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"One of the reasons I've been so long in trying GnomeMeeting is that I've found Web cameras in general to be somewhat problematic with Linux over the years. But that's not a good reason to shy away from GnomeMeeting. First, video is not required; it's an option. Second, Web cams are a lot less problematic with Linux than they used to be."

( Permalink: GnomeMeeting      Submitted by Noel Wed Feb 23, 2005 )

CLI Magic: HTML Tidy
"I've been writing online for years, but there are still things I need help with in order to make my words production-ready. Not just the grammar and spelling, mind you, but with standards-compliant HTML. This week we'll take a look at a wonderful command-line tool that fixes my HTML errors and also makes it pretty. It's called HTML Tidy. Shut down OpenOffice.org or whatever word processor you've been using to generate GUI-contaminated HTML, and let's take a look."

( Permalink: CLI Magic: HTML Tidy      Submitted by Noel Wed Feb 23, 2005 )

Game Review: Call of Duty
"Call of Duty (CoD) is a first person shooter (FPS) game which takes the gamer through 24 intense missions in World War II. You play as three sides of the Allied front: American, British, and Russian, as they work together to take over the German empire. Along the way you will be faced with intense and immersive action that will certainly have you coming back for more! Thanks to Call of Duty's online multiplayer mode, you will never run out of fresh action. This game has everything we look for in FPS games, and more... "

( Permalink: Game Review: Call of Duty      Submitted by Noel Tue Feb 22, 2005 )

Dual-boot Linux on a second drive
"The computer in question was a standard white-box PC with Windows XP installed on its one hard drive. One option was to shrink the exiting Windows partition with NTFSresize and install Linux in the resulting free space. However, this was too intrusive. I did not have a backup of the data on the Windows machine, and didn't want to take the time to make one, so I was loath to do anything that could wipe it out."

( Permalink: Dual-boot Linux on a second drive      Submitted by Noel Tue Feb 22, 2005 )

5 Simple Steps to a Quieter PC
"No one wants their computer to be loud, but in order to keep components running at safe temperatures, cooling fans can wind up making the system sound like a blow dryer. In a busy office environment some noise may go unnoticed, but as computers find their way into more rooms of the home, near silence is essential. A computer sitting in the living room for use with a home theater system has to be quiet so that it doesn't interfere with the enjoyment of music or movies, for example."

( Permalink: 5 Simple Steps to a Quieter PC      Submitted by Noel Tue Feb 22, 2005 )

Computing Innovators Deserving of Thanks
"Anyway, so far so good. That seemed like a pretty manageable set. At first. But once I started looking into it more, the problem I ran into is, I realized that there are innovations that I saw as fundamental but which can't really be attributed to just one person. So the list ended up being about twice as long as I had originally scoped out -- there are twenty people in it, instead of ten. And it also ended up including one person who I know I won't ever have the chance to say thanks to face to face (Donald Davies, who died four years ago)."

( Permalink: Computing Innovators Deserving of Thanks      Submitted by Noel Tue Feb 22, 2005 )

Review of Ubuntu Hoary Array-5 LiveCD
"When they launched no-name-yet.com to publish patches, I tracked it every day -- and then one day the page changed the contact information gave a clue as to a new domain, canonical.com. Visiting that page I saw that it was clearly still a work in progress, but it gave an even more important clue -- the still-secret name of the new distribution, Ubuntu. Doing a bit of digging I found ubuntu.com, and managed to snag a copy of the early beta, and installed it on a spare PC."

( Permalink: Review of Ubuntu Hoary Array-5 LiveCD      Submitted by Noel Tue Feb 22, 2005 )

Pre-Patched Kickstart Installs RedHat/Fedora
Kickstart is the automated OS-install tool for RedHat Linux and Fedora Core Linux. Kickstart lets you build many machines based on a config file, instead of clicking through the Anaconda install GUI.
This article, the third in a series, explains how to setup a local yum repository for OS updates. It then demonstrates how to fold the yum repo and Kickstart trees, such that new machines are built with the latest RPMs already installed. The article concludes with an example of how to wrap the yum portion in a layer of change control to mitigate the risks of automated updates.

( Permalink: Pre-Patched Kickstart Installs RedHat/Fedora      Submitted by ethan Tue Feb 22, 2005 )

Writing Apache's Logs to MySQL
"By recording performance metrics, web server administrators can have a historical record of how the server handled incoming HTTP requests. This article expands on that concept by adding a couple of logging directives and recording the logging data directly in a MySQL database."

( Permalink: Writing Apache's Logs to MySQL      Submitted by Noel Mon Feb 21, 2005 )

Barefeats benchmarks fastest Windows, Apple PCs
"The results? The Powermacs scored near the top of the bunch with most of the CPU application tests, but disastrously at the bottom (often by a large margin) for 3D game and application tests. Morgan notes that code optimization rather than architecture or OS is to blame, since the G5s scored at the top of the bunch for the benchmark of the older game Quake III: "a perfect example of the potential of the G5 Power Macs to excel in gaming" "

( Permalink: Barefeats benchmarks fastest Windows, Apple PCs      Submitted by Noel Mon Feb 21, 2005 )

Check your filesystems' integrity with afick
"There are several filesystem integrity checker applications, both commercial and open source. I chose to deploy afick, because it is written in Perl, which makes it lightweight and easily portable between different operating systems. Though by nature designed for the command line, afick also has an optional Webmin module and a graphical interface written in perl-Tk."

( Permalink: Check your filesystems' integrity with afick      Submitted by Noel Mon Feb 21, 2005 )

Porting enterprise apps from UNIX to Linux
Much of today's enterprise-level software on UNIX caters to the business needs of large companies. And so it must support emerging technologies and follow the rapidly evolving market trends, such as the proliferation of the powerful, flexible Linux operating system. Because much of this software is large, multi-threaded, and multi-process, porting it to Linux presents challenges.

( Permalink: Porting enterprise apps from UNIX to Linux      Submitted by Anonymous Mon Feb 21, 2005 )

In Depth Review of Apple's iPod shuffle
"The basic navigation of your music could not be easier: you simply change the switch on the back to the sequential or shuffle style of listening and use the volume up (and down) and the next song (and previous song) buttons on the click-wheel-type control pad on the front of the device. A lot of the other functions, though, are hard to access and require your read the cryptic lights on the front and back of the thing (hence the reason Apple includes the reference card, I guess). I have heard some people complain that it's not really a click-wheel because it requires you to push it, instead of just letting your finger glide over it. This is true, but why would you want that one a device without a screen anyway? I like it the way it is."

( Permalink: In Depth Review of Apple's iPod shuffle      Submitted by Noel Sat Feb 19, 2005 )

Using DTrace to Profile and Debug C++
"A sample program CCtest was created to demonstrate an error common to C++ applications -- the memory leak. In many cases, a memory leak occurs when an object is created, but never destroyed, and such is the case with the program contained in this article. The examples in this article demonstrate the use of the DTrace feature in the Solaris 10 Operating System to diagnose C++ application errors. These examples are also used to compare DTrace with other application debugging tools, including Sun Studio 10 software and mdb in the Solaris 10 OS."

( Permalink: Using DTrace to Profile and Debug C++      Submitted by Noel Sat Feb 19, 2005 )

From Solaris to Linux on POWER
Accelerate your porting efforts by following this six-step guide. Learn the differences between Solaris and Linux on POWER, and see how SUN's compiler/linker switches compare with those of GNU GCC and the IBM native compiler.

( Permalink: From Solaris to Linux on POWER      Submitted by Anonymous Sat Feb 19, 2005 )

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