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Password overload syndrome
Itís all come down to the fact that we all have too many pin numbers and passwords to remember. Have you ever taken the time to count up how many you use in the course of a day? Have you ever sat in-front of your screen and your mind has gone absolutely blank?

( Permalink: Password overload syndrome      Submitted by LogError Fri Dec 10, 2004 )

Microsoft's software factories and UML rejection
Microsoft's conveyor belt methods for software are dead wrong, witless, and counter-effective. Organizations that build good software know that software is an R&D activity, not a production line just-in-time effort. Grady Booch explains why he disagrees with Microsoft's rejection of the UML in favor of proprietary domain-specific languages and his thoughts on Software factories.

( Permalink: Microsoft's software factories and UML rejection      Submitted by Anonymous Fri Dec 10, 2004 )

Homemade Dot-Mac: Remote Control
"So why would you want to control a Mac from a remote location? How many times have you received a call from a loved one or friend who is having trouble with their machine? Talking through a problem when you can't see their screen is maddening. With VNC, you can login remotely, see their screen, take control of their mouse, and fix the problem."

( Permalink: Homemade Dot-Mac: Remote Control      Submitted by Noel Thu Dec 9, 2004 )

An Interview with Dave Wreski
Orangecrate is pleased to announce an interview with Dave Wreski, the founder and CEO of Guardian Digital the distributor for EnGarde Linux, a secure Linux distribution. Dave is also known for writing the Linux Security HOWTO, and has just launched the new website LinuxSecurity.com last week. I was thrilled to be able to interview Dave, after all, I have been reading his work for some time, and I do owe him for the pioneering security efforts. I hope that the interview helps you come to understand the man and his company a little better, as his reputation does precede him. I also wish to thank Nicole Pearson and Dave for helping me make this interview possible, I do appreciate your time. ;)

( Permalink: An Interview with Dave Wreski      Submitted by Chuck Talk Thu Dec 9, 2004 )

Yin and Yang of security
Fascinating article detailing how Windows has so many malware problems, what Microsoft is doing in response and why Unix based systems may be left behind because they are not learning from Microsoft's mistakes.

( Permalink: Yin and Yang of security      Submitted by Rashid Thu Dec 9, 2004 )

KDE Konqueror Web-Browser and File-Manager
MozillaQuest Magazine (mozillaquest.com) reports: KDE's Konqueror Web browser and file manager, version 3.3, gets the MozillaQuest Magazine Editor's Choice Award. KDE's Konqueror Web-browser and file-manager is friendly and easy to use. It has lots of neat, handy features, such as tabbed browsing, a sidebar, and more. Konqueror is well-designed, well-built, and very solid. Konqueror is open source and you can download it free of charge. The KDE Konqueror browser takes less memory than do the Firefox, Mozilla, and Netscape browsers. Konqueror seems faster too. Moreover, Konqueror has a very good, open source, rendering engine. Konqueror is more efficient than the Firefox, Mozilla, and Netscape browsers. Konqueror's rendering engine, KHTML, is so good that Apple adopted the KHTML rendering engine for Apple's Safari Web browser. Apple also adopted Konqueror's KJS JavaScript engine for its Safari browser. Konqueror is the best of the browsers. It is free, feature rich, works well, and works well with Linux. it provides a particularly notable bang for the buck.

Check MozillaQuest.com for the full story and links!

( Permalink: KDE Konqueror Web-Browser and File-Manager      Submitted by Anonymous Thu Dec 9, 2004 )

Eclipse, not just for developers anymore
Lee Nackman, IBM VP of Design, Construction, and Test Tools Development and CTO of Rational Software, and Jim Russell, IBM Lotus Software Director of Application Development Tools, explain how IBM is leveraging Eclipse with the Cloudscape Java database and with IBM Workplace Client Technology, Rich Client Edition to become a strong tool for cross-platform deployments.

( Permalink: Eclipse, not just for developers anymore      Submitted by Anonymous Thu Dec 9, 2004 )

Building Custom Widgets with the Zinzala SDK
Here is a great read by QNX developer Jean-Louis Villecroze, introducing how to use the Zinzala toolkit for QNX and write custom widgets with it. Should be of great interest for any QNX developer out there, embedded or not.

