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O'Reilly's Linux Unwired Reviewed.
O'Reilly is the biggest name in the business of books on today's technology. When you want to use Linux to handle your wireless needs, they don't let you down. Whether it's setting up a WAP, wardriving, syncing your phone via Bluetooth or syncing your PDA via IR, Linux Unwired has it. The LinuxForumsDOTorg Content Development team has written an excellent review of the book. Be sure to read it before you buy!

( Permalink: O'Reilly's Linux Unwired Reviewed.      Submitted by sarumont Mon Jan 24, 2005 )

Installing Firestarter on Linux Mandrake 10
Firestarter is an Open Source visual firewall program. The software aims to combine ease of use with powerful features, therefore serving both Linux desktop users and system administrators. Firestarter is able to protect your desktop or laptop, but can also be installed on a server. It is able to secure your internal network acting as a gateway or dedicated firewall using Internet connection sharing. This workshop describes the Firestarter installation on a Linux Mandrake server.

( Permalink: Installing Firestarter on Linux Mandrake 10      Submitted by fn-eagle Mon Jan 24, 2005 )

Itanium: Emulated PA-RISC vs Native Binaries
Ace's Hardware has published benchmarks comparing PA-RISC binaries running through emulation on a 1.5 GHz Itanium to native IA-64 binaries. The results indicate a performance difference of two to three times (or more) slower performance when emulating PA-RISC compiled code.

( Permalink: Itanium: Emulated PA-RISC vs Native Binaries      Submitted by Brian Neal Mon Jan 24, 2005 )

The New Mac Mini is All About Movies
"Steve Jobs is so enigmatic. A couple weeks ago at MacWorld, he introduced the 2.9 lb. Mac Mini and the reaction was so great it was like he had re-invented the PC. Readers are all excited by the little box and have been asking me for my take on it. Like everyone else, I had to scratch my head a bit and ponder what this thing is really for. I know, I know, it is for all those PC drivers who bought an iPod and are now supposed to trash their Windows PC for a Mac Mini. Yeah, but what's it REALLY for? Movies."

( Permalink: The New Mac Mini is All About Movies      Submitted by Noel Sun Jan 23, 2005 )

Emulation and cross-development for PowerPC
For the curious x86 Linux user, emulation is a convenient and inexpensive alternative. There are at least three open source PowerPC emulators available, two of which are quite new.

( Permalink: Emulation and cross-development for PowerPC      Submitted by Anonymous Sun Jan 23, 2005 )

Whether you are manager, IT professional, developer, or security specialist, this book will get you some quality information you need to protect your customers and your organization.

( Permalink: Privacy      Submitted by LogError Sun Jan 23, 2005 )

Yoper: A next-generation OS?
Yoper Operating System (YOS), or Yoper GNU/Linux if you prefer, was an eye-opener even for someone who has used over fifty GNU/Linux distributions. Everything just seemed to work, and it was as simple as that. Could this be the answer to the Microsoft problem?

My name is Preston St. Pierre, and I'm here to tell you about the most surprising experience I have yet had with GNU/Linux: Yoper. Yoper is a GNU/Linux distribution based on Linux From Scratch that has added some of the most popular features from other major distributions. For example, users of Debian-based distributions will be happy to see apt-get, and users from Red Hat based distributions will be happy to see rpm. But I'm getting ahead of myself... Read More @ Linuxtimes.net

( Permalink: Yoper: A next-generation OS?      Submitted by Editor Sun Jan 23, 2005 )

Zap Java bugs before they bite with PMD
Even with just its built-in rules (which are quite extensive), PMD will almost certainly find some real problems in your code. Some of them will be minor, but some won't be. PMD, an open source static analysis tool, can be a worthwhile addition to your bug-zapping arsenal. Elliotte Rusty Harold explains how to use PMD's built-in rules and your own custom rule sets to improve the quality of your Java code.

