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Managing Projects with GNU Make, 3rd Edition.
Every Open Source developer uses or has used GNU make at some point or another. Everyone who has ever compiled a piece of Open Source software has used GNU's make. So what exactly is GNU make and how does it work? Leave that to O'Reilly. The 3rd Edition of 'Managing Projects with GNU Make' tells you all about using GNU make and more. LinuxForumsDOTorg has brought you a review detailing the content and quality of said O'Reilly publication. Read it here before you buy!

( Permalink: Managing Projects with GNU Make, 3rd Edition.      Submitted by sarumont Sun Jan 30, 2005 )

The Big Kolab Kontact Interview
"KDE Dot News recently spoke with some prominent people from the Kontact and Kolab projects. We talked about how both projects got started and how they have evolved. Enjoy the first part of this two-part interview. "

( Permalink: The Big Kolab Kontact Interview      Submitted by Noel Sun Jan 30, 2005 )

Many Faces of the Mac Mini 
"When I saw the mini -- the dimensions and the specs -- I thought, this is perfect for the car," said Benzaquen. "I'd be surprised if Apple didn't think of installing it in a car, it's so perfect.... You don't have to do anything except mount it and plug it in. It even has voice-recognition built in. It's almost too easy"

( Permalink: Many Faces of the Mac Mini       Submitted by Noel Sun Jan 30, 2005 )

Tracking your GRAMPS
"I have good news. If you're interested in tracing your roots -- I'm speaking ancestry here, not super user accounts -- you're in luck. Linux is blessed with a number of free software tools for doing just that. I've been learning my way around one of them the past couple of weeks. GRAMPS is easy to use, produces a variety of reports, handles GED files with ease, and allows you to add notes, photos, and other data to individuals in your database."

( Permalink: Tracking your GRAMPS      Submitted by Noel Sat Jan 29, 2005 )

Introducing Ardour
"The centerpiece of the modern musician's computer-based studio is the hard-disk recorder (HDR). Musicians working on Apple or Microsoft Windows machines have an impressive selection of HDR systems to choose from, but until recently Linux users have had nothing truly comparable for professional work. A professional-quality HDR is a profoundly nontrivial programming endeavor, and proprietary HDR developers have provided little technical guidance for would-be designers of an open-source DAW."

( Permalink: Introducing Ardour      Submitted by Noel Sat Jan 29, 2005 )

Running Wine on the Sun Java Desktop
"This introduction has provided just the basics for using Wine. Visit the resources provided in the next section to learn more about advanced topics, such as swapping out the built-in DLLs with native DLLs, setting up specific configurations for applications, running applications under various Wine versions, and more. Wine is an amazing API that is still under development and provides no support. Many features have not yet been completed, but it is continually being worked on and released on a monthly basis. "

( Permalink: Running Wine on the Sun Java Desktop      Submitted by Noel Sat Jan 29, 2005 )

Scripting a Binary Tree Using Tcl
"Tcl is a serious language used extensively in automated testing of network hardware as well as real-time imaging in the medical field. The big plus for Tcl is that it is machine-independent. I can run my script on my Sun workstation, my PC laptop, and my Macintosh PowerBook with no modifications to the code. Tcl is also my box of Legos, and this binary tree project was a proof of concept that I can create a complicated tree data structure. Now I need to work on this more complicated project and take a close look at which Tcl bricks snap together to store line segments in a tree. Go out there and have some fun with programming--I am!"

( Permalink: Scripting a Binary Tree Using Tcl      Submitted by Noel Sat Jan 29, 2005 )

Apple Pages (iWork '05)
"To put it simply: Pages is the advanced nothing, and the basic everything. You want a simple word processor? Pages is for you. Want a basic, easy-to-use page-layout application? Pages, baby. Just don’t expect it to be all that and a bag of Lay’s Guacamole-flavored potato chips. There are features in Pages you’ll probably never use if you just want to type a school report. There are also features you’ll probably never use if you just wanna’ build a monthly newsletter for your book (haha) club. But, of course, there are a host of features you may want but don’t have, such as the Grammar check noted above."

( Permalink: Apple Pages (iWork '05)      Submitted by Noel Fri Jan 28, 2005 )

An Interview with Vladimir Sokolov of EMS
Chuck Talk: Orange Crate is pleased to announce an interview with the President of EMS Company, Vladimir Sokolov. Vladimir agreed to speak with me about the company, its products and future plans. We worked through email and I hope that we managed to bring you an interesting interview about a company that I believe manufactures excellent database administration tools.
First Vladimir, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your role with EMS?

Vladimir Sokolov: Hi Chuck, I've been working at EMS Company since the moment it was founded, and I'm also one of the owners. From 1993 to 1999, when I headed up the EMS IT Department, our main activity was the development of ERP systems for large Russian industrial enterprises. In 1999, our software development group detached from the IT Department to become an independent division. I became the head of that division. Later, I founded the EMS Software Development Company of which, I am now the President.

( Permalink: An Interview with Vladimir Sokolov of EMS      Submitted by Chuck Talk Fri Jan 28, 2005 )

A house divided: UWB's double standards
What happens when two coalitions within a standard come into conflict, and it doesn't get resolved quickly? The ultrawideband technology standard shows you.

( Permalink: A house divided: UWB's double standards      Submitted by Anonymous Fri Jan 28, 2005 )

Creating EJB clients using the Eclipse Rich Client
This article shows how to build a sample EJB client using the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP), which has become increasingly popularity due to its extensible nature. Besides focusing on how to use IBM Rational Application Developer to build an RCP application, this article also details how to configure an Eclipse RCP application to act as a J2EE application client.

( Permalink: Creating EJB clients using the Eclipse Rich Client      Submitted by Anonymous Fri Jan 28, 2005 )

Arch Linux 0.7 Review
Andrew Roberts posted a long and informative review of the newly released Arch Linux 0.7. It describes the installation method, post-install configuration, features included, package management and the available support for the distro. Trying to describe Arch Linux in a single sentence, many would say that it's a distro that's almost as speedy as Gentoo is, as simple as Slackware is and with a package management similar to Debian's. [Semi-]advanced Linux users would definetely like it.

( Permalink: Arch Linux 0.7 Review      Submitted by Anonymous Fri Jan 28, 2005 )

Tiny iPod Shuffle chock-full of pleasant surprises
"I'm surprised by how little I've missed my usual 40-gig iPod. This is mostly thanks to an update to iTunes, the music library app that manages the iPod's contents. When the Shuffle is docked to your Mac or PC, iTunes can automatically freshen it with new tunes, selected either from a pre-set playlist or from your entire music collection."

( Permalink: Tiny iPod Shuffle chock-full of pleasant surprises      Submitted by Noel Thu Jan 27, 2005 )

The role of JNDI in J2EE
Mastering J2EE can be daunting, with an ever-growing list of technologies and acronyms. The Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) has been at the core of the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) from its inception, but it is often underutilized by novice J2EE developers. This article will help demystify the role of JNDI in J2EE applications and show how it can help decouple your application from the details of deployment.

( Permalink: The role of JNDI in J2EE      Submitted by Anonymous Thu Jan 27, 2005 )

Develop Apache Derby applications in Eclipse
After reading this article, you should be able to effectively develop Apache Derby applications using the various Eclipse-based tools available for Derby. Quickly learn how to develop an Apache Derby application on the Eclipse IDE using several tools, and a walkthrough that shows you how to use them.

( Permalink: Develop Apache Derby applications in Eclipse      Submitted by Anonymous Thu Jan 27, 2005 )

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