photos on the iPod — and even to differentiate between them when in browse mode (which shows thumbnails of the photos in an album in a 5 x 5 grid)."

( Permalink: iPod Photo: Attributes and Accessories      Submitted by Noel Sat Nov 6, 2004 )

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