( Permalink: Building Custom Widgets with the Zinzala SDK      Submitted by Anonymous Thu Dec 9, 2004 )

Flash-based iPod LEAKED
"The Meat: Milano cookie. That's the basic principle. I like Tim-Tams, but that's just me. Rounded edges, flat, and tiny. We're looking at something that is about 2.5" long, 1.5" wide, and just .5" thick."

( Permalink: Flash-based iPod LEAKED      Submitted by Noel Wed Dec 8, 2004 )

Upgrading to FreeBSD 5.3
"Now that my laptop was taken care of, I did a backup of my main system and used "scp" to copy the backup to my laptop. I didn't expect any problems but I wasn't going to take any chances with the data on my main system. I then changed the tag in my cvs-supfile from RELENG_5_2 to RELENG_5_3 and ran cvsup to download the sources for 5.3. Once the sources were on my main system, I ran this series of commands:"

( Permalink: Upgrading to FreeBSD 5.3      Submitted by Noel Wed Dec 8, 2004 )

Fashionistas meet penguinistas
"Fashion and Linux -- it's not a familiar combination. You get a mental picture of an open source hacker in an extra large T-shirt and long fuzzy beard on a runway on Seventh Avenue. It's as unlikely as the fashion industry, which is slow, technologically speaking, moving away from tried and true methods of doing business (read: even if it's broke, don't fix it, because at least we're used to it, and what's wrong with AS/400 anyway?). But Ed Foy of Brick, N.J., has made it his business to break all the rules. He's helping celebrities sell clothes -- a lot of clothes -- using only Linux, Apache, MySQL, and Perl."

( Permalink: Fashionistas meet penguinistas      Submitted by Noel Wed Dec 8, 2004 )

Xandros Desktop 2.0 Deluxe
"I've been an active Linux user for about two years. I started with a Slackware 7 LiveCD, then changed to Red Hat Linux 8.0 and moved up the chain until Fedora Core 1. Along the way, I tried a couple of Mandrake iterations as well. With each OS shift I found I was unable to keep all my programs and packages running properly without compiling some from source code or running into dependency issues. When you're working at a full-time job, doing outside work, and raising a family, time is at a premium. I kept thinking, "I just want to get work done, not search for packages all night.""

( Permalink: Xandros Desktop 2.0 Deluxe      Submitted by Noel Wed Dec 8, 2004 )

Just Java 2
"Written in a thoroughly engaging style, the book is both an introduction to the language and to the core J2SE libraries. This makes for a wide-ranging scope, covering everything from basic syntax, programming constructs (loops, flow control etc), objects (inheritance, polymorphism etc), files, network programming, introductions to XML, databases (JDBC), GUI programming (Swing) and a whole bunch more. It is then, a fairly complete introduction to the entire Java platform, even managing to touch on server-side programming with JSP and servlets."

( Permalink: Just Java 2      Submitted by Noel Wed Dec 8, 2004 )

Mac OS X Debugging Magic
"This technote describes a number of 'secret' debugging facilities in Mac OS X, including environment variables, preferences, routines callable from GDB, special files, and so on. If you're developing for Mac OS X, you should look through this list to see if you're missing out on something that will make your life easier."

( Permalink: Mac OS X Debugging Magic      Submitted by Noel Tue Dec 7, 2004 )

Keeping FreeBSD Up-to-Date
"My advice on administering this reference platform is based on deploying FreeBSD on servers, workstations, and laptops since 2000. The article represents mix of my interpretations of official FreeBSD documentation, inputs from mentors, and the result of my own experimentation and deployment strategies. This guide cannot be anywhere near a complete reference on keeping FreeBSD up-to-date or maintaining a secure system. I strongly recommend reading the excellent FreeBSD Handbook as well as the multiple helpful published books on FreeBSD."

( Permalink: Keeping FreeBSD Up-to-Date      Submitted by Noel Tue Dec 7, 2004 )

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