( Permalink: Zap Java bugs before they bite with PMD      Submitted by Anonymous Sun Jan 23, 2005 )

My workstation OS: NetBSD
"I began using free software when I bought some Mandrake 8 CDs from Wal-Mart in 2000. At that point a severe addiction to Counter-Strike, a Windows-only game, kept me dual-booting with Windows XP Professional, but that Linux partition was there to stay. I repartitioned periodically, and the sliver of Redmond on my 40GB hard drive kept getting smaller and smaller. But though Linux served me well, I recently moved to a more elegant, if less user-friendly, operating system -- NetBSD 1.6.2."

( Permalink: My workstation OS: NetBSD      Submitted by Noel Sat Jan 22, 2005 )

Review: ELX Power Server 1.0
"Abhi explained that the main reason that ELX built Power Server was to provide an easy to install platform to support both Oracle Forms and Oracle Database. Abhi claims that Power Server is essentially a plug and play platform for Oracle. There is an Oracle configuration rpm in the Utils directory of the CD. This single rpm makes ELX Power Server 100% ready for Oracle database and Formserver install."

( Permalink: Review: ELX Power Server 1.0      Submitted by Noel Sat Jan 22, 2005 )

mutt, FastMail, and Mail.app Together on a Mac
"Like a growing number of users, I came to the Mac via Linux. I have been using various Linux distributions as my primary desktop for years. When it came time to get a laptop, I decided it was time to look at a Mac, because frankly I was tired of dealing with all the hardware issues Linux laptop users face (modems that don't work, unsupported wireless cards, and so on). The real question, however, was this: would I be able to combine my command-line environment with the graphical tools available on Mac OS X? The answer is yes, and in this article I describe one part of that integration: email."

( Permalink: mutt, FastMail, and Mail.app Together on a Mac      Submitted by Noel Sat Jan 22, 2005 )

Installing Debian From Scratch
"A more practical answer is that you want the security of building a GNU/Linux installation from the ground up, so that you know exactly what it contains and how the contents are installed. This behavior is in marked contrast to most distributions, which make choices that are not only unknown to the user, but which sometimes sacrifice security for convenience. For security-minded system administrators (that is, any who know their jobs), DFS not only gives them the control they want, but also saves them time when hardening a system. Since the base system installs without any graphical interfaces, this lack of assumptions makes DFS especially convenient for servers."

( Permalink: Installing Debian From Scratch      Submitted by Noel Fri Jan 21, 2005 )

Speak to me, Linux
"To begin conversing with your Linux desktop, download the Sphinx-2 speech recognition engine and the Festival text to speech application. Although the CMU Sphinx Group provides several versions of Sphinx (Sphinx-2, -3, and -4), I use only Sphinx-2, as it is the fastest. Even though it is not as accurate as Sphinx-3 or Sphinx-4, it runs in real time, and therefore works well with live applications."

( Permalink: Speak to me, Linux      Submitted by Noel Fri Jan 21, 2005 )

Zsh Suite of keeper Functions
"Zsh, or the Z Shell, is a command interpreter similar to others whose names you may recognize, such as bash, ksh, tcsh, csh, or sh. The shells bash, ksh, and Zsh all share a syntax based on that of sh, which was the original Unix command interpreter, but Zsh extends the shell with many other features, including some borrowed from tcsh and csh. One of these extra features is ZLE, a programmable editor for inputting shell commands and programs when using the shell interactively."

( Permalink: Zsh Suite of keeper Functions      Submitted by Noel Fri Jan 21, 2005 )

A RAW Look at iPhoto 5
"For me, iPhoto 5 represents the most exciting enhancement in the new iLife '05 suite of digital hub applications. In fact, it's the best revision to iPhoto yet. Those of us who attended Macworld SF had the opportunity to preview and play with the new version of Apple's digital shoebox. In this article I'll touch on the features that I believe are most important when considering this upgrade, such as importing your existing iPhoto libraries, using the new editing tools, importing and adjusting RAW files, and managing QuickTime movies."

( Permalink: A RAW Look at iPhoto 5      Submitted by Noel Fri Jan 21, 2005 )

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