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OpenBSD's Out of the Box Wireless Support
KernelTrap has spoken with OpenBSD creator Theo de Raadt and several other OpenBSD developers regarding their recent efforts to add comprehensive wireless hardware support to OpenBSD. The article takes an in depth look at several of the dozen new drivers found in the upcoming OpenBSD 3.7 release, exploring the stories behind their development. Much of the feature focuses on the difficulties involved in convincing many American corporations to make their firmware and documentation freely available, and on why this openness is important.

( Permalink: OpenBSD's Out of the Box Wireless Support      Submitted by Anonymous Wed Mar 9, 2005 )

Itís All About the Debians
"Whatís that you say? Debian is too hard to install? Debianís driver support isnít up to par or as polished as the commercial distros or Fedora? Au contraire, my young padawan: Debian isnít just one distribution, but a family of related Linux distros and each variant has its unique advantages. Chances are that at least one Debian fits your desktop requirements."

( Permalink: Itís All About the Debians      Submitted by Noel Wed Mar 9, 2005 )

KSpread - App of the Month
"When you start KSpread for the first time the wizard appears which offers you different templates. The focus is on an empty template and because of this you can just press OK. If you prefer to open an existing document you can choose the tab in the middle and after this the desired document. The third option is to open a recently opened doc in KOffice."

( Permalink: KSpread - App of the Month      Submitted by Noel Wed Mar 9, 2005 )

Database applications with PHP
Learn how to use the Unified ODBC extension for PHP with Apache 2. This article shows you how to Write database applications using the Unified ODBC extension. The Unified ODBC extension for PHP offers a common interface for developing PHP applications that connect to databases through an Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) driver.

( Permalink: Database applications with PHP      Submitted by Anonymous Wed Mar 9, 2005 )

Linux Aliens: Portable Package Power
Although no one officially recommends using Alien as a solution for business, I have found it to be a very effective tool. Package conversion allows me to choose packages that are not officially supported by my distributor and install them in my distribution's native (RPM) format on my machine.

( Permalink: Linux Aliens: Portable Package Power      Submitted by Chuck Talk Wed Mar 9, 2005 )

Muscle Up Your Mac FTP
"Let me tell you about a much, much better and vastly easier and safer way to operate FTP on the Mac. You need Pure-FTPd, a free, sophisticated, and superb package that's a bear to configure by hand. Fortunately, you can use PureFTPd Manager, by Jean Matthieu, to help with configuration. PureFTPd Manager provides not only a graphical user interface to this free FTP server software, but also a fully compiled and configured version of Pure-FTPd. PureFTPd Manager works under Mac OS X 10.2 and 10.3."

( Permalink: Muscle Up Your Mac FTP      Submitted by Noel Tue Mar 8, 2005 )

Getting your digital pix using Linux
"There are two ways to access and download images from a digital camera under Linux. Determining which method is best for your camera will depend on the model of camera that you have. Some cameras work with the first method, others with the second. The best way to work out which method suits your hardware is simply to indulge in a little trial and error. They're both free, after all."

( Permalink: Getting your digital pix using Linux      Submitted by Noel Tue Mar 8, 2005 )

GNU Octave - Functions and Scripts
"Just like any other programming language, Octave has full support for creating functions. Functions are an essential tool that allow large problems to be broken down into a number of smaller tasks. A function should perform a specific task and it should perform it well. These criteria are very important."

( Permalink: GNU Octave - Functions and Scripts      Submitted by Noel Tue Mar 8, 2005 )

How is software development like moviemaking?
To introduce beginners to the RUP framework, the process of software development is often compared to the construction process. But software development with the RUP is actually more like making a movie than building a house, as this article suggests.

( Permalink: How is software development like moviemaking?      Submitted by Anonymous Tue Mar 8, 2005 )

The Linux of Satellites
"By the time you read this, TacSat-1 might already be in orbit. We're all in suspense as our cover project prepares to ride the first launch of the new SpaceX Falcon-1 launch vehicle from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. TacSat-1 aims to do for task force commanders what commodity hardware and open-source software can do for business managers. "

( Permalink: The Linux of Satellites      Submitted by Noel Tue Mar 8, 2005 )

Macologist Reviews Doom 3 for Mac
"As you can see, the requirements for this game are nothing short of amazing, and may leave many Mac gamers left out in the cold. This fact should not come as a shock though. id Software announced from the very beginning that this game would stress even the most robust of gaming systems on the Windows market. Nothing less should be expected on the Macintosh side. "

( Permalink: Macologist Reviews Doom 3 for Mac      Submitted by Noel Mon Mar 7, 2005 )

A first look at Doom 3 Mac benchmarks
"It appears that the performance disparity we've discussed is happening mainly when comparing the performance of high-end Macs to high-end PCs. On Macs that are closer to the minimum system requirements and on mid-range systems, the performance difference between a Mac and a PC is much smaller, and in some cases, negligible."

( Permalink: A first look at Doom 3 Mac benchmarks      Submitted by Noel Mon Mar 7, 2005 )

Rules Of THREAD World
"This paper aims to answer major design issues faced during development of projects implementing threaded architecture. Rising up gradually from basics it ends up providing an intuitive way to judge the suitability of thread approach for a problem in context."

( Permalink: Rules Of THREAD World      Submitted by Noel Mon Mar 7, 2005 )

File Synchronization with Unison
"Think of Unison as two-way rsync with a bit of revision control mixed in. The most common use is keeping your local and remote home directory, or some data directory you often use in different contexts, in sync. It uses the rsync algorithm to keep network traffic down and should be tunneled through SSH over untrusted networks."

( Permalink: File Synchronization with Unison      Submitted by Noel Mon Mar 7, 2005 )

What could a psychologist do for my Interface
If your work includes speech technology, you know that speech user interfaces and human factors professionals seem to get a lot of attention. But how do they work together, and just as importantly, why?

( Permalink: What could a psychologist do for my Interface      Submitted by Anonymous Mon Mar 7, 2005 )

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